Usually, when people think about cars, what comes to mind are shining four-wheelers, huge showrooms, and big hoardings or advertisements featuring famous celebrities. However, there is a lot happening behind the scenes. The car’s raw materials are sourced from a place, it gets assembled in a plant, and people in offices run the show. The car also needs to be insured and registered. This is where the Regional Transport Office (RTO) comes in the picture. Different locations have different RTOs; for example, RTO Mumbai, RTO Navi Mumbai, etc.

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These offices do a lot more than just register the car. And you will need to get in touch with the RTO in your area for multiple services related to a driving license, sale of the vehicle, etc. Read ahead to know more about RTO offices in Mumbai, their functions and contact details.

Mumbai RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Each RTO in Mumbai has its unique code. The vehicles have this code in their registration numbers. It helps to identify the RTO where the vehicle is registered. The following section highlights different RTOs in Mumbai, their RTO codes and Mumbai RTOs’ helpline numbers and contact details.

1) MH-01 Tardeo RTO Office – South Mumbai:

RTO CodeMH-01
Office AddressOld Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra PIN code – 400034
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM
Phone NumberNA

2) MH-02 Andheri RTO Office – Western Suburb of Mumbai:

RTO CodeMH-02
Office AddressRegional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400053
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM
Phone NumberNA

3) MH-03 Worli Deputy RTO Office – South Mumbai:

RTO CodeMH-03
Office Address25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Maharashtra – 400025
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM
Phone Number91-22-24935857

4) MH-03 Wadala RTO Office – Harbour Mumbai East:

RTO CodeMH-03
Office AddressB/2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400037
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM
Phone NumberNA

5) MH-47 Dahisar Deputy RTO Office – Western Suburb:

RTO CodeMH-47
Office AddressDy. Regional Transport Officer, Wing-A Link Rd, Kandarpada Anand Park, Dahisar West, Near Borivali, Mumbai – 400068
Office Timings10 AM to 5 PM
Phone NumberNA

6) RTO Office in Navi Mumbai

MH-43 Vashi Deputy RTO Office – Navi Mumbai:

RTO CodeMH-43
Office AddressBlock-T, Sector 19/B, APMC Market, Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Maharashtra – 400705
Office Timings10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Phone NumberNA

MH-46 Panvel Deputy RTO Office – Navi Mumbai:

RTO CodeMH-46
Office AddressCentral Facility Building, Steel Market, Kalamboli, Panvel Taluka, Raigad District, Maharashtra – 410218
Office Timings10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Phone NumberCheck Official Contact Numbers from Maharashtra Govt. Website

RTO Fees in Mumbai:

The office charges the applicable fees based on the task that needs to be performed. The following section features tables highlighting the fees charged for different tasks. Note that the information mentioned in the table is just to give you an idea and the fees might be subject to change. The fees are sourced from Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department Website.

1) Driving License Fees:

Note that you can apply for a driving license in Mumbai online by visiting the Sarathi Website.

ServiceFees in INR
Learner’s License151 for each class. Test fee-50.
Permanent License716
Renewal of License416
Duplicate License216
Addition of another class of vehicles to the driving License.1016
International Driving Permit (IDP)1000

2) Mumbai RTO Registration Charges:

Class of VehicleMumbai RTO Registration Fees in INR
Invalid carriage50
Imported motorcycle5000
Light motor vehicle600
Medium goods and passenger vehicle1000
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger1500
Imported motor vehicle5000
Any other vehicle not mentioned above3000
E-rickshaw / E-cart1000
Light commercial vehicle1000

3) Permit Charges:

ServiceFees in INR
Metered motor cabGrant of permit500
Renewal of permit500
Counter signature500
Non-metered motor cabGrant of permit1000
Renewal of permit1000
Counter signature1000
Maxi CabGrant of permit1000
Renewal of permit1000
Counter signature1000
Other than aboveGrant of permit1000
Renewal of permit1000
Counter signature1000
Tourist cabGrant of permit1500
Renewal of permit1500
Tourist vehicle other than tourist cabGrant of permit5000
Renewal of permit5000
National permitGrant of permit1500
Renewal of permit1500
Auto Rickshaw PermitMumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area15000
Other than Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area10000
Taxi PermitMumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area25000
Other than Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area20000

4) Fitness Certificate Charges:

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of the certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

Mumbai RTO Performance Standard:

The turnaround time for tasks performed by the Mumbai RTO depends upon the kind of task and the complexities involved in it. Please contact your nearest RTO with the specific task to know the approximate turnaround time.

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Functions of Mumbai RTO:

Mumbai’s Regional Transport Offices need to function as per the guidelines laid out in The Motor Vehicles Act. Unlike the common perception where RTOs are only associated with learner’s license and driving license, the Mumbai RTO performs several other functions. You can check out RTO Mumbai’s online facilities on the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ Sarathi Website.

The following section will place the spotlight on different functions of the Mumbai RTO.

1) Driving License (DL):

There are several functions under the ‘driving license’ category. This is because there are different types of DLs – there is the renewal of DLs, and there are tasks related to issuing duplicate DLs. Mumbai RTO handles all such functions efficiently.

Whether you want a Learner’s DL, Permanent DL, DL for a commercial car or International DL, visit your nearest RTO in Mumbai and get the process started. Note that a DL is also a valid identity-related document. Therefore, Mumbai RTO also allocates resources to ensure that the task of issuing genuine DLs is executed to perfection.

2) Vehicle Registration:

New vehicles need to be registered at the appropriate RTO as per the jurisdiction. This is how the vehicles receive their number plates. You will receive a Registration Certificate or an RC Book upon successful vehicle registration at Mumbai RTO.

This document is required if you want to sell the vehicle. If you want to purchase a second-hand vehicle, the RC Book of the owner shall be required. All such processes are performed at the RTO. The office maintains a detailed database of registered vehicles. 

3) Road Tax:

Mumbai RTOs are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting road tax as per the instructions of the government. Usually, payment of road tax is done while registering the vehicle.

4) Vehicle Checking:

Designated officials keep a check on the vehicles plying on the road concerning proper following of the rules and regulations. Inspections can be conducted with this regard periodically. Here’s a table showcasing the offence, rule, punishment, and the fees – Maharashtra RTO Website

5) Environment Check:

Vehicles need to comply with Pollution Under Control norms and Mumbai RTO helps in conducting such checks via testing centres.

6) Safety Check:

Mumbai RTO conducts road safety campaigns for the benefit of the general public.

7) Permit:

Permits for vehicles involved in commercial activities in the city need to be availed from the Mumbai RTO.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following section is all about questions and answers that are commonly associated with the Mumbai RTO. Note that these are generic Q and As, if you have specific queries, please visit your nearest RTO for clarification.

Will an RTO help me out in case I want a driving license for Europe?

Yes, you can approach your nearest RTO and request for an International Driving Permit or an International Driving License.

I have an old book-like driving license. Can I convert it into a Smart Card?

Yes, you can do so by approaching an RTO.

What happens if I fail my driving test?

You can reapply for the test in case you are unable to clear it.

There are so many RTOs, how will I know which one to approach?

RTOs cover specific areas. Therefore, visit an RTO that is closest to your residential address for the next steps.

Is there a need to renew the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)?

Yes, RC needs to be renewed before expiry. It usually is valid for 15 years from the date of issuance.

How can I find out about the monetary penalties for driving offences in Mumbai city?

You can find out about the monetary penalties for driving-related offences by visiting the Maharashtra Vehicles Department Website.

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