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Mysore RTO Offices: Codewise List, Website and Contact details

Team AckoOct 26, 2022

Mysore, or Mysuru, is a city in Karnataka known for its rich history and heritage. It is studded with several historical monuments, including the renowned Mysore Palace. Tourism is the major industry in this city, and it attracts many tourists every year, especially during the Dasara festival. The Mysore RTO is responsible for handling the transport-related administrative activities, which are in demand due to the active tourism industry, other commercial ventures, and the sheer number of private vehicles.

Mysore RTO Offices



Regional Transport Office (RTO) Mysore: An overview

The Mysore Regional Transport Office is entrusted with the responsibility of providing driver and vehicle-related services. It also ensures that the roads are safe and motorists adhere to traffic rules and regulations. Read on as we divulge more information about the Mysore RTO.

Mysore RTO code list

The following table provides the list of RTOs in Mysore, along with their RTO codes. 

Location RTO Code
Chamarajapuram RTO KA-09
Hanchya RTO KA-55

Mysore RTO: Contact details

This section will be helpful if you wish to get in touch with Mysore RTOs as it provides all the essential details of Regional Transport Offices.

Chamarajapuram RTO Office (KA-09): Mysore West

Following are the details of the Chamarajapuram RTO (Mysore West RTO), including the RTO code, office address and office working hours.

RTO Code KA-09
Office Address Deputy Commissioner for Transport and Senior RTO, Mysore West, Karnataka ‒ 570005
Office Timings 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Helpline Number 0821-2330364
Email ID [email protected]
State Karnataka

Hanchya RTO Office (KA-55): Mysore East

The following table provides details of the Hanchya RTO (Mysore East RTO), including the office address, phone number and RTO code.

RTO Code/Number KA-55
Office Address Regional Transport Office (RTO), Mysore East, Triveni Circle, Dr Rajkumar Road, Mysore, Karnataka ‒ 570019
Office Timings 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Helpline Number 0821-2330364
Email ID [email protected]
State Karnataka

Mysore RTO Fees

This section highlights the fee structure for different services offered by the RTO of Mysore.

Driving Licence fees

The table below showcases the fees for DL-related services in Mysore RTO.

Service Fees (in Rs.)
Learner’s Licence (LL) for each class of vehicles 150
Permanent Driving Licence 200
LL test and repeat test 50
Repeat test for each class of vehicles (LL) 300
Issuance of International Driving Licence/International Driving Permit (IDP) 1,000
Renewal of permanent DL 200
Renewal of driving licence (after the grace period) 300 (1,000 for each additional year)
Inclusion of another class of vehicle in the DL 500
Smart card for DL 200
Address change in DL 200

Mysore RTO Registration charges

Following is the list of fees for vehicle registration-related services in RTO Mysore.

Vehicle Class Fees (in Rs.)
Two-wheeler 50
Four-wheeler/three-wheeler/quadricycle registration (Private) 600
Four-wheeler/three-wheeler/quadricycle registration (Transport) 1,000
Imported bikes 2,500
Medium goods vehicles 1,000
Heavy goods vehicles 1,500
Heavy passenger vehicles 1,500
Imported vehicles/cars/four-wheelers 5,000
Medium passenger vehicles 1,000
Other than the above 3,000
Issue of duplicate RC Half of the RC issuance fees
Ownership transfer Half of the RC issuance fees
Address change in the RC Half of the RC issuance fees
Alterations/changes in the RC Half of the RC issuance fees
Endorsement of lease/hire purchase/hypothecation Quadricycle/four-wheeler/three-wheeler: 1,500
Endorsement of lease/hire purchase/hypothecation Medium or Heavy vehicles: 3,000

Fitness Certificate (FC) charges

You must pay the following fees if you wish to get an FC for your vehicle in Mysore.

Service Type Fees (in Rs.)
Test (Issue and renewal) Bikes, Manual: 200, Automated: 400
Test (Issue and renewal) Three-Wheelers/Quadricycles/Four-Wheelers, Manual: 400, Automated: 600
Test (Issue and renewal) Medium or Heavy vehicles, Manual: 600, Automated: 1,000
Issue/renew FC 200 (Additional 50 as a late fee for each extra day from the date of expiry)
Grant/renewal of Letter of Authority (LoA) 15,000
Issue duplicate LoA 7,500

Permit charges

Following are the charges for commercial vehicle permits in Mysore.

Vehicle Class Permit Fees (in Rs.)
Goods carrier/carriage 350
Countersignature for goods carrier/carriage 350
National Permit 350 + 500 for Authorisation
Stage carrier/carriage 350
Contract carrier/carriage 350
Special Permit (Passenger) 100
Temporary Permit (Goods carrier/carriage) 100
Private Service Vehicles (PSV) 350
Educational institution bus 350

Mysore RTO functions: Services offered

The Mysore RTO handles all transport-related functions, including offering vehicle and driver-related services. Apart from that, it also ensures that the motorists in its jurisdiction follow traffic rules and regulations. Following are the important services of the Mysore Regional Transport Office. 

Driving Licence

  • Issuance of Learner’s Licence (LL) and Driving Licence (DL).

  • Conducting driving and theory tests for DL and LL applicants, respectively.

  • Issuance of duplicate copies of DL if the original document is lost, damaged or stolen.

  • Making corrections to the DL particulars.

  • Renewing LL and DL upon expiry.

  • Addition of new vehicle class to DL.

Vehicle Registration

  • Assigning permanent and temporary registration numbers to all registered vehicles.

  • Carry out the registration process for all private and commercial vehicles.

  • Issuance and renewal of Registration Certificate (RC).

  • Making corrections to the RC details.

  • Providing the duplicate copy of RC.

Vehicle Inspection

  • Testing vehicles for mechanical fitness before providing the Fitness Certificate (FC).

  • Conducting emission tests before issuing the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

  • Inspection of vehicles during the RC renewal process.


  • The Mysore RTO issues permits for all types of commercial vehicles.

  • It also renews the permits upon expiry.

Road Tax Collection

  • The RTO of Mysore collects road tax from vehicle owners during the registration process.

  • It is also responsible for collecting fees for all transport-related services.

Vehicle Registration through RTO

Registering your vehicle is a must, as every motor vehicle needs to have a permanent registration number. You can approach the Mysore RTO, submit the application for registration with supporting documents and pay the applicable road tax and fees. The official will inspect the vehicle and assign a registration number. You will receive the Registration Certificate after a few days via post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few common questions and their answers related to the Mysore RTO.


Where can I find more information about the RTOs in Mysore?

You can visit Mysore RTO’s official website for more information about the Regional Transport Offices. You can also access RTO online services such Driving Licence online application, online Driving Licence renewal, Mysore RTO vehicle details, etc., through the website.

How can I apply for a Driving Licence online in Mysore RTO?

You can visit the Parivahan website to submit an online application for DL and schedule an appointment for a driving test. You can appear for the test on the given date and complete the rest of the formalities at the RTO.

Why do I need an FC (Fitness Certificate) to renew the RC of my vehicle?

FC is necessary to determine the mechanical fitness of the vehicle. The RTO will renew the registration only if the vehicle is fit and safe to be driven on roads. Hence, obtaining a Fitness Certificate is a must. 

Can I obtain a duplicate copy of the RC from the Mysore RTO?

You can get a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate, provided you submit all the required documents and pay the applicable fees.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.


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