A Regional Transport Office (RTO) enables vehicle owners to meet legal requirements when it comes to riding a bike or driving a car. Vehicle owners can visit their local RTO for a Driving License (DL). Car dealers register new vehicles with the RTO and present the owners with their vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC). Also, commercial vehicle owners can get their permits and certificates by contacting the local RTO. If you are a resident of Patiala, you can contact the Patiala RTO for such services. An RTO performs its duties as per the law of the land; for vehicle-related regulations, the industry goes by the Motor Vehicles Act.

RTO Offices in Patiala (PB-11 ): Helpline Phone Numbers, Address - Acko

RTOs are regional offices. They are spread out across the country and function under a state’s transport department. For example, there are several RTOs in Punjab, the Patiala RTO is one such office. This article will throw light on various services offered by the RTO, the fees charged by the office to offer those services, and ways to get in touch with the RTO to apply for the driver-related or vehicle-related services. Read ahead to know in-depth information about the Patiala RTO.

Patiala RTO Code, Office Address & Contact Number:

You might know of state codes such as PB for Punjab, MH for Maharashtra. Similarly, the RTOs within a state also have a code. This is beneficial from an administrative perspective. It helps in recordkeeping. RTO code for Patiala is 11.

Whether you buy a vehicle in Patiala for private purposes or commercial purposes, it needs to be registered in the local RTO’s database. In turn, you receive an RC, which has the vehicle’s registration number that features the state and the RTO code. This number is displayed on the number plate of vehicles. Thus, just by looking at a vehicle’s number plate, one can identify the RTO where it was registered. Such tracking comes in handy in law and order cases.

Patiala RTO, Punjab PB-11 – Contact Number:

RTO NameRTO Patiala
RTO CodePB-11
Office Address280, Nabha Rd, MaharajaYadvindra Enclave, Century Enclave, Majathia Enclave, Patiala, Punjab 147005 (Driving Test Centre)
Contact NumberCheck Official Contact Numbers from Punjab Govt. Website
WebsiteState Transport Commissioner

RTO Fees in Patiala:

If you want to apply for a DL, you have to pay the assigned RTO fees in Patiala. The same goes for other RTO tasks. The following section is about the RTO charges for various tasks. These fees are taken from the state government’s website stated above and are subject to changes. You can refer to the following table to get an overview of the RTO fees.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Patiala.

Type of VehicleAmount in INR
Issue or renewal of Learner’s License for each class of vehicle30
Issue of a Driving License for each class of vehicle50
Issue of a Driving License in Form 7200
Test of competence to drive50
Addition of another class of vehicle to Driving License50
Renewal of Driving License50

2) Patiala RTO Registration Charges

Here’s a table with Registration Charges in Patiala.

Type of VehicleAmount in INR
Invalid Carriage20
Light Motor Vehicle (Non-transport)200
Light Motor Vehicle (Light Commercial Vehicle)300
Medium Goods Vehicle400
Heavy Goods Vehicle600
Imported Motor Vehicle800
Imported Motorcycle200
Any other vehicle not stated above300
Change of residence20
Changes in Registration Certificate50

3) Fitness Certificate Charges

The information in the following table is sourced from the Parivahan Website. Note: Specific charges for Patiala may vary.

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

4) Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

The information in the following table is sourced from the Parivahan Website. Note: Specific charges for Patiala may vary.

Local Permit

Vehicle TypeFees in INRValidity of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)2000 and 500 (authorisation)5 years and 1 year, respectively
Heavy Goods Vehicle25005 years

National Permit

Vehicle TypeFees in INRValidity of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)2015 and 500 (authorisation)5 years and 1 year, respectively
Heavy Goods Vehicle25155 years

Patiala RTO Performance Standard (Turnaround Time):

It is difficult to assign a specific turnaround time for some RTO tasks. Some applications can be cleared, processed, and closed within a day. For example, application for a Learner’s License should take less than a day. However, some tasks that are spread over weeks, such as applying for a DL, giving the test, sending the DL via Speed Post, etc. Such tasks take longer. You can get an idea about a task’s completion time by requesting the RTO staff for it.

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Functions of Patiala RTO:

Once you have an overview of the functions performed by the Regional Transport Office in Patiala, Punjab, you can contact the office without any intermediary and get the work done. This will save you money as you will not be required to pay any agent’s commission.

Contrary to popular belief, the RTO is involved in a plethora of functions and not limited to issuing licenses. Yes, tasks related to DL and RC are fundamental to the RTOs; however, there are other tasks related to permits and trade certificates that are also performed by the office. The following section will help you to understand the scope of work of an RTO.

  • Conducting theory and practical driving tests for issuing permanent DL.
  • Issuing new and duplicate LL, DL, RC, and other related documents.
  • Renewing LL, DL, RC, and other related documents.
  • Issuing and renewing local permits.
  • Issuing and renewing national permits.
  • Issuing and renewing Fitness Certificate for vehicles.
  • Issuing and renewing Trade Certificate.
  • Registering new vehicles.
  • Making modifications in the RC.
  • Making modifications in the DL.
  • Collecting road tax.
  • Managing vehicle hypothecation-related tasks.
  • Adding a class of vehicle to a DL.
  • Assisting authorities regarding checkpoints on roads.
  • Ensuring implementation of traffic rules and regulations.
  • Converting old driving-related documents such as DL and RC in the new Smart Card format.
  • Assisting in capturing biometric information of the DL applicant in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a section on commonly asked questions and their answers concerning Patiala RTO and other RTOs in India. 

How will I come to know about the expiry date of my DL?

The DL’s expiry date will be mentioned on it.

There’s an error in my name mentioned in the RC, can I get it changed?

Please approach your local RTO to change the name in the RC and get it rectified at the earliest.

I had purchased a scooter for my son two years ago. It is in my name but I want to transfer the ownership to my son. What should I do?

You can approach your local RTO and request the authorities to help you out concerning changes in the scooter’s RC.

Is it possible to renew my two-wheeler’s Comprehensive insurance policy by contacting Patiala RTO?

No, Patiala RTO does not provide services related to vehicle insurance. You can visit www.acko.com for the same.

I lost my vehicle-related documents and I do not have any copies. Will the RTO help me out?

Inform your local RTO about this unfortunate incident at the earliest. In case of loss of documents such as a DL, you might be required to visit the police station for a First Information Report (FIR). Even if you do not have any copies, the RTO will most likely have a record in their database. They should be able to verify the same by the supporting documents you provide, such as an Aadhaar card.

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