The Regional Transport Office (RTO) was established in 1988 under Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act. RTOs across the country enforce the rules and regulations of the MV Act in their respective jurisdiction. The primary role is to grant and renew driver- and vehicle-related documents. They also issue and renew permits for transport vehicles and are engaged in the collection of road tax apart from conducting special inspections at check-posts. RTO offices in Patna issue and renew Driving Licence (DL) for drivers and issue or transfer Registration Certificate (RC) for both private and transport vehicles. Read on to learn about Patna RTO office, its functions, office address and contact details.

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Patna RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number

Each RTO in the country is denoted by an RTO code. The code represents the jurisdiction the RTO covers and issues driver and vehicle-related documents. The Patna RTO code represents the zone the vehicle is registered at and where the road tax has been paid. The RTO office in Patna is mainly engaged in issuing and renewing driver documents such as Learner’s Licence (LL), Driving Licence (DL) and vehicle-related documents such as Registration Certificate (RC) and issuance of permits for transport vehicles.

Additionally, the Patna RTO conducts inspections at check-posts and collects road tax within its jurisdiction or zone from private and commercial or transport vehicles.

Chajju Bagh RTO: Patna BR-01 Contact Number

Below is the code of Chajju Bagh RTO in Patna along with the contact details:

RTO Code/NumberBR-01
Office AddressDTO Office Patna, Bank Road, West Gandhi Maidan, Raja Ji Salai, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar – 800001
Helpline Number:
Email ID
Office Timings10 AM – 5 PM

RTO Fees in Patna:

Below are the RTO fees in Patna charged towards transport-related services such as driving licence, registration certificate, etc:

Driving Licence Fees:

Below are the fees related to Learner’s Licence (LL) and Driving Licence (DL) in Patna RTO:

Issuance of Learner’s Licence (LL) for Each Class of VehiclesRs. 150
LL Test/Repeat TestRs. 50
LL Repeat Test for Each Class of VehiclesRs. 300
Issuance of Driving Licence (DL)Rs. 200
Addition of Class of Vehicles in the DLRs. 500
Issuance of International Driving Licence/International Driving Permit (IDP)Rs. 1,000
Renewal of DLRs. 200
Renewal of DL (Post Grace Period)Rs. 300 (Rs. 1,000 for each extra year)
Change in Residential Address in DLRs. 200
Smart Card Fee for DLRs. 200

Patna RTO Registration Charges:

Below is the Registration Charges for vehicles in Patna RTO:

Vehicle TypeFees (Issue/Renewal)
Two-WheelersRs. 50
Private Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler/QuadricycleRs. 600
Commercial Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler/QuadricycleRs. 1,000
Registration of Imported MotorcyclesRs. 2,500
Medium Goods Motor VehicleRs. 1,000
Medium Passenger VehicleRs. 1,000
Heavy Goods VehicleRs. 1,500
Heavy Passenger VehicleRs. 1,500
Registration of Imported Motor Vehicles (Four-Wheelers and Others)Rs. 5,000
Other Types of VehiclesRs. 3,000
Issuance of Duplicate RC50% of the above-mentioned fees
Ownership Transfer Registration
Change in Residential Address in RC
Changes or Alterations in the RC
Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Lease/HypothecationTwo-wheeler - Rs. 500
Quadricycle/Four-Wheeler/Three-Wheeler - Rs. 1,500
Medium or Heavy Vehicle - Rs. 3,000

Fitness Certificate (FC) Charges:

Below are the RTO fees for the issuance and renewal of Certificate of Fitness in Patna for different types of vehicles:

Test for FC (Grant/Renewal)Two-wheelers – Rs. 200 (Rs. 400 for the automated process)

Quadricycle/Three-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler – Rs. 400 (Rs. 600 for the automated process)

Medium/Heavy Vehicle – Rs. 600 (Rs. 1,000 for the automated process)
Grant/Renew FCRs. 200 (Additional Rs. 50 for each day after the expiry)
Grant/Renew Letter of AuthorityRs. 15,000
Grant Duplicate Letter of AuthorityRs. 7,500

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

Below are the RTO permit charges in Patna:

Vehicle TypeLocal Permit Fee
Light Goods VehicleRs. 2,000 (5 years)
Heavy Goods VehicleRs. 2,500 (5 Years)
Type of VehicleNational Permit Fee
Light Goods VehicleRs. 2,015 (5 Years)
Heavy Goods VehicleRs. 2,515 (5 Years)
Contract Carriage Permit for BusesRs. 1,100 (5 Years)
All India Tourist Permit Fees for BusesRs. 500 (1 Year)
Point to Point PermitRs. 500 (4 Months)
Counter Signature for Stage CarriageRs. 2,500 (5 Years)
Temporary PermitRs. 20 per day
Issue of Duplicate Permits50% of the Above Mentioned Fee

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Functions of Patna RTO:

The main role of the Patna RTO is to regulate the transport system within its zone by granting or renewing vehicle and driver-related documents. These include registration certificates for private and transport vehicles, driving licences for private and commercial vehicle drivers and issue or renew permits for transport vehicles. Below are the main functions of RTO Patna:

  • Grant of temporary or permanent Registration Certificate (RC) for private/transport vehicles.
  • Issue ownership transfer for private and transport vehicles.
  • Granting duplicate RC.
  • Change in residential address in the RC.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for private and transport vehicles.
  • Grant Trade Certificate and duplicate copy of the same.
  • Authorise hypothecation/endorsement/termination of private and transport vehicles.
  • Issuance of temporary and regular permits for transport vehicles.
  • Services related to diplomatic vehicles.

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  • Grant or renewal of Learner’s Licence (LL), Driving Licence (DL) and International Driving Licence.
  • Change in the residential address in DL
  • Grant of duplicate LL/DL

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common queries about the functions of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in India:

Is it compulsory to obtain a medical certificate to apply for a Learner’s Licence (LL) in Patna?

It is not compulsory to obtain a medical certificate to apply for a LL in Patna for applicants who are less than 50 years of age and to drive a private vehicle only. For those above the age of 50 years, commercial vehicle drivers must produce a medical certificate to apply for the LL.

Who is eligible to apply for a transport vehicle driving licence?

Applicants should have held a driving licence to drive a Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) for a period of 1 year. After which they can apply for a DL to drive a transport or a commercial vehicle.

What is the criteria to apply for a DL to ride a motorcycle with gear?

Applicants should have completed the age of 18 years to apply for a Driving Licence to ride a motorcycle with gear. This is also the age criteria to apply for a DL to drive a Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) such as four-wheelers/cars.

What is the grace period to renew my driving licence in Patna?

The grace period is 30 days from the date of expiry to renew your DL at the respective RTO.

What is the renewal period for commercial and private driving licences?

Commercial or transport driving licences should be renewed every 3 years. However, for private vehicles, the driving licence is valid for a period of 20 years from the date of issue or at the time of attaining the age of 50 years. Thereafter, it has to be renewed every 5 years.

What is the passing mark to clear the Learner’s Licence test?

From the questions posed in the LL test, the applicant should score at least 60% to pass the LL test.

Where should I renew my car’s registration certificate?

The renewal of the registration certificate of your vehicle should be done at the RTO of the district or city of the state in which you are driving the vehicle or resident of.

Can a diesel engine be converted to a petrol engine or vice versa?

No, a diesel engine cannot be converted to a petrol engine or vice versa.

Can the basic structure of the vehicle be altered?

No, the basic structure of the vehicle cannot be altered or changed as originally manufactured except in case of alteration to the engine fuel type into LPG/CNG/solar power/battery power. This is also applicable in case the engine is beyond repair and needs a replacement of the same make and type as the original.

What if my vehicle meets with an accident when the Fitness Certificate (FC) has expired?

The owner-driver of the vehicle is responsible for driving the vehicle without a valid registration certificate and fitness certificate. Additionally, the insurance provider will offer any compensation to the victim.

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