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RTO Office In Rajkot (GJ-03): Helpline Phone Numbers

Team AckoOct 14, 2022

For most people, an RTO or a Regional Transport Office is the place where vehicle owners go to give a driving test. On passing this test, they receive a Driving License (DL). Beyond this and some other functions, the general population might not know much about the RTO. If you are someone who wants to know more about RTO and specifically Rajkot RTO, then this article is for you. For example, this article will tell you how to get in touch with the Rajkot RTO.

This article is all about getting a deeper understanding of various functions performed by the Rajkot RTO. You will also get an overview of the fees charged by the RTO. The article ends with a Frequently Asked Questions section. Read ahead to know more about contacting Rajkot RTO and exploring its administrative side.

RTO Office In Rajkot



Rajkot RTO Code, Office Address & Contact Number:

Rajkot’s RTO code is 03. As Rajkot is a city in Gujarat, its state code is GJ. Thus, the combination of the state code and RTO code comes to GJ-03. This combination is seen in the registration number of vehicles passed through the Rajkot RTO.

Rajkot RTO: GJ03 – Contact Number:

Here’s a table highlighting Rajkot RTO’s contact number and address.

RTO NameRTO Rajkot
RTO CodeGJ-03
Office AddressRTO Office, Near Market Yard, Rajkot – 360001
Contact Number0281- 2703366

RTO Fees in Rajkot:

You are required to pay a nominal fee to avail Rajkot RTO’s services. For example, if you want a DL, you need to pay the fees associated with it. The following sections are about RTO Fees in Rajkot and are sourced from Government of Gujarat’s Commissionerate of Transport’s Website.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table depicting Driving License fees in Rajkot.

PurposeFees (INR)
Learner’s License150
Learner’s License test, repeat test50
Driving License test300
Issue of Driving License (DL)200
Issue of International Driving Permit1000
Add vehicle class to DL500
DL renewal200

2) Registration Charges

Here’s a table depicting vehicle’s Registration Charges in Rajkot.

Class of VehicleRTO Registration Fees in INR
Invalid carriage50
Imported motorcycle2500
Light motor vehicle300
Medium goods and passenger vehicle1000
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger1500
Imported motor vehicle1000
Any other vehicle not mentioned above3000

3) Permit

Here’s a table depicting Permit fees in Rajkot.

PurposeAmount in Rs
Goods Carrier Permit350
Counter Signatures of Goods Carrier Permit350
National Permit350 + 500 Authorization Fee
Contract Carriage Permit350
Stage Carriage Permit350
Stage Carriage to be used as Contract Carriage also350
Temporary Permits (Only for goods vehicles)100
Special Permit (Only for passenger vehicles)100
Institution/School Buses350
Private service Vehicle Permit350

4) Fitness Certificate

Here’s a table depicting fees for the vehicle’s Fitness Certificate in Rajkot.

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

Rajkot RTO’s Performance Standard:

Those who apply for any of the RTO’s services might want to know how much time will the executives take to complete the task. The question is valid. But the answer to the question is not a standard one as different tasks have a different turnaround period. You can request the RTO executive handling your request for an approximate turnaround period to get an idea.

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Functions of Rajkot RTO:

The Regional Transport Office in Rajkot offers a host of services for the citizens. Essentially, it functions as per the law and follows the Motor Vehicles Act. The functions of Rajkot RTO are not restricted to one field, such as issuing DLs. They perform a wide range of functions. From tasks such as conducting driving tests to collecting road tax, the Rajkot RTO has multiple departments that perform various functions. Read ahead to get an overview of these tasks.

1) Driving License

You can approach the Rajkot RTO for your Learner’s License and a permanent DL. Note that you need a separate permanent DL for a private vehicle and a commercial vehicle. Similarly, a different class of vehicles need proper authorization and the DL must mention that you are licensed to ride or drive a class of vehicle. The Rajkot RTO dedicates a lot of time in conducting tests, issuing the licenses, and renewing them.

A DL is also an identity proof in India. And due to digitization, the old-school licenses are converted in the new format. Nowadays, DLs are available in the Smart Card format that contains a chip with relevant information about the cardholder. Tasks related to Smart Card DL are also performed by the Rajkot RTO.

2) Registration Certificate

Whether you purchase a vehicle for day-to-day travelling or commercial purposes, you need to register it. If you buy a vehicle in Rajkot, you need to approach the RTO for its registration number and the Registration Certificate (RC). It is a document that signifies the ownership of the vehicle.

Usually, the vehicle dealer helps in getting the RC for a new car. But if you are buying or selling a second-hand car, then you might need to visit the RTO for a change in the RC. A change in the RC is also needed in case the vehicle owner dies and the asset is transferred to the owner’s legal heir.

3) Administrative Tasks

Tasks related to the DL and RC might be RTO’s primary tasks but the office is also responsible for several administrative tasks. Here are some of the crucial administrative tasks performed by the Rajkot RTO.

  • Issuing No Objection Certificate to the applicants.

  • Collecting Road Tax.

  • Ensuring and enforcing traffic rules and regulations.

  • Issuing Fitness Certificate to vehicles.

  • Issuing Permits.

  • Issuing duplicate documents after thorough processing.

  • Renewing documents after thorough processing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a section on common queries related to RTOs.

Will the Rajkot RTO help me to renew my bike’s insurance policy?


RTOs do not deal with issuing an insurance policy. You need to approach your insurance company for policy renewal.

Where can I get an International Driving Permit?


Please approach the Rajkot RTO and request for an International Driving Permit.

Unfortunately, I lost my wallet and my DL with it. How can I get a duplicate DL?


You can get a duplicate DL by approaching the Rajkot RTO, filing appropriate forms and submitting the right documents.

Is a certificate from a driving school necessary to apply for a DL for a private car?


No, you can apply for a DL for a private car without going to a driving school. However, you must make sure that you meet the age criteria as per the class of vehicle you want to drive. Also, you should have the right skills to drive a car as those will be tested during the DL test.

Will the car dealer help me get a DL?


No, a car dealer will most likely help you get a DL. You need to approach the RTO and follow the process to receive your DL.

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