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RTO Office in Ranchi (JH-01): Helpline Phone Numbers, Address

Team AckoOct 14, 2022

Ranchi is the home-town of Indian cricketing legend, M.S. Dhoni. Captain Cool is known to have a fleet of bikes in his farmhouse in Jharkhand’s capital city. All these bikes, if used on public roads, need proper documentation such as Registration Certificate (RC) and the rider must have a Driving License (DL). Whether you are a celebrity or a common man, whether you own multiple vehicles or just one, you need to follow the law of the land. If you own a vehicle and stay in Ranchi, you must have visited or been represented by an agent or a vehicle dealer at the Ranchi Regional Transport Office (RTO).

This article is all about understanding various functions performed by the Ranchi RTO, the fees charged for the services offered, and the ways to contact the RTO. Read ahead for detailed information.

RTO Offices In Ranchi



Ranchi RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Here’s how you can get in touch with the Ranchi RTO. Some of the common reasons why people come in contact with the RTO are license-related work, registration-related work, and administrative tasks. For example, you will have to contact the Ranchi RTO if you need an All-India tourist permit for your commercial vehicle. Another example is if you need a No Objection Certificate to move to a different state in India.

Ranchi RTO, Jharkhand JH-01 – Contact Number:

Here’s a table highlighting Ranchi’s RTO’s contact number, RTO office address and other details.

RTO NameRTO Ranchi
RTO CodeJH-01
Office LocationKutchery Rd, Deputy Para, Ahirtoli, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001
Office timings10 AM to 5 PM
Contact NumberCheck Official Contact Numbers from JH Govt. Website
Email ID[email protected]
WebsiteTransport Department (Government of Jharkhand)

RTO Fees in Ranchi:

The tasks performed by the Ranchi RTO are varied and differ in terms of complexities. The RTO fees in Ranchi will depend upon the type of task. For example, applying for a duplicate DL will be cheaper than applying for a DL for the first time.

The following section will give you an idea about the fees charged by the Ranchi RTO. These fees are sourced from the state’s website mentioned above and the exact fees might change.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Ranchi.

PurposeFees in INR
Learner’s License (LL)150
Test/Repeat test for LL50
Test/Repeat test for Competence to Drive300
Driving License (DL)200
International Driving Permit1000
Add a new class of vehicles to DL500
DL renewal200
Address change in DL200

2) Ranchi RTO Registration Charges

Here’s a table with Registration Charges in Ranchi.

Type of VehicleFees in INR
Non-transport Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles600
Transport Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles1000
Medium Goods Vehicle1000
Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle1000
Heavy Goods Vehicle1500
Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle1500
Imported Motor Vehicle2500
Any other vehicle3000

3) Fitness Certificate Charges

The information in the following table is about the charges for the Fitness Certificate.

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

4) Permit Charges

Permit charges for Taxi/Minidor/Maxi Cab/Jeep/Trekker (Contract Carriage Permit) for a period of five years.

LocationPermit FeeApplication Fee
All of Jharkhand9000150
For One region3000150
For two regions5400150

Detailed charges can be accessed on Jharkhand’s Transport Department Website.

Ranchi RTO Performance Standard (Turnaround Time):

The best way to know the time taken for an RTO task is to request the RTO executive for it. The following table sourced from the state website highlights the turnaround time for some tasks.

Learner’s LicenseSame day
Issuing of International Driving PermitSame day
Receipt of DL, Renewed DL, Duplicate DL after processingDelivery via Speed Post in three days

Also, read: RTO New Vehicle Registration Process

Functions of Ranchi RTO:

Sometimes, people are not truly aware of the various functions performed by the RTO. Due to such lack of awareness, they end up approaching agents and paying commissions. Once you know the different functions performed by the RTO, you can directly approach the office and get your work done without contacting the agent and paying extra. All you must pay for are the corresponding RTO fees for the task at hand. Read ahead to get an idea about the functions performed by the Regional Transport Office in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

1) Conducting Tests

Whether you own a car for commercial activities or private purposes, you need an appropriate DL to drive it on Indian roads. In order to receive the license, you must pass a few tests. These tests are structured to test your basic knowledge related to traffic rules and signs and your driving skills. The theory test involves multiple-choice questions and the practical test involves driving the car as per the supervising officer’s instructions. Such tests are carried out by the Ranchi RTO.

2) Issuing License

You can directly approach the RTO in Ranchi for a Learner’s License and a Driving License. For private cars, you do not even need to go via a driving school, which is required in case of a commercial DL. A permanent DL issued by an RTO is valid all over India. However, if you want to drive a vehicle in a foreign land, you need to discuss the same with the RTO and get proper documentation in the form of an International Driving Permit.

3) Registering Vehicles

You might be aware of State Codes mentioned on a vehicle’s number plate. But are you aware that the number plate also features the RTO code? Vehicles sold in a locality are usually registered in the RTO of that locality. If you buy a four-wheeler in Ranchi and it is registered at the Ranchi RTO, its number plate will feature Ranchi’s RTO code: 01 along with the state code: JH. All such registration work is performed at the Ranchi RTO.

4) Administrative Tasks

Here’s a list of prominent administrative tasks performed by the Ranchi RTO.

  • Issue new driver-related and vehicle-related documents and renew them.

  • Issue driver-related and vehicle-related duplicate documents.

  • Collect road tax.

  • Assist authorities in maintaining traffic rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a section on frequently asked generic questions about the Ranchi RTO? Feel free to get in touch with the office for specific queries.

Do I have to visit the RTO to register my new scooter?


In most cases, registration of a new scooter is done via the vehicle dealer and you are not required to physically visit the RTO.

Can the Ranchi RTO help me to purchase a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?


No, issuing insurance policies is not an RTO function. You can visit www.acko.com for the same.

Can I drive my private car as a taxi?


You need proper documentation such as a commercial driving license and appropriate permits to use a private car as a passenger-carrying vehicle.

Do I need a No Objection Certificate from the Ranchi RTO if I am driving to a different state for just a week?


NOC is not required if you are driving to a different state for just a week.

My DL has expired. Do I need to update it even if I just drive the car on Sundays?


Driving a car without a valid and active DL is a punishable offence. Renew your DL if you wish to drive your car legally on public roads in India.

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