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RTO Office in Roorkee (UK-17): Helpline Phone Numbers, Fees

Team AckoJul 21, 2021

Whether you own a private four-wheeler or a commercial truck, vehicles purchased in Roorkee need to be registered at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Roorkee. This can be done by your representative such as an agent or vehicle dealer on your behalf. Besides, an RTO performs several other functions apart from registering vehicles and issuing Registration Certificates (RC). An RTO’s prominent functions include managing tasks related to Driving Licenses and Permits as well.

If you need contact information about Roorkee RTO, then you will be able to find it by going through this article. Read ahead for more information about contacting RTO/ARTO Roorkee and know about its fees and functions.

RTO Office in Roorkee

Roorkee RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

As per a government notification on 12 September 2013, the Governor of Uttarakhand had taken a decision regarding allotting registering code to sub-regional transport offices. Technically, Roorkee is a sub-regional transport office that falls under the Regional Transport Office of Dehradun. As per the notification, Roorkee’s registering code is UK 17, wherein UK stands for Uttarakhand. Another government notification dated 29 September 2014 gave Roorkee a temporary registration mark of UKP.

Roorkee RTO, Uttarakhand UK-17 – Contact Number:

Here’s the contact information of the Roorkee RTO. The table features details such as Roorkee RTO’s code, contact number, and email ID.

RTO Name and codeUttarakhand UK-17
E-mail[email protected]
Contact Number of officer (TTO-1)NA

Office of Transport Commissioner:

Information about the main transport office in Uttarakhand.

Contact NumberNA
Email 1[email protected]
Email 2[email protected]

RTO Fees in Roorkee:

This section is about RTO fees in Roorkee. Note that the information about the RTO fees is taken from Uttarakhand’s State Transport Website and is subject to change.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Roorkee.

TaskFees in INR
Charges for availing an IDP or an International Driving Permit1000
Charges for availing a Learner’s License (LL)150
Charges for availing a DL200
Payable fees for a LL test50
Payable fees for DL renewal200
License to a driving school10000
Fees to avail a Driving test300
Duplicate licence to a driving school5000
Including another class of vehicle in DL500
Change of address in DL200

2) Roorkee RTO Registration Charges

Here’s a table that highlights the RTO charges for registering a vehicle at the office.

Type of VehicleFees in INR
Charges for an Invalid Carriage20
A light motor vehicle (non-transport category)200
A light motor vehicle used in a commercial activity300
A medium-sized passenger vehicle400
A heavy-sized passenger vehicle600
A motorcycle which is imported200
A motorcycle which is not imported60
A medium-sized goods vehicle400
A heavy-sized goods vehicle600
Modifications to Registration Certificate (RC)50
Motor vehicles that are imported800

3) Fees for Trade Certificate

Here’s a table showcasing the fees for a Trade Certificate (TC).

TaskFees in INR
Motorcycle TC50
Invalid Carriage TC50
Renewal of TC50

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

The fees related to Fitness Certificate are mentioned below.

Type of VehicleFees in INR
The test charges in case of a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler vehicle100
The test charges in case of a light motor vehicle200
The test charges in case of a medium vehicle300
The test charges for a heavy vehicle400
Issue/Renewal of Certificate of Fitness for Motor Vehicle100
Renewal of Letter of Authority5000
An Appeal under Rule 70400

5) Permit Charges

Here’s a table with the permit charges.

PermitFees in INR
First 3 days360
After 3 days till the end of the week360
After the first week360
Change in the type of vehicle220
Taxi/tempo/rickshaw for one region900
Taxi/tempo/rickshaw for full country1800
Contract Carriage (apart from Motor Cab) (for the entire country)7200 + 500
Contract Carriage (apart from Motor Cab) (for entire state)/ Counter Signature7200
Motor Cab (one region)900
Motor Cab (entire state)1800
Motor Cab (entire India)3000 + 500
Maxi Cab (entire state)3600
Maxi Cab (entire India)3600 + 500
Stage Carriage/Counter Signature5800
Goods Carrier5800

RTO Roorkee Performance Standard:

Please contact the RTO for exact turnaround time. Short-term tasks such as availing duplicate copies should take less time than long-term tasks such as applying for a first-time Driving License as that involves issuing a Learner’s License, followed by a driving test.

The turnaround time can depend upon the following factors:

  • Nature of the task.

  • Public holidays.

  • Availability of concerned officers and concerned members across departments for complex tasks.

  • Whether guidelines regarding RTO forms are met or not.

  • Whether guidelines regarding relevant document submissions are met or not.

  • Technological support in case of tasks that are dependent on technological intervention.

  • Specific requirements such as the passing of the driving test in case of DL application.

Also, read: RTO New Vehicle Registration Process

Functions of Roorkee RTO:

The major functions of the Regional Transport Office in Roorkee or an equivalent office in the state of Uttarakhand assigned to handle the Roorkee area are as follows.

  • Issue DLs after performing driving tests of applicants.

  • Renewing the DLs after conducting due process.

  • Registering new vehicles and issuing a Registration Certificate (RC).

  • Making changes in the RC when it comes to the sale of a vehicle from one owner to another.

  • Renewing RC after following due process.

  • Issuing documents such as Trade Certificate and Fitness certificate as per the type of vehicle in exchange for the payable charges.

  • Deal with hypothecation request by the applicant regarding vehicle purchased on loan.

  • Assist other authorities in setting up check posts along the state border and other areas.

  • Issue duplicate copies of important documents such as DLs and RCs.

  • Issue an International Driving Permit.

  • Collection of road tax as per the law.

  • Make changes in the DL concerning adding a class of vehicle.

  • Handle tasks related to Commercial Driving License.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a section focussing on common RTO queries and their answers.

Which are the prominent acts that need to be referred to concerning RTOs and vehicles?

The Motor Vehicles Act and The Central Motor Vehicles Rules are two prominent legal acts that need to be referred to concerning RTOs and vehicles.

Which documents need to be submitted to register a vehicle at an RTO?

Here’s a list of documents that need to be submitted for successful vehicle registration at the RTO:1. Form-20, Form 21, and Form 222. Insurance document3. Address proof4. Temporary registration, if any5. Form-A as per the Taxation Act, 19976. Fees stated as per Rule 81Note that registration is usually taken care of by the vehicle dealer.

Which RTO form is needed to make a change in the RC?

To make a change in the RC, you will need the RTO form 33.

Are there specific guidelines to be followed in case of reflector tapes on vehicles in Uttarakhand?

You can find the guidelines for reflector tapes on Uttarakhand’s Transport Department’s Website.

Do I need an Affidavit for grant of Authorisation in case of All India Permit?

Yes, you need an affidavit for such kind of authorization.

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