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RTO Office in Sangli (MH 10): Helpline Phone Numbers

Team AckoJul 23, 2021

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Sangli can be approached for services related to Driving License and Vehicle Registration. You can contact the RTO with the information provided in this article. The following sections will assist you in knowing about the RTO’s functions and avail information about helpline numbers and the address of the RTO in Sangli. Read ahead for more information.

RTO Office in Sangli

Sangli RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number

Here’s the information related to Sangli’s State code and RTO code.

Sangli RTO, Maharashtra MH-10 – Contact Number:

The following table presents information about the Sangli RTO, its contact number and the address.

RTO Fees in Sangli:

The following RTO fees in Sangli are sourced from Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department Website and might change.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Sangli.

ServiceFees in INR
Permanent License716
Duplicate License216
Addition of another class of vehicles to the driving License.1016
International Driving Permit (IDP)1000
Learner's License151
Renewal of License416

2) Sangli RTO Registration Charges

Class of VehicleRTO Registration Fees in INR
Light motor vehicle600
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger1500
Light commercial vehicle1000
Invalid carriage50
Imported motor vehicle5000
E-rickshaw / E-cart1000
Imported motorcycle5000
Medium goods and passenger vehicle1000

3) Permit Charges

VehicleFees in INR
Grant of a permit for a metered motor cab500
Renewal of a permit for a metered motor cab500
Countersignature for a metered motor cab500
Grant of a permit for a non-metered motor cab1000
Renewal of a permit for a non-metered motor cab1000
Countersignature for a non-metered motor cab1000
Grant of a permit for a Maxi cab1000
Renewal of a permit a Maxi cab1000
Countersignature for a Maxi cab1000
Grant of a permit for vehicles other than above1000
Renewal of a permit for vehicles other than above1000
Countersignature for vehicles other than above1000
Grant of a permit for a tourist cab1500
Renewal of a permit for a tourist cab1500
Grant of a permit for a tourist vehicle other than a tourist cab5000
Renewal of a permit for a tourist vehicle other than a tourist cab5000
Grant of a permit (national)1500
Renewal of a permit (national)1500
Auto Rickshaw Permit other than Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area10000
Taxi Permit other than Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority Area20000

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

VehicleFees in INR
Motorcycle (Manual)200
Motorcycle (Automated)400
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycle (Manual)400
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycle (Automated)600
Medium or Heavy motor vehicle (Manual)600
Medium or Heavy motor vehicle (Automated)1000
Grant or renewal of the certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

RTO Sangli Performance Standard:

If you want to know the time taken for an RTO task in Sangli, you can request the RTO executive for it. In some cases, they might be able to let you know the precise time and, in some cases, just an approximate turnaround time.

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Functions of Sangli RTO:

The Regional Transport Office in Sangli, Maharashtra is responsible for several vehicle-related and regulations-related functions. This section will give you a glimpse into the kind of functions performed by the RTOs in Maharashtra. If you have a specific request, you can contact the RTO that is nearest to your residence and know about that function.

Function NameRelated ToDescription
Issue Learner’s License (LL)Driver-related functionThose who wish to ride vehicles on public roads need a valid license to do so. The first step of receiving such a license is to apply for a LL. As the name suggests, it is a license for those who want to learn to ride or drive a vehicle.
Issue Permanent Driving License (DL)Driver-related functionOnce you have a LL, hold it for more than 30 days and are confident enough of plying a vehicle on public roads, you can apply for a DL. The DL is of a permanent nature, which means it has a longer validity. It needs to be renewed post expiry. You need to pass a test comprising of multiple-choice questions and a practical driving exam to hold a DL. The DL authorises you to legally ride/drive a class of vehicle or vehicles on Indian roads.
Issue Registration CertificateVehicle-related functionApart from the driver-related functions, the RTO is also responsible for vehicle-related functions as per The Motor Vehicles Act. Vehicles that are sold via car dealers and other avenues need to be registered at the corresponding RTO. For example, if you happen to purchase a bike in Sangli, it will be registered at the Sangli RTO, it will be entered in the database, the bike will be assigned a registration number that will be reflected on the number plate. The charges to register the vehicles vary depending upon the kind of vehicle to be registered.
Issue PermitsVehicle-related functionPermits are usually allotted to vehicles involved in a commercial activity. For example, a tourist vehicle will need a permit to help passengers move about. There are different types of permits such as state-level permit and a national level permit. Similarly, heavy vehicles that are usually used to carry goods might require certain permits.
Issue Fitness CertificateVehicle-related functionRTOs also issue fitness certificates to vehicles. The charges for it vary depending upon the vehicle’s manual and automatic transmission.
Collect Road TaxVehicle-related functionThe RTOs are assigned with the duty to collect appropriate road tax for vehicles plying on Indian roads.
Managing Check postsAdministrative functionSometimes, the RTO executives might help out other vehicle-related authorities regarding law and order issues. This involves supporting related agencies in managing check posts.
Renewing Documents, Certifications and LicensesAdministrative functionMost of the documents and certifications issued by the RTOs need periodic renewal. You need to submit appropriate forms and supporting documents to renew your certifications and licenses.
Issuing Duplicate Documents, Certifications and LicensesAdministrative functionIn some cases, you might need a duplicate copy of your license or a registration certificate. For example, if you lose your DL, you will need a duplicate one. You can approach the Sangli RTO for requests related to duplicate documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you still have some doubts, this Frequently Asked Questions section can help you out in resolving them. If you have specific questions that are not answered in this article, feel free to contact the Sangli RTO via the contact information mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also visit your nearest RTO and seek detailed information related to RTO tasks and fees for performing those tasks.

Do RTO fees vary from one state to another?

Mostly, all Indian states have a similar fee structure when it comes to RTO-related tasks. However, there can be minor changes. Therefore, RTO fees can vary from one Indian state to another.

Do I need to transfer the RC in my son’s name if he is going to drive my car?

An RC is a document that states the ownership of a vehicle. The RC transfer process usually happens when a car is sold from one person to another. Therefore, if the son is just going to drive the car and the car’s ownership is going to remain with you, then you do not need to undergo the RC transfer process. In case you are selling the vehicle to your son, then the RC needs to be transferred. Nowadays, the online RC transfer process has made this task a lot easy.

Do I need to own a two-wheeler to apply for a two-wheeler Learner’s License?

Ownership of a vehicle is not the criteria to apply for a Learner’s License.

Is it possible to have a vehicle registration number of my choice?

There is a provision to apply for fancy registration numbers. You can read the ‘How to Get Fancy Registration Number for Car and Bike’ article for more information.

Will Sangli RTO help me to renew my commercial vehicle insurance?

No, RTOs do not issue or renew vehicle insurance policies.

Do I need a DL to drive a private car in my village?

If you are driving a car on Indian public roads, you need to hold a valid DL as per the law. Not doing so can lead to monetary penalties and legal hassles.

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