The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is a famous tourist destination in the state where the Thrissur Pooram festival takes place. The people living in the city must visit the Thrissur RTO to avail various services related to vehicles and important documents like the issuance of driving licenses, or registration of vehicles. This article has information on the services offered, fees charged, functions of the RTO, etc. Read on to know more. 

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Thrissur RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Each state and every individual RTO has a code assigned to identify the location of vehicle registration. Here, Thrissur is a city in Kerala so the registration number will begin with KL, that is the state code followed by the Thrissur RTO code that is 08. This combination of codes make it a unique code that will help the authorities to understand simply by looking at the registration number that a particular vehicle is registered at the Thrissur RTO.

The following table will help you with the contact details of the RTO in Thrissur. Helpful details like RTO Thrissur office address, contact number etc, are mentioned here:

Ayyanthole RTO, Thrissur KL-08 – Contact Number:

The following table lists Ayyanthole RTO, Thrissur KL-08 code and other details:

RTO Code/Number:KL-08
Office Address:Civil Station, Ayyanthole PO, Thrissur, Kerala 680003
Phone:0487 236 0262
Helpline Number:0487 236 0262
Email ID:[email protected]

RTO Fees in Thrissur: 

RTO fees in Thrissur are charged as per the Central Motor Rules. You will find these charges in the following table:

Driving Licence Fees

The driving licence fees in Thrissur and charges for other services are listed in the table given below:

ServiceFee in rupees
Issuance of Learner's License (for each class)150 
Driving License Test (for each class)300 
Learner's License Test50 
Learner's license failed fee50 
Driving License in Form 7200 
Issue of Driving License200 
Driving license test failed fee (for each class)300 
Learner's Test Fee50 
Issue of Learner's License (for each class)150 
Driving License in Form 7200 
Issue of Learner's License (for each class)150 
Driving License Test fee (for each class)300 
Learner's license particulars10 
Addition of another class (for each class)500 
Issue of duplicate learner's license150 
Renewal of Driving License50 
Renewal of Driving License200 
Driving License in Form 7200 
Driving License in Form 7200 
Duplicate driving license500 
Change of Address200 
Issue of driver’s badge for commercial vehicle100 
Driving license particulars50 
International driving permit1000 
Authority to drive commercial vehicle50 
Test for a Driving license badge 50 
Duplicate driver’s badge50 
Updating details on the license200 
License to drive vehicles carrying hazardous goods100 
Rs. 50  for a period of delay of one year and an additional fee of Rs. 1000  per year for the delay in renewing the driving license

Thrissur RTO Registration Charges

Each service related to the registration of a vehicle and their fees are listed in the table given below:

Vehicle Type Registration Charges
Invalid Carriage50
Non Transport Vehicles700
Transport Vehicles1,100
HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Transport1,700
MGV (Medium Goods Vehicles) Transport1,150
HPMV Transport (Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle)1,700
MPMV Transport (Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle)1,150

Fitness Certificate Charges

Fitness certificate is granted after a thorough inspection of a vehicle in terms of safety and working conditions. The following table lists charges related to fitness certificate in Thrissur:

Vehicle Type Transmission Type Fee in rupees
Three Wheeler/QuadricycleManual650
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)Manual650
Medium Goods Vehicle/ Medium Passenger Motor VehicleManual950
Heavy Goods Vehicle/ Heavy Passenger Motor VehicleManual1040
Duplicate Fitness CertificateAny150

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

Vehicle owners of transport vehicles need special permits to ply commercial vehicles across various state borders. The following table lists the charges related to permits in Thrissur.

TypeFees in rupees
New Permit
Goods Carriage – National Permit2500
State Permit for Light Goods Vehicle1000
Goods Carriage (Others) – State Permit1500
Contract Carriage with 8 to 12 seater – Maxicab2000
Auto Rickshaw/Auto rickshaw city permit’s Contract Carriage300
Motor Cab’s Contract Carriage 700
All India Tourist Taxi1500
Contract Carriage with 13 to 20 seats3000
Contract Carriage with more than 20 seats3500
Contract Carriage – Motor Cycle300
Stage Carriage5500
All India Tourist Omni Bus2500
Temporary permit
National Permit for Goods Carriage400
State Permit for Goods Carriage (LGV)250
State Permit for Goods Carriage (Others) 400
Contract Carriage with more than 20 seats500
Contract Carriage with 8 to 12 seater – Maxi Cab200
13 to 20 seater Contract Carriage300
Stage Carriage u/s 87 (1) (c) of Motor Vehicles Act 1988500
Stage Carriage u/s 87 (1) (a) and (b) of Motor Vehicles Act 1988250
Special permit
Duplicate permit200 + service charge -100
a) Stage Carriage u/s 88 (8)500
b) Other class of vehicles250
Authorization – fresh/renewal500
Countersignature of stage carriage5500
The service charge for permit services
Medium Motor Vehicle300
Bike/Auto rickshaw50
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)150
Special Permit (All classes)100
Heavy Motor Vehicle400
Temporary Permit (All classes)100
Counter Signature500
Issue/Renewal of National Permit and Tourist Taxi200

Trade Certificate Charges

A trade certificate is issued to vehicle dealers for selling housing and selling unregistered vehicles. The following table lists the related charges:

ServiceFee in Rupees
Trade Certificate
Invalid Carriage600
Duplicate Trade Certificate
Invalid Carriage300

Thrissur RTO Performance Standard: 

In the following table, you will know approximately how much time will be taken by the Thrissur RTO to complete the corresponding services:

ServicesTurnaround Time
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)7 Days
Transfer of Ownership3 days
Registration Certificate1 Day
Hypothecation30 days
Grant of Driving Licence7 Days
Grant of Learner’s Licence1 Day
Temporary Permit1 Day
Stage Carriage Permit Renewal7 Days
NOC (No Objection Certificate)7 Days
Grant/Renewal of National Permit7 Days
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle7 Days
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)7 Days
Counter Signatures of Goods Vehicle7 Days
AITP Authorisation/Renewal7 Days

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Functions of Thrissur RTO: 

Regional Transport Offices in Thrissur, Kerala is responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Driving License: Testing a candidate for their driving skills and issuing a driving license to an eligible person is one of the many tasks carried out by the Regional Transport Offices in Thrissur. They also issue learning licenses, issue licences in the form of a smart card, renew driving license, make changes in the database regarding name, address, etc. of the candidate and issue updated documents to the candidates, etc.  
  1. Issuing the Fitness Certificate: Commercial vehicles require to have a fitness certificate. This certificate is issued only after a thorough inspection of the vehicles by the RTO.
  2. Registration of Vehicles: It is important by law to get a vehicle, over 50cc, registered at the local RTO for legally driving it on public roads. The Thrissur RTO issues new Registration Certificates (RC) and completes this task for vehicles that fall under their jurisdiction. Allied operations like issuing duplicate RC, renewal of RC, updating personal information on the RC for example transfer of ownership, etc. are also performed.
  1. Issuing Permits: Commercial vehicles require permits based on the type of vehicle, the purpose of transport, and boundaries of travel. Permits can be of many types but mainly local and national permits are issued. Services like issuing new permits and renewing old ones as applicable are given by this RTO.
  1. Issuing the No Objection Certificate (NOC): A vehicle owner may require a NOC for various reasons, for example, getting the vehicle re-registered in a new state.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I have lost all the documents due to floods in the region. Can I get new documents like Registration Certificate (RC), driving license, etc. from the RTO?

Yes, you can approach the local RTO and apply for duplicate documents like Registration Certificate (RC), driving license, etc.

How long is a Driving License for a private car valid in India?

The driving license of a private car is valid for 20 years from the date of issue. After this, the license holder needs to get the card renewed.

How to add a new class of vehicles to the existing driving license?

The vehicle owner needs to visit the local RTO and fill up the Form number 8 along with the applicable fee and other documents. As per the rule, you may have to appear for a driving test.

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