The city of Vadodara in Gujarat has one Regional Transport (RTO) office that is responsible for various operations related to vehicles, drivers, and enforcing rules and regulations related to traffic and transportation. In this article, you will find information related to RTO Offices In Vadodara, helpline phone numbers and other details like office address, RTO code, details related to driving license, fee structure for different RTO functions and more. Finally, the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom will help in resolving some common queries. Read on to know more:

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Vadodara RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

RTO Vadodara is the only RTO located in the Vadodara city of Gujarat. Following are the details of RTO office Vadodara:

Darjipura RTO: Vadodara GJ-06 – Contact Number:

RTO Code/Number:GJ-06
Office Address:RTO Office, Near Golden Chokdi NH 8, Darjipura,Vadodara – 390006
Helpline Number:Check Official Contact Numbers from Gujarat Govt. Website

RTO Fees in Vadodara:

A Regional Transport office is responsible for carrying out numerous functions related to vehicles, licenses, tax collection etc. One should pay the applicable fees to avail these services and functions by submitting related documents. Note that the fee structure can be different for different RTOs across India. RTO fees in Vadodara for various functions are as follows. You may have to get in touch with the RTO to know the current fee structure:

Driving Licence Fees

A person who wants to drive a vehicle should first hold a driving license. A driving license is issued by the Regional Transport Office. They are also responsible for providing learning licenses and conducting tests that help a person get their permanent license. Here are the driving licence fees in Vadodara RTO:

Licence TypeFee (Rs.)
Learning License150
Learning License Test50
Driving License test for adding a class of vehicle300
Driving License issuance200
Duplicate driving license250
Changing details on existing driving license400
International Driving Permit1000
Adding a class of vehicle to driving license500
Making changes or renewal of  authorisation for carrying hazardous goods100
Addition of category to existing driving license300
Driving license renewal200
Driving license renewal after the grace period300
Driving license renewal after the grace period is over300 + 1000/year
License for a driving school10000
Duplicate license for a driving school5000
For making an appeal against the licensing authority500
Making changes in existing documents200
Addition of category in L.M.V license300
Badge of authorisation50 per category
Inclusion of hazardous goods category50 per year

Vadodara RTO Registration Charges

A certain amount of money needs to be paid at the time of registration of the vehicle. The amount of fee depends upon the type of vehicle, it’s purpose, and seating capacity. The owner of a vehicle also needs to pay the applicable tax while getting the vehicle registered at an RTO. The following tables will help you understand fee structure for vehicle registration and related charges at Vadodara RTO:

Vehicle TypeTax  (% of the cost of the vehicle)
Auto Rickshaw2.5
A vehicle with a seating capacity between 3 to 6 passengers6
Vehicles with gross vehicle weight up to 7500kgs6
Commercial tractors3

The fee structure for registration charges:

Vehicle TypeRegistration charges
Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:300
Medium goods vehicle1000
Medium passenger vehicle1000
Heavy goods vehicle1500
Heavy passenger vehicle1500
Imported vehicle1000
Imported bike2500
Type of vehicle not mentioned in this table3000

Fees for other types of registration-related services at Vadodara RTO:

Type of RequestFees (Rs.)
Transfer of ownership of a two-wheeler150
Transfer of ownership of a car300
Enter Hypothecation details200
Cancel Hypothecation details200
Duplicate RC book two-wheeler150
Duplicate RC book car300

Fitness Certificate Charges

The fee for getting a new fitness certificate for a vehicle can be conveyed by the Vadodara RTO at the time of vehicle registration. Renewing a vehicle fitness certificate requires a fee of Rs. 100.

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

Regional Transport offices issue permits that allow a certain type of vehicle to ply across the corresponding geographical limits. A permit is usually valid for a few years and depends upon the vehicle type. Here are the charges for getting different types of permits at Vadodara RTO:

Type of permitCharges
Goods Carrier Permit350
Counter Signatures350
National Permit350 + 500 Authorization Fee
Contract Carriage Permit350
Stage Carriage Permit350
Permit for a vehicle to be used as both – Contract Carriage and Stage Carriage 350
Temporary Permits100
Special Permit for passengers vehicle100
Institution/School Buses350
Permit for Private service vehicle350

Vadodara RTO Performance Standard:

Every RTO maintains a minimum standard while performing their functions. The following table will help you understand the time taken for each function by Vadodara RTO:

ServicesTurnaround Time
Transfer of Ownership30 Days
Hypothecation4 Days
Registration Certificate7 Days
Grant of Learner’s LicenceSame Day
Grant of Driving Licence7 Days
NOC (No Objection Certificate)7 Days
Temporary Permit7 Days
Grant/Renewal of National Permit7 Days
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle7 Days
Stage Carriage Permit Renewal7 Days
Counter Signatures of Goods Vehicle7 Days
AITP Authorisation/Renewal7 Days
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)7 Days
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)7 Days

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Functions of Vadodara RTO:

Here is a list of various functions carried out by the regional transport office Vadodara:

1. Issuing Various Types Of Driving License

Different types of driving licenses such as learning license, driving license, International Driving Permits, driving license for a differently-abled person, etc. are issued at the Regional Transport Office Vadodara. 

Apart from issuing these licenses, the Vadodara RTO also carries out tasks like issuance of a duplicate license, making necessary changes in the existing license, renewal of the driving license, etc.

2. Registration of Vehicles

The Vadodara RTO actively looks into the registration of various kinds of vehicles in the city. They issue the Registration Certificate (RC) to the owner of the vehicle. The RC is an important document that is supposed to be carried along with the vehicle. The authorities can demand to see the RC of a vehicle at any time. The Regional Transport Office of Vadodara issues new, duplicate, permanent, and temporary registration certificates.  

Additionally, they also issue the No Objection Certificate (NOC) as required. Vadodara RTO is also responsible for cancellation of RC, allotting registration number, and providing permission for making changes in a vehicle.

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3. Tax Collection

The Regional Transport Office in Vadodara is responsible for the collection of vehicle-related taxes. For example, registration tax, road tax, etc.

4. Issuing Various Types of Permits

The RTO issues different types of permits to transport and non-transport vehicles. Permits are usually required by commercial vehicles that carry goods or passengers. They require special permission to travel across state borders as well. This permission or permit for the residents of Vadodara is available at the Vadodara RTO.

5. Conducting Checks

The Vadodara RTO performs regular screening at various check-posts for people who do not take care of following safety measures like wearing a helmet or a seat belt. They also check vehicles for registrations and drivers for valid driving licenses. Other types of checks, for example, adherence to rules and regulations, are also performed on a regular basis.

6. Report Generation

The Vadodara RTO is responsible for publishing various reports like the amount of tax collected, the number of vehicles registered, their types, number of licenses issued, etc. These reports are available on the Parivahan website as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I do not live in Vadodara. Can I still get my car registered at the Vadodara RTO?

Probably not, you must have a permanent address that falls under the jurisdiction of Vadodara RTO for registering your car there. You can visit the nearest RTO, from your permanent residence, and check if you can get the car registered at the nearest RTO.

I own a private car, can I get a permit for a transport vehicle?

No, this is against the rules. To get a permit for a transport vehicle, you must switch to a commercial registration. Vehicles that are used for commercial transport of goods and passengers are only allowed to apply for a permit.

Is it okay to keep copies of required documents in the vehicle while plying on the road?

It is advisable that you keep the originals of Registration certificate, Pollution Under Control Certificate, and Driving License. It is okay to keep a copy of vehicle insurance in the vehicle.

What are the types of permits that I (as an owner of a commercial vehicle) can apply for?

The type of permit that the owner of a commercial vehicle should apply for depends upon the type and purpose of the vehicle. In India, six different types of permits are issued by the respective RTOs. Here is the list:
a. Goods carriage
b. Private Service Vehicle
c. Contract Carriage
d. All India Permit
e. Educational Institution Bus
f. Stage Carriage

What is a Temporary Registration and what is its validity?

Every vehicle receives a temporary registration number before a permanent registration number can be issued to the vehicle. This is because it takes a few days to create the chassis number. The validity of temporary registration is usually 7 days. However, this timeframe is extendable. This usually happens in the case of commercial vehicles that transport goods.

What is the purpose of NOC from the RTO?

The NOC i.e. No Objection Certificate is required when changing the registration from one Indian state to another. The RTO where the vehicle is originally registered issues the NOC for the purpose of re-registration of the vehicle in another RTO.

What is the validity of a Learning License and can it be renewed?

A learning license is valid for 6 months. It can be renewed before the expiry date. In case of a delay, the applicant needs to apply for a fresh license.

What is meant by Gross Vehicle Weight?

Gross Vehicle Weight is the weight of a vehicle without any goods or passengers plus the weight it is allowed to carry as per the permit of this commercial vehicle.

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