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Vadodara RTO Office: RTO Office, Website and Contact details

Team AckoApr 10, 2024

Vadodara, also known as Baroda, is the second-largest city in Gujarat.

It is also a chemical industrial hub with several large-scale industries.

Hence, there’s a constant movement of commercial vehicles in the city.

The Vadodara RTO plays a vital role in managing the transport sector, ensuring all vehicles adhere to traffic rules and regulations.




Regional Transport Office (RTO) Vadodara: An overview

The Vadodara RTO implements the applicable rules and regulations and provides timely services to vehicle owners and drivers.

Apart from that, it also works on making the roads safer and spreading awareness about road safety.

It also conducts regular vehicle checking and ensures that all motorists hold mandatory documents such as Driving Licence, vehicle Registration Certificate, bike/car insurance certificate, etc. 

Read ahead for more information about the RTO in Vadodara.

Vadodara RTO: Contact details

Here are the details if you wish to get in touch with the RTO of Vadodara.

Darjipura RTO Office (GJ-06)

You can go through the following table to know the Vadodara RTO (Darjipura RTO) contact number, RTO code, address, etc.

RTO Code GJ-06
Office Address RTO Office, Near Golden Chokdi NH 8, Darjipura, Vadodara ‒ 390006
Office Timings 10:30 AM to 6 PM
Helpline Number 0265-2540016
State Gujarat

Vadodara RTO Fees

The following sections highlight the fees for various vehicle and driver-related services in Vadodara.

Driving Licence fees

Following are the fees related to Driving Licence in RTO Vadodara.

Service Type Fees (in Rs.)
Learning Licence 150
Driving Licence 200
Learning Licence Test 50
Test for adding a class of vehicle to DL 300
International Driving Permit 1000
Duplicate Driving Licence 250
Changing details on existing Driving Licence 400
Driving Licence renewal 200
Adding a class of vehicle to Driving Licence 500
Making changes or renewal of authorisation for carrying hazardous goods 100
Addition of category to existing Driving Licence 300
Driving Licence renewal after the grace period 300
Driving Licence renewal after the grace period is over 300 + 1,000/year
Licence for a driving school 10000
Duplicate Licence for a driving school 5000
For making an appeal against the licensing authority 500
Making changes in existing documents 200
Addition of category in L.M.V. Licence 300
Badge of authorisation 50 per category
Inclusion of hazardous goods category 50 per year

Vadodara RTO Registration charges

The following is the fee structure for vehicle registration-related services in Vadodara.

Type of Vehicle Fees (in Rs.)
Two-wheeler 50
Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles (Non-transport) 600
Medium goods vehicle 1000
Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles (Transport) 1000
Heavy goods vehicle 1500
Medium passenger vehicle 1000
Heavy passenger vehicle 1500
Imported vehicle 1000
Imported bike 2500
Type of vehicle not mentioned in this table 3000

Here’s a table denoting the tax percentage for different vehicles in Vadodara.

Vehicle Type Tax (% of the cost of the vehicle)
Two-wheeler 6
Car 2.5
L.M.V. 2.5
Auto Rickshaw 2.5
A vehicle with a seating capacity between 3 to 6 passengers 6
Vehicles with gross vehicle weight up to 7,500 kgs 6
Commercial tractors 3

The following table provides the fee structure for other registration-related services in RTO Vadodara.

Service Type Fees (in Rs.)
Transfer of ownership of a two-wheeler 150
Transfer of ownership of a car 300
Authorise Hypothecation details 200
Remove Hypothecation details 200
Duplicate RC for two-wheeler 150
Duplicate RC for car 300

Permit charges

The table below provides the fee structure for vehicle permits in Vadodara RTO.

Permit Type Fees (in Rs.)
Goods Carrier Permit 350
National Permit 350 + 500 Authorisation Fee
Counter Signatures 350
Stage Carriage Permit 350
Contract Carriage Permit 350
Permit for a vehicle to be used as both ‒ Contract Carriage and Stage Carriage 350
Special Permit for passengers vehicle 100
Temporary Permits 100
Permit for Private service vehicle 350
Institution/School Buses 350

Vadodara RTO Performance Standard

The following table provides the turnaround time for different types of services at the Vadodara RTO.

Service Turnaround Time
Transfer of Ownership 30 Days
Hypothecation 4 Days
Registration Certificate 7 Days
NOC (No Objection Certificate) 7 Days
Grant of Learner’s Licence Same Day
Grant of Driving Licence 7 Days
AITP Authorisation/Renewal 7 Days
Temporary Permit 7 Days
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle 7 Days
Grant/Renewal of National Permit 7 Days
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles) 7 Days
Stage Carriage Permit Renewal 7 Days
Counter Signatures of Goods Vehicle 7 Days
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses) 7 Days

Vadodara RTO functions: Services offered

One of the primary responsibilities of the RTO Vadodara is to provide efficient driver and vehicle-related services.

Another essential function is to ensure the implementation of traffic rules and regulations across the city.

The following sections highlight the important services offered by the RTO in Vadodara.

Driving Licence

  • Conduct tests for Learner’s and Driving Licence applicants.

  • Issue DL and LL to applicants who clear the test.

  • Issue International Driving Permit (IDP).

  • Provide duplicate DL.

  • Accept requests for making corrections in DL.

  • Renew LL and DL upon expiry.

Vehicle Registration

  • Carry out the registration process for new and old vehicles in the city.

  • Assign permanent or temporary registration numbers to vehicles.

  • Issue a Registration Certificate (RC) upon completion of the registration process.

  • Provide a duplicate copy of RC.

  • Update or correction of particulars in RC.

Inspection of Vehicles

  • The RTO in Vadodara conducts vehicle inspections during the registration process.

  • It also performs a thorough vehicle inspection during an FC (Fitness Certificate) issuance.

  • The RTO also conducts emission testing to ensure vehicles adhere to pollution norms.


  • The Vadodara RTO provides different types of permits for commercial vehicles.

  • It also renews the permits upon expiry.

Road Tax Collection

  • The RTO in Vadodara is also responsible for the collection of road tax during vehicle registration.

  • It also collects fees for various types of services it offers.

Vehicle Registration through RTO

Registration of vehicles at the RTO is mandatory when you buy a new or old vehicle.

You can approach the RTO of Vadodara with your vehicle and submit the application for registration.

It is a relatively simple process, provided you have all the necessary documents and the vehicle is in perfect condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the common questions and their answers related to the RTO of Vadodara.



Where can I find more information about the RTO of Vadodara?

You can visit the official website of the RTO Vadodara to get more information about the Regional Transport Office. You can also find the RTO Vadodara vehicle registration details, download the Driving Licence online application and access RTO online services through the website.

I have an old RC book. Can I get a new smartcard RC from Vadodara RTO?

Yes, you can get a new smartcard RC if you have an old format Registration Certificate.

How much time does it take to get a Learner’s Licence in Vadodara?

You can get the LL the same day, provided you clear the theory test.

Is a driving test compulsory to get a Driving Licence in Vadodara?

Yes, clearing the driving test is mandatory to be eligible for a DL. The test helps to assess your driving skills.

Is the HSRP number plate mandatory in Vadodara?

HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate) in Surat is mandatory for all vehicles as per the rules and regulations of The Motor Vehicles Act.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.


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