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Corona Kavach, ACKO Policy

Shield yourself and your family from the medical expenses related to COVID-19.

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Corona Kavach by ACKO

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Covid-19 treatment expenses can prove to be expensive and can put you in financial distress. A health insurance policy such as the Corona Kavach policy is specially designed to safeguard you or your family against rising Covid-19 medical costs. It is an indemnity based health insurance policy to cover hospitalisation and other related medical expenses arising from Covid-19 treatment. 

What is Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy?
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Corona Kavach policy by ACKO secures you and your family member from the rising treatment costs of Covid-19. If you are worried about medical expenses during the ongoing pandemic, then the Corona Kavach Policy by ACKO is the right choice for you!

Need of the policy
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Considering the rising Covid-19 cases and the treatment costs, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has been taking initiatives to help people secure themselves against the expenses due to the virus at an affordable premium.

What does it cover?
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ACKO’s Corona Kavach Policy protects you against medical expenses, including hospitalisation costs for Covid-19 treatment, doctor’s consultation charges, room rent, surgery costs, comorbid medical conditions, home care treatment, etc.

Premium amount
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While the policy benefits are standard across different insurers, the Corona Kavach policy premium may vary from insurer to insurer.

Key features of ACKO’s Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plan
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The below table highlights the key standard features of the Corona Kavach policy by ACKO.

Coverage Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs, in multiples of Rs. 50,000
Benefits Indemnity-based plan (Based on hospitalisation)
Duration 3.5 months (105 days), 6.5 months (195 days), 9.5 months (285 days)
Plan type Individual or Family Floater. The Family Floater plan includes yourself, spouse, two dependent children (aged between 1-25 years), and parents
Consumables PPE kits, gloves, masks are covered
Age criteria 18 - 65 years
Waiting period 15 days from the policy commencement
Premium Pay premium once, as there is no renewability option
Tax exemption Eligible under Sec 80D. Tax benefits shall be subject to the prevailing tax laws in India.
Deductibles No
Room rent No cap

Benefits of buying ACKO’s Corona Kavach Insurance Policy online
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If you buy Corona Kavach Policy by ACKO online, you can enjoy a host of benefits as listed below.

Saves Time

Make a wise decision
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When you buy a policy online, you can compare various plans and purchase a policy that meets your needs.


Get policy instantly
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Buying a policy online helps you save time and effort. It’s a super quick and convenient process.

Hassle-free Experience

Hassle-free purchase
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When you buy a policy online, you can skip the exhaustive paperwork and documentation process.

Inclusions: What is covered in ACKO's Corona Kavach Plan?
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Before buying the policy, it is essential to go through the inclusions to make an informed choice. For a detailed list of inclusions, you can read the policy document.

Hospitalisation costs
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On a positive diagnosis of Covid-19, the policy covers hospitalisation costs if you are admitted to a hospital for a minimum of 24 hours. In addition, the policy covers nursing charges, surgeon’s and doctor’s charges, ventilator charges, surgical appliances, room rent, etc.

AYUSH treatment
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Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment for Covid-19 is covered up to the sum insured amount under the policy.

ICU expenses
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Medical costs, if admitted to the ICU, can go on a higher side. But, no worries, as this policy includes ICU/ICCU expenses.

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Consumables items such as PPE kits, oxygen, gloves, masks are covered in the policy.

Comorbid conditions
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The policy covers treatment expenses for any comorbidities, along with Covid-19 treatment.

Ambulance charges
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Ambulance charges up to a maximum of Rs. 2,000 is included in the policy.

Home care treatment costs
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The policy covers Covid-19 home care treatment for up to 14 days as recommended by a medical practitioner. The benefit also covers doctor visit charges, pharmacy, etc.

Pre and post-hospitalisation costs
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The policy covers medical expenses 15 days before and 30 days post-hospitalisation or home care treatment, including consultation fees and Covid-19 diagnostic test costs.

Daily hospital cash
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This is an optional add-on cover. In case of 24 hours of continuous hospitalisation, you can get Rs. 250 to Rs. 2,500 amount (0.5% of the sum insured) on a daily basis for a maximum of 15 days.

Exclusions: What is not covered in ACKO's Covid-19 Kavach Policy?
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While the policy endeavors to cover Covid-related medical costs, here are a few exclusions where ACKO is not liable to pay. [Network hospitals ]( "Network Hospitals")

Hospitalisation below 24 hours
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Hospitalisation for less than 24 hours is not covered under the policy.

Other medical costs
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Treatment costs unrelated to Covid-19 or other medical treatments not mentioned in the policy document are not covered.

Rehabilitation expenses
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Expenses incurred due to custodial care, nursing facility, bed rest are not covered under this policy.

Treatment outside India
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Diagnostic tests or Covid-19 treatment taken outside India.

Unauthorised diagnostic testing center
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ACKO is not liable to pay if you are diagnosed with Covid by any of the unauthorised testing centers.

Unproven treatments
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Any claims that are not backed by sufficient medical documents will not be covered.

Travel history
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If you have traveled to any of the countries restricted by the government.

Vaccination costs
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The policy will not cover any expenses towards inoculation or preventive treatment.

Costs incurred during waiting period
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Covid-19 related medical costs incurred during the waiting period are excluded from the policy.

Outpatient Department (OPD) expenses
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The policy doesn’t cover OPD treatment or daycare treatments that don't require hospitalisation.

Unprescribed medicines
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Expenses related to buying medicines that are not prescribed by the doctor are excluded.

How to buy Covid-19 Kavach Policy by ACKO online?
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Follow a simple 3-step process to buy Corona Kavach policy by ACKO online.

Step 1
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Visit to purchase the policy or write to us at [email protected].

Step 2
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Fill in the details regarding the person to be insured and select the policy coverage, tenure and add-on covers, if any.

Step 3
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Pay the Corona Kavach policy premium amount, and get access to the policy immediately.

FAQs about ACKO's Corona Kavach Insurance Policy
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Here are a few commonly asked questions about the Corona Kavach policy by ACKO.


What is Corona Kavach policy by ACKO?

Corona Kavach policy by ACKO covers your Covid-19 related medical expenses if you are tested positive by any authorised testing centers and hospitalised for at least 24 hours.

Can I buy a health policy for Covid-19 treatment?

IRDAI has approved a few corona-specific health insurance plans, such as Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Policy. As per the mandate by the regulator, all health insurance companies are required to offer these policies. While the benefits of these policies are standard across the industry, the premium rates vary from insurer to insurer. In addition, Corona Kavach is an indemnity-based plan, while Corona Rakshak is a benefit-based plan.

How much do I need to pay for ACKO’s Corona Kavach policy?

Even though the policy’s features are standard, insurers charge a different premium amount for this policy. To know more about the premium amount, contact our support team or write to us at [email protected].

Can I buy the Corona Kavach policy online?

Yes, we recommend you buy this policy online since it’s a quicker and more hassle-free way of purchasing a policy.

Is there any waiting period before I can start using this policy?

Yes, ACKO’s Corona Kavach policy comes with a waiting period of 15 days. Meaning, you can claim costs only after 15 days post the commencement of the policy.

Are comorbidities conditions covered?

Yes, comorbidities are covered under the policy.

Will the policy cover treatment costs in a hospital outside India?

No, the scope of the coverage is limited within the borders of India.

Are there any discounts available for this policy?

Yes, there are discounts provisioned for healthcare workers.

Product UIN: ACKHLIP21105V012021

Claim process of ACKO’s Corona Kavach Policy
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Step 1
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In case of any symptoms, get yourself tested for Covid-19 at any government authorised testing centers.


Step 2
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If you are Covid-19 positive and hospitalised/undergoing any treatment for it, inform us at the earliest. Our claims team will help you with the process.


Step 3
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You may have to submit a few scanned copies of documents. In the case of cashless claims, this includes a pre-authorisation form or hospital bills in case of the reimbursement claims process.


Step 4
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Once you share the required set of documents, our team will either directly settle the bill with the hospital or reimburse the admissible bill amount.

Why do you need to buy Corona Kavach Policy by ACKO?
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Protect your hard-earned money
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The coronavirus treatment can make a dent in your savings. Corona Kavach policy is a pocket-sized policy primarily aimed to secure you against expensive Covid-19 treatment costs at an affordable premium.

Reduce your stress
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The pandemic has bought stress into the lives of many. Corona Kavach policy will help you reduce risk related to treatment costs. This means you can get access to quality treatment without worrying about expenses.

Pay affordable premium only once
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Since it’s a short-term policy, pay the premium amount only once at the time of purchase. No hassle of renewing the policy on a timely basis!

Sufficient coverage against Covid-19
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Corona Kavach policy is the perfect fit at an affordable premium if you already have a Corporate policy/Individual health policy and looking only for a Covid-19 specific cover.

Cancellation within 15 days
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You can cancel the Corona Kavach policy if in case you are not satisfied with the coverage within 15 days of purchasing it. The premium amount will be refunded as per the IRDAI norms.

Cashless claims experience
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You can avail cashless claims experience through our wide network of 6,500+ hospitals. This ensures easy access to quality treatment and speedy settlement of claims.

Cancellation terms and conditions
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ACKO can cancel the policy by giving 7 days’ notice in case of the below-mentioned scenario.

1. Non-disclosure of information

2. Misrepresentation of facts/information

3. Fraudulent act by the policyholder