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TS E-challan: Pay E-Challan in Telangana & Check TS E-challan Status

Team AckoMar 19, 2024

Do you live in Telangana and are looking for an easier way to pay your traffic fines and check e-challan status online? Thanks to technology, you can now pay traffic fines online from the comfort of your home instead of standing in line at the police station. So, in this article, we will walk you through the steps you need to take, to pay traffic fines and check TS e challan online.

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What is TS E-challan (ఇ చలాన్)?

Telangana e-challan or TS e-challan is an electronically generated ticketing system that lets traffic rule violators in Telangana to pay fines online. For instance, you can receive a challan if you ride a two-wheeler without valid bike insurance. In such a scenario, you can pay the challan amount online through the e-challan system.

Using e-challan, drivers in Telangana can log-in to a dedicated website, view all of their outstanding challans, generate payment invoices, pay fines electronically, and track the progress of payments - all within minutes. The service is both user friendly and secure, so drivers can be assured that their information is safe while they work towards keeping up with their traffic obligations.

How to Check TS E-challan Status?

You can check the status of the TS traffic e-challan online either through the Parivahan website, Acko website, or Acko mobile app.

Through Acko Mobile App

 Here is how you can e-challan status through the Acko app:

  • Checking e-challan status online in Telangana is quick and easy with the ACKO mobile app

  • First, you'll need to download the app from the Play Store or the App Store

  • Once it's installed, log into your account and click on “RTO info”

  • Then, click on “e-challan status” and enter your vehicle registration number before hitting the search button

  • The next step will take you to an overview of all your challans - both pending and paid

Through Acko Website

You can also check the e-challan TS status through Acko’s website, here’s how:

  • Go to Acko website and click on e-challan. 

  • On the right hand side of your desktop, you will see the e-challan widget. This widget will be visible at the button of the page on your mobile phone

  • Next, enter your car/bike number 

  • Click on ‘check your pending challan’ and get to know the status of your challan

Through Parivahan Website

Listed below are some of the steps in which you can check the challan status through the Parivahan website:

  • Go to the Parivahan e-challan webpage

  • Enter your challan number to get challan details. You can also use check e-challan by vehicle's number or DL number

  • The website will provide you with information about the challan time and date, the offense and its location, and the amount payable

  • Pay heed to check your e-challan status online from time to time so that you don’t miss out on paying it

How Does E-challan Work?

E-challan is a revolutionary system that has surely transformed traffic management in India. It works by using CCTV cameras on roads and highways, capturing any violations of traffic laws such as speeding or jumping red lights automatically. This footage helps enforcement officers detect any violations even if they are not present at the scene.

The e-challan app is then used by the officer to enter details of the violation - taking pictures, if necessary. They can then use other records related to the vehicle, like those from the RTO, Vahan, and Sarathi apps, to check against the footage and determine exactly what happened. The amount of challan/e-challan fine is then calculated automatically based on the type of violation and issued accordingly. This ensures that all motorists follow traffic rules even when police officers are not around.

How Do You Pay Traffic Fines Online in Telangana?

Payment of your fines is more manageable than before. You will find numerous online options to get the e-challan payment done quickly. Follow these guidelines to make the payment for e-challan issued by TS police.

The Parivahan Website

  •  Any services/information related to transport are easily accessible through The Government of India’s official website, ' Parivahan Sewa’

  • Simply visit the Parivahan website, click Online Services, then click the ‘eChallan’ option. Then click the 'Get Challan Details' link

  • To get the details of your e-challan, you need to enter the challan number, your driving license, or the vehicle’s registration number

  • The page will display various information relating to the e-challan. You will get the violations and the vehicle’s authorised owner's name

  • To proceed with the payment option, there is an option to choose from debit/credit card or internet banking; once the amount is paid, download the receipt copy to serve as acknowledgment. It has a unique Transaction ID to assist in future tracking purposes.

Telangana State Police Website

  • Visit the TS Police Website

  • Enter the vehicle number and answer the security question in the box given

  • Click Go and from the list of e-challans, you select the one you need to pay against

  • Make payment using any option you may opt for. You can pay via the internet banking options provided or can use a debit/credit card

  • Upon the completion of payment, you will get a receipt to help you as a reference ID for tracking purposes

Offline Process

Paying for your e-challans online is always a convenient option. Still, if you need to pay your e-challan offline, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, visit the state's official transport website, on which a challan was issued

  • If required, get the e-challan details, including the vehicle and the challan number, along with the driver’s license

  • Download the e-challan and take the printout of the e-challan

  • Prepare a cheque/demand draft/pay order in favor of “DCP/Traffic (HQs).”

  • Send the cheque/demand draft/pay order and the printout of the e-challan information via post or courier to “DCP/Traffic (HQs) office, Telangana Traffic Police”

  • Upon successful completion of your payment with the Traffic Police, an SMS will be generated to the registered mobile number. It will have the transaction ID to track your payment transaction and act as a reference

Validity of E-challan

The validity of your Telangana e-challan is an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to paying traffic fines online in Telangana. If you don't make payment within 60 days after it has been issued, additional charges and penalties will be incurred. This means that if you don't make your payment on time, a Traffic Police Officer may come to your registered address - or worse yet, you might even have to appear in court!

That's why it's so important to stay on top of the validity period of any e-challan you are issued. Keep track of when payments are due and make sure not to miss any deadlines. That way, you can avoid incurring any extra charges or having your licence suspended or cancelled!

Telangana’s 12-point Traffic Penalty System

In 2017, the Telangana government issued a 12-point traffic penalty system, which states that if riders exceed 12 penalty points in a year, their driving license would be suspended for 2 years. Moreover, a permanent license won't be issued if the rider has a temporary driving license and exceeds 5 points in 2 years. This system will work along with the existing fines for traffic rule violations. 

Listed below are the penalty points for traffic violations:


Penalty Points

Carrying extra passengers in the front seat (Piloting)


Driving without wearing seat belt or helmet


Unauthorised carrying of passengers in goods vehicle


Driving on the wrong side


Driving at a speed higher than permitted


Dangerous driving


Driving without insurance copy


Driving a vehicle carrying hazardous things without a Public Liability Certificate 


Driving a two-wheeler in a drunk state


Racing while driving


Driving a four-wheeler/goods carrier under the influence of alcohol


Driving a bus/cab or public vehicle in a drunk state


Using a vehicle for robbery or any kind of such offence


Penalties for Violating Traffic Rules in Telangana

Here is a detailed list of penalties you need to pay in case of traffic rule violations in Telangana:



Driving without a valid license

Rs. 500

Driving without RC

Rs. 2000

Driving without insurance copy

Rs. 1000

Driving in ‘No Entry’ zone

Rs. 200

Driving in ‘One Way’

Rs. 200

Violating u-turn

Rs. 200

If the driver is mentally or physically-challenged person

Rs. 200

If the rider is not wearing a helmet

Rs. 200

Driving on wrong side

Rs. 1100

If more than 2 individuals are riding on a two-wheeler

Rs. 1200

For signal violation

Rs. 1000

For using mobile while driving

Rs. 1000


Rs. 1400

Rash or dangerous driving that leads to an accident

Rs. 1000 



Traffic Rules to Follow in Telangana

Here are some of the traffic rules you need to follow in Telangana to avoid the issuance of TS e-challan:

  • Always drive on the left side and in case you want to overtake, move to the right side

  • Wear helmets and seat-belts while driving a two-wheeler and four-wheeler respectively

  • Avoid using mobile phones while driving

  • Do not try to exceed the speed limit or get involved in rash driving

  • Always drive your vehicle with valid documents such as driving license, insurance papers, and others

  • Follow the traffic signals and don’t skip it 

  • Adhere to ‘No Parking Signs’ and don’t park your vehicle in the middle of the road or on busy corners on the road

  • Do not honk unnecessarily as well as avoid honking near hospitals and schools

  • Never drive if you have consumed alcohol or drugs

  • Slow down your vehicle if there are pedestrians crossing the road 

  • Make sure that only one pillion rider is there while you are riding a two-wheeler


Overall, the e-challan system in Telangana is an incredibly convenient way to manage your traffic fines online. Instead of waiting in line and dealing with paperwork, you can now use this digital solution to save time and hassle. It's a great option that every motorist should be aware of, and it's sure to make paying traffic fines much more efficient in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions on Telangana e Challan Status Online



Q. What happens if I don't pay an over-speeding challan in Telangana?

A. People living in Telangana who fail to pay their traffic fines will face consequences. First, a Telangana Traffic Police Officer may come to the offender's home address to collect the fines. If the fine does not get collected from the offender's location, they'll then be summoned to court. If the offender does not show up to court, their license will be suspended until the payment is made. It is important for anyone living in Telangana to take responsibility if they receive an over-speeding challan and make sure it is paid promptly and completely.

Q. How do you complain about the wrong traffic e-challan?

A. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has provided us with a portal to lodge your complaints. All you need to do is go to the official e-challan website, login by entering the necessary details, upload proof of e-challan complaint, and enter the captcha code, and it will all be done. The traffic police department will evaluate it and provide an update soon after checking through the system's grievance procedure.

Q. Which app is used to check e-challan in Telangana?

A. You can use the following apps to check e-challan in Telangana through the ACKO app or Parivahan website.

Q. Can normal police cut challan in Telangana?

A. In Telangana, normal police personnel cannot cut a challan. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, only traffic police officers can issue challans. Their uniform's arm can identify those who are head constables or officers of higher rank - they have three stripes in the shape of a ‘V.’

Q. Can Telangana traffic police issue a challan for not wearing a helmet?

A. The Telangana Traffic Police are enforcing a strict helmet rule for drivers and pillion riders on two-wheelers. Anyone caught without a helmet while riding will receive an e-challan with a penalty of Rs 100 according to the Motor Vehicle Act 1989. It is important to follow this rule in order to reduce injuries and fatalities on the roads of Telangana.

Q. What information does an e-challan contain?

A. E-challan, a piece of electronic correspondence, contains a wide range of information that can be used to identify and track down the accused offender.

Q. What documents are required while driving a car in Telangana?

A. Some of the documents required while driving a car in Telangana include a valid driving license, registration certificate, car insurance, and PUC.

Q. How do I check my TS RTA registration status?

A. Go to the Government of Telangana Web Portal and visit the Transport Department. Then, go to online transactions and choose registration. Look for the ‘Application Status’ option. Give either the Registration Number or the Application Number.

Q. Where can I pay my challan?

A. Challan can be paid at any traffic police station that is located in your city or online through Acko app.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is sourced from government websites and different online sources. They are subject to change as per government rules and regulations.

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