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New Traffic Rules in Hyderabad: List of Rules and Fines for Violations

Team AckoMar 15, 2024

Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, has emerged as a hub for the technology industry. It's also home to some upscale shops and restaurants. The city's rapid growth has resulted in more people, more vehicles and traffic congestion. Another unfortunate result of more vehicular traffic is the increase in traffic violations. However, the authorities have brought in new traffic rules to put a brake on the same. Read on to find out all the information about updated traffic rules in Hyderabad.




Updated List of Traffic Violations and Fines in Hyderabad

Driving or riding a vehicle in Hyderabad requires you to follow the traffic rules and regulations laid out by authorities. Failing to follow them will result in traffic fines. With the ever-increasing number of vehicles, traffic violations have also increased. As a countermeasure, the Indian government introduced The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 on September 1, 2019.

The same set of traffic rules and regulations came into effect in Hyderabad. One of the prominent highlights of the amendment to The Motor Vehicles Act is the increased fines for traffic offences. And it's done to reduce the increasing traffic violations and spread awareness about the importance of following the rules.

Here's a table with the updated traffic fines in Hyderabad, along with new rules and violations.

Traffic violationVehicle typePenalty (in Rs.)
Riding/driving without a valid Driving Licence (DL)Two-wheeler/three-wheeler500
Driving without a valid DLFour-wheeler/other vehicles500
Riding/driving without a valid registrationTwo-wheeler/three-wheeler2,000
Driving without a valid registrationFour-wheeler/other vehicles2,000
Driving/riding without valid insuranceAll vehicles1,000
Wrong side riding/drivingTwo-wheeler/three-wheeler200 (700 for repeat offence within 6 months)
Wrong side drivingFour-wheeler/other vehicles700 (1,700 for repeat offence within 6 months)
Triple ridingTwo-wheeler1,200
Using mobile phone while driving/ridingAll vehicles1,000
Driving/riding under the influence of intoxicating substancesAll vehiclesCourt fine
Driving/riding over the speed limitAll vehicles1,400
Dangerous driving/ridingAll vehicles1,000
Riding/driving without PUC certificateAll vehicles1,000
Parking related violationsAll vehicles1,000
Signal jumping violationsAll vehicles1,000
Not obeying instructions from the traffic police office in uniformAll vehicles200
Riding/driving with irregular number plateAll vehicles200
Violations related to stop line/laneAll vehicles200
Driving/riding in a mentally/physically unfit stateAll vehicles200
Riding without helmetTwo-wheeler200
Allowing unauthorised person to drive/ride a vehicleAll vehicles1,000
U-turn violationsAll vehicles200
No-entry/one-way related violationsAll vehicles200

New Traffic Rules in Hyderabad

New traffic rules in Hyderabad came into effect with the intention of spreading awareness about the importance of following traffic rules and regulations. These rules play a critical role in making roads safer for everyone, including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. In the following sections, let’s look at the important traffic rules for a four-wheeler and two-wheeler vehicle owner/driver in Hyderabad.

Traffic rules for four-wheeler drivers in Hyderabad

Fasten the seatbelt when driving a car or any other four-wheeler. It is for safety and can save your life in a car crash. Ignoring this rule can result in traffic fines in Hyderabad.

Do not use mobile phones or other hand-held or hands-free devices while driving. It can cause distractions and lead to a mishap on the road. Disregarding this rule can attract hefty penalties.

Never drive over the prescribed speed limit. Overriding this rule can be dangerous and poses a threat to other road users as well. Flouting this rule can attract harsh traffic fines in Hyderabad.

Always follow lane discipline while driving your car/four-wheeler. Sudden lane changes, change of lane without indication or extreme lane changes can be dangerous and cause accidents. Violation of this rule may result in traffic challan in Hyderabad. Please note that you can track Telangana e-challan details with Acko. 

Never drive a vehicle without holding a valid Driving Licence. You must be qualified and have the DL for the particular vehicle class. Ignoring this rule can result in heavy penalties.

Traffic rules for two-wheeler riders in Hyderabad

Never ride a two-wheeler without a helmet; the rider and pillion rider needs to wear protective headgear. It is a critical rule for two-wheeler users as it is related to safety. Flouting this rule can result in traffic penalties.

Do not ride your two-wheeler with more than two persons, including the rider and pillion rider. Doing so can hamper your vehicle-controlling abilities and can cause accidents. Not following this rule can attract traffic fines.

Never use mobile phones, hand-held devices or hands-free devices while riding two-wheelers. It can distract you and may cause accidents. Hence, violation of this rule can attract hefty fines from the authorities.

Never get involved in road racing, speeding or aggressive riding, as it poses a threat to other road users’ safety. It can also result in fatal accidents. Violation of this rule can attract monetary fines and other penalties from the authorities.

Always carry the mandatory documents while riding two-wheelers in Hyderabad. The authorities may demand the documents during an inspection. Failing to produce those documents can attract traffic fines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers related to traffic rules in Hyderabad.


How can I check traffic fines in Hyderabad?

You can log on to the e-Challan portal of Telangana State Police to check traffic fines in Hyderabad. Alternatively, you can also download the ACKO mobile application to check for the same.

What is the fine for triple riding on a two-wheeler in Hyderabad?

The traffic fine for triple riding in Hyderabad stands at Rs. 1,200.

Is it mandatory to carry all vehicle and driver-related documents while driving my car in Hyderabad?

It is mandatory to carry all the documents related to the vehicle and driver while driving a car in Hyderabad. You should be able to produce those documents whenever the authorities demand them during an inspection.

What does stop-line offence mean in Hyderabad?

A stop-line offence is nothing but a violation of the stop-line rule. In other words, you can face traffic fines if you cross the stop line (white colour line) while waiting at a traffic signal. A stop line indicates that you must stop your vehicle behind that line for the convenience of pedestrians.

How to pay Hyderabad traffic fines?

You can visit the official website of the Telangana State Police e-Challan System to clear the pending traffic fines in Hyderabad. You can make the payment through any of the available digital payment modes.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is sourced from government websites and other platforms on the internet. They are subject to change depending on government notifications.

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