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Bajaj Bike Insurance

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Bajaj Bike Insurance

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As an automotive manufacturer, Bajaj Auto has gained massive popularity in the country with stylish and feature-rich bikes that deliver excellent performance and fuel economy. For all different Bajaj bike models, you can purchase insurance for financial protection if your bike gets stolen, lost or damaged due to accidents or natural/man-made calamities. Below you will find how to buy Bajaj bike insurance online and its associated benefits.

Benefits of buying online two-wheeler insurance for Bajaj
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Below are some of the interesting benefits of buying Bajaj two-wheeler insurance online.

Compare plans
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You get to make a well-informed decision for a Bajaj bike policy via online comparison. The online platform eases the process of comparing the price, benefits, and coverages of different insurance plans.

Instant purchase
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There is no waiting period when buying or renewing a policy online. You simply need your smartphone to access the digital platform, provide bike details and previous insurance information (if available). Thus, you get to instantly purchase/renew Bajaj two-wheeler insurance.

Swift claim
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Raising a claim online is faster and easier than an offline process. You don’t have to book appointments and visit the insurer’s office. With simple steps online, you can register your claim and let the insurer initiate the settlement process.

Bike insurance plans for Bajaj bikes
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You can purchase any of the following Bajaj two-wheeler insurance policies.

Third-party Bike Insurance Policy
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Riding your bike in the country requires you to have an active Third-party Bike Insurance Policy. The government has mandated this policy for motor vehicles as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The policy is designed to cover third-party property damage, death or injury caused by the insured bike. But it doesn’t cover the insured vehicle against damages, theft or loss.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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With a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy, you receive coverage for third-party injury/death or property damages and loss, theft or damage to the insured bike as well. The dual coverage increases the benefits you get from a policy. So, the financial losses in case of a bike accident or damages due to man-made calamity, natural disaster, fire, or explosion, etc., are covered by the policy.

Note: Along with your insurance plan, you will need Personal Accident cover (PA cover). It is mandatory by law for the owner of a motor vehicle to hold PA cover for financial protection from the policyholder’s accident-related death or injuries (temporary or permanent). 

What’s covered in Bajaj bike insurance? (Inclusions)
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With a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Bajaj bikes, you can obtain the following coverage.

What’s not covered in Bajaj bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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The following conditions are not covered in Bajaj 2-wheeler insurance.

Add-ons for Bajaj bike insurance
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When you buy or renew Bajaj insurance policy, the following add-ons are usually provided with a Comprehensive policy. 

Disclaimer: Please check with your insurer to find out about the availability of any/all of the above-mentioned add-on covers.

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With ACKO, buying insurance for Bajaj bikes becomes hassle-free.

Low-cost premium
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ACKO offers policies directly to customers via a 100% digital infrastructure. The operating costs stay low, while there are no agent commissions involved. As a result, you pay a low Bajaj two-wheeler insurance price.

Zero paperwork
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The Bajaj bike insurance renewal or purchase process at ACKO saves you from lengthy documentation. You can buy a policy via the online platform simply by providing details of your bike and previous insurance (if applicable).

Fast claim settlement
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You can raise your bike policy claim at any time via ACKO’s online platform. The claim settlement is handled by a team of professionals who guide you throughout the process. In fact, minor claims take less than a day to get settled.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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For your Bajaj two wheeler insurance, you can use the below steps to raise a claim.

Once a claim is submitted for minor damages, you may get the settlement amount within a few hours.

But more severe damages may require more time. Our support team provides complete guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Bajaj bike insurance at ACKO.


What is ACKO’s online process for Bajaj bike insurance renewal with ACKO?

The process of Bajaj two-wheeler insurance renewal online is quick and requires no paperwork at ACKO. You can use ACKO’s mobile app or website to enter information about your bike and previous insurance to renew a policy.

What is the document requirement to buy a new Bajaj bike policy from ACKO?

To buy a Bajaj bike insurance policy, you don’t need physical paperwork. You can access ACKO policies via the mobile app or website. Then, select a policy of your choice, provide your bike details, and make a purchase right away. 

How does ACKO calculate the Bajaj two-wheeler insurance quote?

The Bajaj two-wheeler insurance price is decided by the value of your bike, its age, policy type, claim history and other factors. You can visit ACKO’s online platform to get the exact Bajaj bike insurance quote.

How can I check my Bajaj bike insurance status?

You can access your ACKO account via our website or mobile app to check the status of your Bajaj bike insurance. You can also write to us at [email protected] for more details.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Bajaj Bike Models/Variants
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