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Benelli TRK 502 Bike Insurance

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Benelli TRK 502 Bike Insurance

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Benelli TRK 502 is a premium adventure bike with specifications suited for extreme conditions. But such conditions are often perfect grounds for accidents and bike damage. With proper safety gear you can ensure that you are physically protected against injuries. As for financial protection, there is Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance. Let’s deep dive into various aspects of the policy.

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Bike insurance plans for Benelli TRK 502 bike
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Following are the main types of bike insurance plans for your Benelli TRK 502 two-wheeler.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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As the name suggests, this is a basic type of bike insurance plan that offers financial protection against third-party liabilities. For example, injuries caused to a third party because of your Benelli TRK 502, or property damage, etc. However this plan does not cover your bike with insurance and can be inadequate when it comes to damages suffered by your Benelli TRK 502.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance
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A Comprehensive policy offers extensive coverage to your Benelli TRK 502. It not only offers Third-party Coverage but also Own Damage cover. With these inclusions, you can raise a claim against your bike insurance policy. Apart from accidents, this policy also includes coverage for theft, total loss, fire, and natural/man-made calamities. You can even enhance the coverage of your Comprehensive policy with the help of add-ons (if available).

What’s covered in Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance? (Inclusions)
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Following are the usual inclusions of a Benelli TRK 502 Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

Exclusions of Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance plan
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Exclusions are certain conditions under your bike insurance policy when you cannot make a claim. Here are a few usual ones.

Note: Please go through the policy wordings of your bike insurance policy to view the full list of inclusions and exclusions.

Add-ons for Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance
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Take a look at the following list of add-ons suitable for your Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance plan.

Disclaimer: The bike add-ons mentioned above are subject to availability. Please check the same while buying your bike insurance policy.

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Here are some reasons why you will love ACKO for your bike insurance needs.

Same Day Claim Settlement

Instant claims
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Sometimes your bike can suffer minor damages from small accidents. For example, a car brushed past and broke your bike's mirror. At ACKO, we offer instant bike claim settlement for such minor damages.

Optimize savings

Low premium
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ACKO offers one of the best rates for bike insurance plans in the market. It is possible due to our digital infrastructure and no-commission model. We pass such savings as a discount to our customers, .i.e. to you.

Go Paperless

No paperwork
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You don’t have to submit any kind of physical paperwork while buying ACKO’s bike insurance policy. All you have to do is enter a few basic details and buy the plan. It speeds up the process and we can generate the policy within minutes.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some commonly asked questions about Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] in case of more questions.


What should be the ideal Insured Declared Value for my Benelli TRK 502 bike insurance?

Insured Declared Value or IDV must be approximately equal to the bike’s current market value. Since the Benelli TRK 502 is a high-end bike, it will be helpful if you avoid setting the IDV on a lower side to decrease the premium. Higher IDV may increase the premium slightly but will offer adequate protection in case of a major claim.

Since buying a Comprehensive plan is not mandatory, is buying the basic Third-party Plan for my Benelli TRK 502 a good idea?

You can opt for a basic plan if you wish to use your saved money for repairing the bike in case of damages. However, a Comprehensive Plan will offer an all round protection in case of theft or a natural calamity as well. So buying a Comprehensive Policy is recommended. 

Can I buy only the Own Damage plan for my Benelli TRK 502?

This is not possible as the insurance regulator IRDAI, does not allow insurance companies to offer only Own Damage Cover. Buying a Third party bike insurance (Third-party Liability plan) is mandatory.