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Hero Electric Bike Insurance

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Hero Electric Bike Insurance

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In recent years, Hero Electric has launched a few electric two-wheelers in India. Apart from being eco-friendly, these two-wheelers are easy to ride, noiseless and even trendy. But before riding them on Indian roads, it is crucial to buy bike insurance to financially protect yourself from accidental damages to your vehicle. Read on to know more about Hero Electric bike insurance and why you should consider buying online bike insurance.

About Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Electric bikes
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There are two insurance plan options for Hero Electric bikes, namely, Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan and Third-party Bike Insurance Plan. A Third-party Bike Insurance Plan is the base plan applicable for all bikes and is mandated by law. It offers financial compensation in the event of accidental injury, death or property damage to a third party. However, it does not cover damages to the insured bike.

A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan offers wider coverage. It covers third-party liabilities as well as offers an Own Damage (OD) cover. Under OD cover, your bike will be financially protected against theft, accidental damages and natural and manmade disaster-caused damages. You also have the option of choosing add-ons to broaden the coverage of the plan.

Personal Accident (PA) cover offers financial protection against injuries, disability or death arising from accidents. It is also mandated by law to buy one. However, it has to be bought separately, as it is not an inclusion under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan.

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Benefits of purchasing two-wheeler insurance for Hero Electric bikes online
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Quick transactions
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Buying bike insurance via the offline mode may take at least a couple of weeks to complete. In contrast, if you opt for buying bike insurance online, you can complete the entire transaction within just a few minutes and from the comfort of your home.

Effortless comparison
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Online, there are several insurance providers offering bike insurance. This gives you a lot of variety to choose from and allows you to compare plans easily. So, you can compare the benefits offered by multiple plans and shortlist the plan that suits your needs the best.

No documentation
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Since online insurance is completely digital, there is no need for submitting physical documents. You don’t have to share any photocopies or fill out any physical forms. You just have to enter your bike details and previous policy details (if you’ve had one before). That’s all!

Insurance plans for Hero Electric Scooters
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The following are the commonly available bike insurance plans for Hero Electric bike


Third-party Bike Insurance Policy
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Third-party bike insurance is legally compulsory for all bike owners to buy. Getting caught without valid insurance will lead to serving penalties. A Third-party Bike Insurance is the most basic insurance available for bikes and offers coverage only for accident-caused injuries, death or property damage to a third party. It does not cover accident-caused damages to the insured vehicle.


Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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Comprehensive Bike Insurance, alternatively, offers coverage for third party liabilities and additionally offers Own Damage (OD) cover. OD cover offers financial coverage against theft, accidental damages, and damages resulting from natural and man-made mishaps. A Comprehensive Bike Insurance can be complemented by buying add-ons to enhance its coverage.

What’s covered in Hero Electric bike insurance?
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The following are the usual inclusions of Hero Electric bike insurance.

Note: A Personal Accident (PA) cover offers financial coverage in the unfortunate event of accidental disability or death. And is also legally compulsory. However, it is not an inclusion under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

What’s not covered in Hero Electric bike insurance?
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The following are the usual exclusions of Hero Electric bike insurance.

Add-ons for Hero Electric scooter insurance
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The following are some of the usually offered add-ons for Hero Electric bike insurance.

Note: The add-ons listed above are subject to availability.

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Below are the reasons why you should opt for ACKO’s bike insurance.

Sum Insured

Cost-effective plans
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Owing to ACKO being a completely digital bike insurance provider, all the interactions with customers are direct and there are no middlemen involved. This saves a lot of costs, allowing ACKO to offer plans that are affordable.

Easy Claims

Instant settlements
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ACKO settles claims without any delays. Claims raised for minor damages to an insured two-wheeler are settled on the same day. Nevertheless, other more considerable damages may take a few days to settle.

Administrative Hassles

No surveyor inspection
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Usually, when buying or renewing bike insurance, insurers inspect the bike thoroughly before offering the insurance. However, with ACKO insurance, you do not need to get your bike pre-inspected to buy/renew bike insurance.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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Follow the steps illustrated below to raise a ACKO bike insurance claim,

Step 1: Open ACKO’s official website on your browser and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Once you locate your policy card, select the option titled “Claim Now”.

Step 3: Reply to the accident related qestions that are posed to you and upload images of the damages. Once you are done, select the option titled “Submit”.

Frequently asked questions
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Below are the frequently asked questions about insurance for Hero Electric bikes.


Is ACKO bike insurance avilable for bikes that are not currently in sale?

Yes, ACKO bike insurance is avilable even for old bikes that are not currently sold in the market.

Is it compulsory to select add-ons?

No, add-ons are not compulsory. They can be bought if you feel that you require more coverage than a Comprehensive Bike Insurance can offer.

How can I find out the premium payable for my bike?

ACKO determines policy premium based on the bike’s details and the IDV you select. To get an exact quote, you can use ACKO’s premium calculator.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Electric Bike Models/Variants
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