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Honda SP 125 Bike

Honda SP 125 Bike Insurance

Get your Honda SP 125 bike insured in a simple and hassle-free way!

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Honda SP 125 Bike

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The Honda SP 125 features Honda India’s first BS-VI-compliant engine. This stylish two-wheeler also offers a premium feel, hassle-free handling and is easy on the pocket. If you are a lucky owner of this beauty, this article is for you. Here, we have highlighted the Honda SP 125 bike insurance choices and the superiority of online bike insurance over its offline alternative.

Importance of buying online bike insurance for Honda SP 125
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In this section, we have highlighted some of the key advantages of online bike insurance.

Low-costing policies
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Offline bike insurance companies tend to incur more operating costs due to the running and maintenance of their physical offices. In contrast, online two-wheeler insurers typically save on operating costs because of their digital functionality. That is why online bike insurers generally offer more cost-effective two-wheeler policies.

Hassle-free process
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Buying bike insurance or raising claims offline may require you to visit a branch office of the insurer or meet a broker. Online bike insurance saves you this hassle by allowing you to remotely buy/renew policies, claim insurance and access other insurance-related features via a website/app.

Help resources
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Starting troubles are common when it comes to using a new product or service. For this purpose, online insurers typically provide a detailed self-help guide that answers common queries. However, if you would rather speak to an executive, you can usually call a toll-free hotline.

Bike insurance policies for Honda SP 125
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Fundamentally, there are two bike policies: Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance and Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance. In this section, we have discussed them briefly.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance is the least-expensive coverage you can get for your bike. Also, as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, third-party liability coverage is the minimum insurance cover required to ride your bike on Indian roads legally. It covers collision loss to a third party, like injury, death or property damage. However, accident-caused damages to your Honda SP 125 will not be covered.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Comprehensive Honda SP 125 Policy is a combination of two covers: a Third-party Cover and an Own Damage (OD) Cover. The inclusions of an OD Cover include theft, accidental impact-caused damages and damages resulting from natural and manmade calamities. This policy also has the option to enhance coverage by choosing and buying add-ons (based on availability).

What’s covered in Honda SP 125 bike insurance?
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A Comprehensive Policy for Honda SP 125 offers the following coverages.

What’s not covered in Honda SP 125 bike insurance?
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The Honda SP 125 insurance will not cover you in the following situations.

Add-ons for Honda SP 125 bike insurance
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You can buy add-ons with a Comprehensive Policy for your Honda SP 125 to widen the insurance coverage. However, check for the availability of the specific add-ons you need before making a policy purchase.

Why Acko?
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ACKO provides wide-ranging bike insurance for Honda SP 125 bikes. In this section, we have highlighted some prominent reasons why you should choose ACKO two-wheeler insurance.

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No middlemen
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Typically, bike insurance companies employ middlemen/brokers to sell their two-wheeler policies. Fortunately, ACKO’s “no commissions policy helps you receive commission-free policy pricing while insuring your bike from our website/app.

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Fast settlements
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Receiving settlements for accident-related claims usually takes a minimum of a few days. In contrast, ACKO’s super-fast claim process ensures fast claim settlements. For instance, claims for minor damages are settled within just a few hours of the request.

Same Day Claim Settlement

Minimise costs
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Apart from offering low-cost, commission-free policies, we also offer discounts on occasions and festivals. You can make use of these special discounts to minimise your costs and maximise your savings.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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We have made our accident-related claim process as simple as possible for a hassle-free insurance experience.

Once we receive your claim request, we will process and settle it as per your policy terms.

Frequently asked questions
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In this section, we have answered some common questions on Honda SP 125 bike insurance.

How can I buy ACKO’s bike insurance for my Honda SP 125?

You can buy ACKO’s bike insurance for your Honda SP 125 by visiting the website/app. You may have to fill in a few details like your bike’s make, model and year of manufacture. After that, select a suitable policy and make an online payment for the same. Once the payment has been made successfully, we will instantly email you the relevant policy document.

How do I check the status of my ACKO Honda SP 125 insurance policy?

You can check the status of your ACKO Honda SP 125 insurance policy in the following ways.

  • By logging in to your account on the website/app.

  • By referring to the policy document.

  • By contacting customer care.