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KTM Bike Insurance

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KTM Bike Insurance

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Riding a KTM can be a fun-filled experience. However, riding any two-wheeler can also be a somewhat risky proposition. You might have total control over your KTM but can you be sure about other riders and drivers on the road? No! This is where there’s a need to be alert while riding a KTM bike and to opt for KTM bike insurance to avoid financial losses. A Comprehensive Two-wheeler Policy will help you meet legal requirements and offer insurance cover against unexpected damages.

Benefits of Buying Online Two-wheeler Insurance for KTM Bikes
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Listed below are the prominent advantages of insuring your KTM two-wheeler via the online insurance mode.

1. Paperless Transactions
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One of the major hurdles faced by the offline mode of insuring vehicles is the tedious paperwork. This involves filling lengthy forms and attaching identity-related documents to those forms. In the online mode, there’s no need for such paperwork.

2. No Middlemen
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Online bike insurance cuts out the middlemen/agents. You have the power to directly purchase the bike insurance policy from the insurance company. For example, you can insure your KTM bike from ACKO’s website/app without paying agent commission.

3. Buy/Renew Anytime
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You can purchase a bike insurance policy or renew it anytime. All you need is a device such as a smartphone/laptop with an active internet connection. For example, you can visit ACKO’s website, share bike details, and purchase a suitable insurance plan anytime by making an online payment.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for KTM Bikes
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Here are the two basic types of bike insurance plans for your KTM bike.

1. Third-party Liability Policy
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The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 requires you to insure your bike with this policy. Failing to do so can lead to penalties. This policy comes at a low cost and only covers liabilities towards injuries or damages to third-party people/property. It does not cover damages caused to your KTM bike.

2. Comprehensive Cover
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As is evident by the name, this type of policy not only covers the law-mandated liability policy but also insures your KTM bike against damages and theft. With this plan, your KTM bike will be insured against damages caused by accidents, calamities, and other similar incidents.

What’s Covered in KTM Bike Insurance (Inclusions)?
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Here’s what’s included in a Comprehensive KTM Two-wheeler Insurance Plan.

What’s Not Covered in KTM Bike Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Here’s what’s not covered in bike insurance. Note that you need to buy a Personal Accident Cover separately unless you already have it under another policy.

Add-ons for KTM Bike Insurance Policy
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You can buy the following additional coverages to strengthen your KTM Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

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Here are three reasons why you should pick ACKO as your bike insurer.

1. Affordable Premium
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ACKO’s bike insurance policy can be purchased at a low premium without compromising on the extent of the coverage offered.

2. Instant Settlement
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With ACKO, you do not have to fill endless forms and wait for claim settlement. Claims for minor damages happen instantly while major claims are also settled smoothly and quickly.

3. 24x7 Support
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If you have any doubt regarding anything related to buying, renewing, or claiming bike insurance, reach out to our Customer Support team and they will help you resolve your concerns.

Claim Procedure
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Settling claims with ACKO is super simple. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account

Step 2: Click on Claim Now and share claim-related details

Step 3: Receive instant claim settlement for minor damages and know the next steps for major claims.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common questions about KTM Bike Insurance.


Do 200cc bikes need to be insured in India?

Yes, 200cc bikes need to be insured in India as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Can I insure my KTM for ten years directly while buying it?

No, your bike cannot be insured for ten years flat. However, there are long-term policies available. For example, your KTM bike can be insured for three years with ACKO.

Which is the best add-on for my KTM?

Add-ons need to be purchased based on individual requirements. For example, if you go on outstation road trips, then an Outstation Emergency Cover is a good buy.

Is it allowed to ride a bike with an expired policy within the city?

No, riding an uninsured bike on public roads is a punishable offence.

Can I insure my KTM bike from ACKO even though I had purchased the policy from another digital insurer?

Yes, you can do so while renewing your bike insurance plan.

Two Wheeler Insurance for other KTM Bike Models/Variants
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