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Buy long-term two-wheeler insurance policy online at a lower price in India
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What is long-term two-wheeler insurance?
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Long-term two-wheeler insurance is a policy that insures your two-wheeler against unexpected events for up to 5 years. Purchasing a multi-year bike policy removes the need to renew bike insurance every year.

Here’s a table showcasing different combinations of ACKO’s Long-term 2 wheeler insurance policies currently available on our website/app. Note that the plan-related details are subject to updates and availability.

Type of two-wheeler Long-term Two-wheeler Insurance Policy options
Brand-new bikes 1) Third-party Plan (5 year coverage)
2) Comprehensive Plan (Own Damage cover for 1 year + Third-party Liability cover for 5 years)
Old bikes (older than 5 years) 1) Third-party Plan (1/2/3 year coverage)
2) Comprehensive Plan (1/2/3 year coverage including Own Damage and Third-party Liability covers)

Whether minor damage or total loss, our wide-ranging Long-term Bike Insurance Policy covers you for claims against third-party liabilities, damages to your bike due to accidents and natural/manmade calamities, and bike theft.

Buy our Long-term Two-wheeler Insurance Policy by scrolling to the top of this page to get an instant multi-year bike insurance price (quote) for your two-wheeler.

Why do you need long-term two-wheeler insurance?
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Long-term or multi-year two-wheeler insurance offers complete peace of mind. It provides long-term bike insurance coverage in a single policy with a one-time premium payment. 

Whether it’s a motorcycle, scooter or electric bike, consider choosing bike insurance for 3 years or 2 years to get the best bargain on bike insurance and enjoy a stress-free ride for a more extended period.

Key features of long-term two-wheeler insurance
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Here are the important features of multi-year two-wheeler insurance.

Policy renewal frequency: once in 3 years

Long-term coverage

Zero increase in bike insurance premium for 3 years

Nullifies losses as a result of breaks in policy renewal

Quick online long term bike insurance purchase



What is covered in long-term bike insurance?
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Here are the coverage details of long-term two-wheeler insurance.

Damages sustained due to natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, landslides, etc.

Damages caused due to unforeseen events such as riots, vandalism, terrorist activities, etc. 

Bike theft is also covered.

Accidental damages or losses causing injury or death to a third party and damages to their property or vehicle.

What is not covered in long-term bike insurance?
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Here are the instances not covered under the long term bike insurance (Comprehensive Policy). Please refer to the respective policy wordings for precise details. 

Normal wear and tear of bike parts.

Electrical/mechanical breakdown.

Damages incurred while riding the bike under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Damages sustained if the bike is used for other purposes than intended.

Damages caused due to war, nuclear risk, or mutiny.

Riding the bike without valid documents (expired bike insurance, expired Driving Licence (DL).

Types of multi-year two-wheeler insurance
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Here are the types of long term bike insurance.

1. Long-term Third-party only
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Third-party Insurance for bikes offers a financial shield against third-party liabilities. ACKO’s Long-term 3rd Party Insurance provides coverage of up to 3 years. However, it does not cover damages to your bike.

This policy is suitable for those who want coverage only for third-party liabilities.

2. Long-term Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance
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In addition to Third-party Insurance, this policy offers financial protection against damages to your two-wheeler for up to 3 years. You can choose the tenure based on your needs.

This policy is suitable for those looking for financial protection against third-party liabilities and damages to their vehicle, including vehicle theft.

Benefits of buying long-term two-wheeler insurance
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Here’s why you should consider buying long term bike insurance.

1. Convenience
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Renewing two-wheeler insurance annually could be a hassle sometimes. Instead of renewing your bike insurance policy every year, you have the convenience of paying a single premium for a 2 or 3 year bike insurance policy. Furthermore, you can buy long-term two-wheeler insurance online without the need of middlemen or agencies.

2. Avoid non-renewal consequences
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Avoid paying fines for riding the bike without valid bike insurance as insuring your bike with Third-party Insurance is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Moreover, you can avoid bike inspection while renewing your bike insurance policy.

3. Avoid a lapse in No Claim Bonus (NCB)
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You receive a bike insurance renewal premium discount for not raising claims during the policy period. This remains in effect for 90 days after the policy expiry date. Post this period, the NCB lapses. With long term bike insurance, you don’t have to worry about an annual lapse in NCB.

4. Break-in policy
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When your bike insurance expires, it needs to be inspected if there is a considerable gap between the expiry date and renewal date. Such policies are called ‘Break-in policies’. In such cases, there is also the possibility of an increase in the bike insurance premium. You can avoid this situation on an annual basis by opting for the 2 or 3 year bike policy.

5. Get a lower premium
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You may get a lower price by opting for a 2 or 3 year bike insurance policy. Thus, buying a long-term policy will prove beneficial in the long run. All of this can be done by purchasing the long-term two-wheeler insurance online.

6. Standard rate
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Third-party bike insurance rates are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The rate is usually revised regularly. However, long term bike insurance protects you from any possible increase in 3rd Party Insurance rates.

Long-term vs. regular bike insurance
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Remembering to renew your bike insurance every year could be a cumbersome task. And, if you miss renewing it on time, the consequences can hurt your finances. So, is long-term bike insurance better, or is regular bike insurance good enough? Read our article about the difference between long-term and short-term two-wheeler insurance for a better understanding.

*The premium rates mentioned are for EV two-wheelers not exceeding 3KW

How to buy a multi-year two-wheeler insurance policy online
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Here is how you can buy our long-term two-wheeler insurance online.

Step 1
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Visit our website or access our app.

Step 2
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Enter your bike registration number, make, model, and year of manufacture.

Step 3
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Select the bike insurance for 3 years or 2 years, pay the premium online and insure your bike instantly.

Factors affecting long-term bike insurance premiums
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The long-term bike insurance premium (Comprehensive Policy) is determined based on the following factors.

You can use our bike insurance calculator to get a long-term two-wheeler insurance policy quote.

Points to consider before buying long-term bike insurance
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Here are key points you need to consider before buying the bike insurance for 3 years or 2 years.

1. Know the benefits and costs
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Choose the policy that provides maximum benefit at an affordable price. You may prefer the basic Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance; however, it does not cover damages to your bike. It is ideal to choose the long-term Comprehensive Bike Insurance for wide-ranging benefits.

2. Balance needs and costs
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Most insurers offer long-term two-wheeler insurance for a set number of years. Choosing a long-term bike insurance policy is all about balancing costs and needs. Ensure you have sufficient coverage but at an affordable price. Opt for add-on covers (as per availability) if need be to enhance the insurance coverage.

Opt for digital insurers such as ACKO
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While long-term two-wheeler insurance is offered at a discounted rate, it is more affordable when you buy it from digital insurers such as ACKO. Since we work on the direct-to-customer model, there are no middlemen commissions. This enables us to offer low-cost, long-term bike insurance policies for different types of two-wheelers.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are answers to some common questions about long-term two-wheeler insurance.


How is the IDV calculated for long-term two-wheeler insurance?

IDV is the approximate market value of the bike. It is calculated after considering the two-wheeler’s depreciation from the bike’s ex-showroom price. Read our article about how is the IDV calculated for bike insurance for more details.

Multi-year Comprehensive vs multi-year Third-party Bike Insurance, which is better and why?

While the multi-year Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance covers own damage and third-party liabilities, the multi-year 3rd Party Insurance covers only third-party liabilities. For wide-ranging benefits, it’s ideal to choose long-term or multi-year Comprehensive Insurance.

Why should I buy a long-term (multi-year) insurance policy for my two-wheeler?

A long-term two-wheeler insurance policy offers stress-free financial protection for 2 to 5 years. You need not worry about price hikes or annual renewal. We also offer discounts on long-term bike insurance policies.

Can I buy long-term two-wheeler insurance for more than 3 years?

Yes, you can opt for long-term bike insurance policies for a term of up to 5 years. The IRDAI has allowed insurers to offer bike insurance policies for a term of up to 5 years. 

Can I opt for a 3 year bike insurance policy separately for Own Damage cover (OD)?

No, you cannot buy a 3 year two-wheeler insurance policy for OD cover. However, you can purchase a 2 or 3 year of Comprehensive or Third-party Bike Insurance for your bike.

Will I get a refund if I want to cancel the two-wheeler insurance policy before the tenure of my long-term two-wheeler insurance?

Yes, you shall receive a refund after considering the terms and conditions of the policy. You can reach out to us at [email protected] for details. 

Can I switch to a new insurer before the tenure of my long-term two-wheeler insurance policy is complete?

Yes, you can switch to a new insurer before your multi-year or long-term two-wheeler insurance policy expires. Raise a policy cancellation request, and the refund shall be calculated based on the remainder of the tenure and the terms and conditions of the policy. You can then switch to a new insurer.

Can I make changes (edits) to specific details in my long-term two-wheeler insurance policy?

Whether it is a misspelt name or incorrect personal details, you can make changes to these details online. Access your ACKO account via our website/app and change details online. You can also give us a call. Our support team shall guide you through the process.

Can I opt for long-term two-wheeler insurance while renewing my bike insurance policy?

Yes, you can switch to long-term bike insurance while renewing your bike insurance. You can choose either the 1 year, 2 year, or the 3 year insurance policy for two-wheelers.

Can bikes be insured after 15 years?

Yes, you can insure a 15-year-old two-wheeler. Motorcycles, scooters or electric bikes, provided it has a valid Fitness Certificate (FC). All vehicles over 15 years must be insured with the mandatory 3rd Party Insurance. Failure to do so shall invite traffic penalties.

Is bike insurance mandatory after 5 years?

As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is compulsory for all motor vehicles to be insured with Third-party Insurance. But, for financial protection against damages to the bike, it is ideal to buy Comprehensive Insurance for your two-wheeler, which includes mandatory coverage. It is even better if you opt for long-term two-wheeler insurance since you can avail of discounts, stay shielded from price hikes and be stress-free for 3 years. Read our article on bike insurance mandatory for 5 years for more details.

Do I have to pay bike insurance every year?

You can avoid paying a bike insurance premium yearly by opting for a long-term bike insurance policy. You need not worry about renewing the bike policy every year.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.