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TVS iQube Electric Scooter Insurance

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TVS iQube Electric Scooter Insurance

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TVS iQube electric scooters were first launched in early 2020. These bikes feature excellent ride quality, cost-effective mileage, easy maintenance and other beneficial features. However, before riding them on Indian roads, it is crucial to avail financial protection against potential liabilities. In this article, we will be discussing TVS iQube electric scooter insurance and the benefits of buying bike insurance online.

Bike insurance plans for TVS iQube bikes
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The following are the bike insurance plans currently featured by ACKO for TVS iQube bikes.

Third-party Bike Insurance Plan
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Apart from being the most basic bike insurance available for Indian bikes, this plan is also legally mandatory. However, it only covers third-party liabilities.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan
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Alternatively, a Comprehensive Bike Insurance plan offers an Own Damage (OD) cover in addition to the coverages of the previously discussed plan.

What’s covered in TVS iQube bike insurance (inclusions)
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The following accident scenarios are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan for TVS iQube.

Note: A Personal Accident (PA) cover offers financial compensation if the insured incurs disability or death due to an accident. As per the law, it is compulsory for a bike owner to be in possession of a PA cover. However, it is not offered under Comprehensive Bike Insurance. 

What’s not covered in TVS iQube bike insurance (exclusions)
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The following accident scenarios are the exclusions of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan for TVS iQube.

Add-ons for TVS iCube bike insurance
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You can avail the following add-ons under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance for TVS iCube scooters.

Disclaimer: All these add-ons are subject to availability.

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Here are the reasons why you should consider purchasing ACKO’s bike insurance for your TVS iCube electric scooter.


Reasonable pricing
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Owing to ACKO being a digital and online insurer, many operational expenses are skipped. These expenses include middle-men charges and other logistical costs. These saved costs permit us to offer policies that are reasonably priced.

Incredibly Low Premium

Prompt claims
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We understand that your time is important to you, so we prioritise settling claims as quickly as possible. Thus, claims raised for slight damages are settled within a few hours of the claim being raised. However, more critical damage may take more time.

Protect your bike

No bike inspection
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Usually, when buying bike insurance, insurers prefer to inspect the two-wheeler before activating the policy. ACKO’s bike insurance does not require any such vehicle inspection. You can buy it without going through that step.

Frequently asked questions
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The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding TVS iQube electric scooter insurance.


What documents need to be produced while purchasing ACKO bike insurance?

Since ACKO runs on a completely digital infrastructure, there is no need to submit any physical documents while buying bike insurance. Also, you do need to complete any paperwork, you just need to fill in certain details online.

Why is it advantageous to buy bike insurance online?

Buying bike insurance online has several advantages over the offline alternative. Some of them include the following.

  • Buying online bike insurance may only take you a few minutes to complete. However, the offline alternative could take a few weeks.

  • You can compare plans online and choose the plan that has the best cost-to-benefit ratio. This way you will get value for your money.

  • Since online bike insurance skips middlemen fees and infrastructural costs, insurers save a lot. Consequently, policies are offered at reasonable rates online.

  • Online bike insurance is more convenient as it does not require any travelling. You can buy/renew bike insurance online from the comfort of your home.

Which is the lowest-cost bike insurance available for TVS iQube electric scooters?

Currently, the lowest-priced bike insurance available for TVS iQube electric scooters is Third-party Bike Insurance. However, it only covers third-party liabilities. It does not cover the expenses incurred by the insured electric scooter due to an accident. That is why we recommend buying Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Under this plan, accidental damages to the insured bike are also covered. Also, add-ons can be selected if you desire more coverage.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for TVS Bike Models/Variants
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