The purpose of buying insurance is to have a layer of financial protection in case of any unfortunate event. Raising a claim is simple in case you face any such unfortunate event when your Acko Insurance policy is active.

What is the Claim Process for Car Insurance? - Acko

How to register a claim with Acko?

At Acko, we offer various insurance policies with which you can secure yourself financially in case of damages as per your insurance policy. Currently, we offer a car insurance policy, bike insurance policy, insurance for financially protecting your Ola ride and insurance for the listed mobile phone bought from Amazon.

To register a claim against your active insurance policy, click on the Claims tab and select the type of claim from the drop-down. Next, click on “Claim Now” to raise a claim against your car insurance policy. Follow the same steps for raising a claim against your bike insurance policy as well. Submit the details of the claimable event (accident), upload the required list of documents and complete the car insurance claim process to register the claim. A similar insurance claim process can be followed for Ola and Amazon claims as well.

The Claim Process for Car Insurance

At Acko, we offer a stress-free process to claim car insurance. Suppose you have bought comprehensive car insurance online for your car and it meets with an accident. All you have to do is inform us and we will take over from there. You can sit back and relax till we deliver the car to your doorstep.

When you call us after an accident, we will pick your car from the location in about an hours’ time and take it to a garage in our network. This will help us coordinate directly with the garage and get your car repaired in a faster manner. If you want to get your car repaired at your preferred garage, we allow that too. In this case, we will first inspect your car and then take it for repairs at your preferred garage after our inspection process is complete. Keep in mind that you cannot send your car for repairs before we give you an estimate for the extent of damages covered.

As mentioned earlier, you can get your car repaired after we inspect it. Next step is to raise a reimbursement claim. If your claim is accepted, we will reimburse the amount as per the coverage of your car insurance company.

How to Renew a Car Insurance Policy?

The most convenient way is to do a car insurance renewal online. When you buy or renew car insurance online, you can also compare various car insurance policies and calculate the premium amount easily.

To do the car insurance renewal online you need to visit your preferred insurer’s website and enter details related to you, your car, and the previous car insurance policy. Based on your details, the insurer will generate a quote for buying a new policy. Go through the terms and conditions, and fine print of the online car insurance policy and then make the payment.

The Bottom Line

When you buy a car insurance policy, you can raise a claim for damages caused to your car (as per the coverage of your policy), However, raising claims for minor damages will reset the cycle of your No Claim Bonus (NCB). NCB is cumulative in nature and increases with each consecutive claim-free year. Raise a car insurance claim process only if the cost of damage is very high. However, if you think that there could be circumstances for which you need to raise a claim but you do not wish to lose the NCB, you can buy the NCB protect Add-on with your comprehensive car insurance policy.

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