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Car Theft Insurance

Stolen Car Insurance Claim in 5 Steps

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Car Theft Insurance

Car Theft Insurance

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Third-party Car Insurance does cover a stolen car unless you insure it with a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.  Car theft is a very bitter experience and can drain you emotionally and financially. However, do not worry, as ACKO is here to help you during the entire process. Below is detailed information on car theft insurance and the process of raising a stolen car insurance claim.

Car theft insurance

If you are a victim of car theft, it is nothing less than a trauma. And, not having the right type of stolen car insurance plan would make matters even worse. The Third-party Insurance Plan covers only third-party injury/death or damages to their property but does not cover car theft or damages to the insured vehicle.

If you want financial protection against car theft, you’ll need to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan. The plan also covers other types of liabilities such as damages due to natural or man-made calamities, fire, damages that are beyond repair, or accidents, along with third-party liabilities.

Does car insurance cover theft with the current policy?

It depends on the type of car insurance plan that you have purchased for your vehicle. There are two types of vehicle insurance plans: Third-party and Comprehensive. The former provides financial coverage against third-party injury/death or damages to their property, while the latter provides coverage against damages/losses incurred by the insured vehicle.

Hence, for financial protection against vehicle theft, you must insure your car with the Comprehensive Insurance Plan. You also have the option to include valuable car insurance add-ons such as Return to Invoice (RTI) that pay the purchase invoice value in case of car theft or total loss. If the RTI add-on is not purchased, the insurance company, i.e., ACKO, will pay the Insured Declared Value (IDV), which can be lower than the invoice value as depreciation is considered.

5 easy steps to file a claim for car theft

Here are the steps for a stolen car insurance claim.

1. File First Information Report (FIR)

Once you realize that your car has been stolen, the first and most crucial step is to inform the local police and file an FIR by providing the relevant information to register the report. The FIR is one of the mandatory documents you need to submit when you raise the claim against the policy.

2. Inform ACKO

After you have filed and received the FIR, inform ACKO immediately by calling us or by submitting the claim through our mobile app or website. The process is hassle-free, paperless, and straightforward.

3. Inform the Regional Transport Office (RTO)

One of the most important steps is to inform the RTO where your vehicle was registered. This step is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You will be asked to fill the required forms and submit the same for an acknowledgment from the respective RTO officer. The RTO will provide you with the transfer documents that need to be submitted to ACKO.

4. Collect the Non-traceable Certificate

Once the police have completed the investigation and found that your vehicle is not traceable, the police will issue a Non-traceable Certificate (NTC). This is one of the documents that is required for a successful claim settlement procedure.

5. Upload documents on ACKO

Now that you have completed the above four steps upload the required documents on the ACKO app/portal to initiate the claim process.

Document to upload for claim process

Original FIR

Driving license

Car Registration Certificate copy

Ownership transfer documents issued by the RTO (forms 28, 29, 30)

In case of an ongoing car loan form 35 from the RTO

Copy of insurance certificate

Claim application form (if required)

Non-traceable Certificate (upon receiving it from the police)

Other Proof: You may have to submit the original car keys of the stolen vehicle.

Time-period for the settlement of the claim

If the police is unable to trace your car, then they will issue the Non-traceable Certificate. Once the NTC is obtained, submit the same to ACKO.

ACKO will verify the documents and settle the car insurance claim as per the terms and conditions stated in the policy.

Reasons for rejection of the car theft claim

Here are the reasons for the rejection of the car theft claim.

Not informing ACKO on time: It is crucial to notify us immediately to process the claim further.

Mismatch in the documents: Documents are essential to verify the details. Mismatch in the facts may lead to rejection of the claim.

Using the car for commercial purposes: In case your vehicle is insured as a private, and you have used it for commercial activities, the claim will not be settled.

Unable to produce car keys: If you cannot produce the stolen car’s keys since there are crucial to process the claim for the insured vehicle.

Incorrect or false details in the application: While submitting your claim, you need to provide accurate information about the damages and how they occurred.

Negligent driving: If ACKO has reasons to believe that you have not taken enough precautions to avoid the theft, your claim will be rejected.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common questions about car theft claims.


Is theft covered under the Third-party Insurance Plan?

No, car theft is not covered under the Third-party Insurance Plan since it covers only third-party liabilities.

How much claim settlement amount will I get for a car theft claim?

The claim settlement amount will be as per the Insured Declared Value (IDV) after considering the car’s depreciation value. However, if you have included the Return to Invoice add-on, you will get an amount equal to the purchase invoice amount.

How long does it take for the claim to be settled in case of a stolen vehicle?

Once you submit the Non-traceable Certificate (NTC), ACKO will verify the documents and process the claim settlement. The NTC report needs to be obtained from the local police station where the FIR was filed.

Does the Comprehensive Insurance Policy cover theft?

Yes, it covers theft of the insured vehicle. You are required to produce the necessary documents to process the claim. It is also crucial to inform ACKO immediately for a smooth claim settlement process.

How to inform the RTO about the theft of the car?

Approach the RTO at which the vehicle was registered and fill and submit the required forms (28, 29, and 30) along with supporting documents to inform the RTO about the theft of the vehicle.

What to do if my car is stolen?

You need to report the incident to the local police and file an FIR immediately. Then, inform ACKO about the theft of the insured vehicle.

What happens if my car is stolen and I still owe money to the bank towards the car loan?

Once the NTC is issued by the police confirming the stolen vehicle is non-traceable, you need to submit the same to ACKO. Once all the required documents are verified, ACKO will settle the claim. You can then pay the bank towards the closure of the car loan.

My car has been stolen. Will my insurance cost increase?

Any claim being raised during the policy period will nullify the No Claim Bonus (NCB) earned. Hence, you will lose out on the discount, and the premium amount will increase.

Documents required for the theft claim process

Here are the documents required for raising a claim for car theft.


Car’s Registration Certificate (RC)

You have to submit the original registration certificate of the vehicle while submitting the claim.


Driving License (DL)

You also need to submit your DL for a successful claim settlement.


First Information Report (FIR)

Since the vehicle is stolen, you need to file an FIR at the local police station. The FIR copy has to be submitted to ACKO to process the claim further.


Non-traceable Certificate (NTC)

When the stolen vehicle is non-traceable, the police station you had filed an FIR will issue the NTC. This document is one of the most important documents to be submitted.


Original car purchase invoice

If you have included the Return to Invoice (RTI) add-on to your insurance policy, you will have to submit the original purchase invoice of the vehicle so that ACKO can verify and process the claim accordingly.

Points to remember

Here are key points to remember in case of car theft and car insurance.

Ensure the insurance plan covers car theft (only the Comprehensive Insurance Plan covers car theft, unlike Third-party Insurance Plan).

Inform ACKO immediately about the car theft and register the claim.

Ensure you file First Information Report (FIR) at the local police station immediately.

Inform your RTO about the car theft so that they can record the same information.

Ensure you obtain the NTC from the police since it is crucial in settling the claim.

Finally, ensure that you inform ACKO and file FIR at the local police station on time to avoid your claim being rejected.

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