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5 Things to Keep a Check for While Receiving Bike Insurance Policy Online

Team AckoNov 12, 2021

Gone are the days when you had to fill lengthy forms and wait endlessly to insure your two-wheeler. Today, we live in the instant era and even the old-school ways of the insurance industry have been modernized. Now, you can insure your bike online within minutes and download the policy instantly.

However, you have to be alert while transacting online. Read ahead to know 5 things to check on receiving your bike insurance policy online.

5 Things to Check for Bike Insurance Policy

1. Policy Details

This section will have your name, contact number and policy number. Depending upon the insurer, it might have your full address. The most important aspect to check in this section is the policy period. It mentions the start date and the end date of your bike’s insurance policy.

2. Vehicle Details

The bike’s model number, type, and registration number will be mentioned in this section. Verify the details properly as a single mistake might change the vehicle’s registration number. This might lead to legal and claims-related issues. In some cases, the bike’s manufacturing year will also be mentioned.

3. IDV and Premium

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) plays a crucial role in the two wheeler insurance premium amount calculation if you have purchased a comprehensive policy. If you find out that there’s variance in the IDV mentioned, you should get it corrected. The premium details for both 3rd party bike insurance and comprehensive plans will feature a breakdown of the charges, and tell you ‘how much is charged for what.’

4. Intermediary Details

There are various avenues from where one can purchase insurance. Namely; insurance company’s website, web aggregators, brokers, and car dealers. If you purchase the bike insurance policy directly from the insurance company, then it will be considered as a direct purchase. If you purchase the policy through an intermediary, their details will be mentioned in this section.

5. Contact Details

If there’s confusion regarding any of the details mentioned in the policy, you can get the changes made by contacting the insurance company. The contact details will be mentioned at the end of the policy. In some cases, you can also enhance your policy with an add-on if you missed doing so earlier. This process is termed as ‘making an endorsement in the policy.’

Soft Copy of Insurance Policy

New-age insurance companies might not send a physical/hard copy of your insurance policy via post to your registered address. In that case, the soft copy can be downloaded after making the payment, as well as, you’ll receive the legal document in your registered email inbox. If you feel the need of a physical copy, you can get a printout of the same and keep it with you while riding the bike. Make sure that your bike insurance policy is always active by renewing it in a timely manner.

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