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Simplicity is an important goal in payment transactions between two people, businesses or organisations. The simpler the transaction, the fewer the chances of something going wrong. Here’s where cashless two-wheeler insurance comes into the picture. Going cashless helps ease one’s life and enables formalising and authenticating the transaction.

You can also take advantage of this ‘cashless facility’ in bike insurance to raise claims against your policy. This article deep dives into the details and benefits of cashless bike insurance so you can sit in the comfort of your home and file a cashless two-wheeler insurance claim.

What is cashless bike insurance?
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Cashless bike insurance is an automated or online operation that takes place between the insurer and the network garage (partner garage) to settle the repair bill. Cashless claims in bike insurance are similar to cashless claim settlements in health insurance. Suppose your bike is damaged in an accident, and you get it repaired at the network garage. The repair cost is paid directly by the insurer to the network garage. You may need to pay the required deductible. Before we understand more details about cashless bike insurance, let us learn about the covers under the motor insurance policy.

Third-party Bike Insurance
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Mandated by law, this plan covers third-party liabilities that include injury, death or property damage. However, this plan does not cover damages to your bike. Failure to insure your bike with this plan shall lead to penalties.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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Apart from the Third-party Bike Insurance, this plan includes Own Damage (OD) cover. The OD cover provides financial protection against damages or losses incurred by your bike. It can be due to accidents, fires, natural and manmade calamities and theft. You can also enhance the plan by choosing relevant add-on covers such as Zero Depreciation (Bumper-to-Bumper plan).

How does a cashless claim work?
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Insurers, in this case, ACKO, have partnered with several garages located in different parts of the country. When you get your motorcycle or scooter repaired at one of these garages and raise a bike insurance claim, the garage sends the repair bill directly to the insurer. The claim is settled between the insurer and the network garage. You may have to bear the required deductible.

How to claim cashless bike insurance?
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You can raise a claim for cashless two-wheeler insurance through our webpage or mobile application. It is that simple and easy. Here are the steps to opt for cashless bike insurance.

Step 1
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Visit our website or the mobile app to access your ACKO account.

Step 2
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Select the policy against your two-wheeler and click ‘Claim’.

Step 3
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Answer a few questions about the damages, and upload relevant documents and pictures of the damaged bike to submit your claim.

Our claims team shall review your request. If the damages are minor, the claim may be settled within a few hours. However, if your bike requires repair at a garage, you can get your vehicle repaired at our network garage to claim cashless bike insurance.

Benefits of cashless facility
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Here are some of the pros of the cashless facility in bike insurance.

1. Convenience
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The cashless method of bike insurance claims is simple and easy. Get your bike repaired at a network garage and leave the payment of the repair bill to the insurer. You may have to pay the required deductible, and the rest shall be paid directly by the insurer to the garage.

2. Cashless mode
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You don’t have to pay a substantial amount from your pocket. You can avoid the additional stress of managing the payment. In such situations, a cashless mode of bike insurance is undoubtedly helpful.

3. Easy access
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With network garages spread across the country, the comfort level only increases since you don’t have to go in search of a far located network garage.

Documents required for the cashless two-wheeler insurance claim
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There is no need for documents to raise a bike insurance claim. You can file a claim through our web page or mobile app. However, you may have to upload a soft copy of the required documents depending on your case. Here is the list.

Driving licence

Registration Certificate (RC)

Policy document

Repair bill

Payment receipt

FIR (if needed)

Pictures or videos of the damaged bike

Procedure to get cashless service
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Follow the steps mentioned in the above section to raise a claim for cashless bike insurance. Our support team shall contact you if the damages are severe. You have the option to get the bike repaired at a network garage to enjoy the cashless service.

Once you have opted for the cashless service, simply wait for the vehicle to be repaired. The network shall repair the bike and send the repair bill to ACKO. We shall pay the bill directly to the garage. You have to pay the deductible and take the delivery of your repaired bike.

Reasons for your claim being rejected
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Here are some of the situations when ACKO may deny your bike insurance claim.

How is cashless claim different from reimbursement claim policy?
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Refer to the table below to know the difference between reimbursement claim policy and cashless bike insurance.

Factors Cashless bike insurance Reimbursement bike insurance
Claim settlement ACKO settles the repair bill directly with the network garage and you have to pay the required deductible You shall pay the repair bill and then claim reimbursement for the expenses
Method The claims procedure is hasslefree and paperless made possible through the website or the mobile app It requires cumbersome paperwork and documentation
Speed of claim settlement The claim is settled instantly with the network garage The reimbursement could take time due to the lengthy process
Liability to the policyholder You don’t have to pay from your pocket, except for the required deductible You have to pay the entire repair bill from your pocket before getting the reimbursement
Minor damages The claim settlement takes not more than a few hours Since assessment of the claim is required, the claim settlement could take more time

Why Should You Buy Comprehensive Bike Insurance Online?
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Here is why you should buy a Comprehensive Two wheeler Insurance Policy online over offline.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some of the commonly asked questions about cashless bike insurance.

How to raise claims in cashless bike insurance?


Visit the website or the mobile app to access your account. Select “claim now” against the bike insurance policy to file the claim. At ACKO, you receive instant claim settlement in case of minor damages (dent on the fuel tank, broken headlamp, etc.), and in the case of major damages, our claims team will guide you through the process. There is no paperwork involved in filing claims with ACKO.

Can I file a claim after repairing the damages to my bike?


It is important to inform us about the damages to your bike before getting it repaired to avoid rejection of the claim. You can either use our network garage to repair your bike and enjoy a cashless claim facility, or you can raise a reimbursement claim for the repair expenses.

How many claims can I raise against my cashless bike insurance plan?


There is no limit to the number of genuine claims you can raise during the policy period. However, it is recommended that you do not submit claims for minor damages to enjoy the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount.

What is a non-cashless claim in two-wheeler insurance?


A non-cashless claim in bike insurance is when you have to pay the repair bill from your pocket and then raise a reimbursement claim for the expenses.

Why should you choose cashless bike insurance?


For a hassle-free, paperless and efficient claim settlement process, the cashless bike insurance offers you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to spend from your pocket to repair the damages.