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5 Ways In Which Your Bike Will Impact Its Insurance Cover

Team AckoMay 16, 2022

Usually, people ask around while buying a bike. They research about its features, the manufacturer and the bike’s cost, compare alternatives and then zero-in on a few suitable options. When they finalize buy a bike, it’s time for its registration at the Regional Transport Office. This is when they realize the need to buy two wheeler insurance in order to complete registration. This is the general process followed.

Ways In Which Your Bike Will Impact Its Insurance Cover

People do not give insurance much thought. Ideally, they should research, compare and buy an insurance policy for a bike just as they do the same while purchasing a bike. The first policy is usually bought with assistance from either the dealership or an insurance agent. Many of us don’t realize that we actually require hardly any assistance and a two wheeler insurance policy can be bought all by yourself.

There are a lot of aspects of buying a two wheeler insurance policy. Mainly, it should provide adequate financial cover at the time of need and it should fit your budget. It is also true that you should not be spending a huge amount just to buy an insurance cover for your bike. To achieve the right balance, you need to understand the basics behind bike insurance. In this article, we will focus on how your bike affects its insurance and why the cost may differ from person to person.

How your Bike can impact your Two-wheeler Insurance Premium?


The manufacturer or brand of a bike can have a huge impact on the price and in turn on the amount of bike insurance premium. Many hardcore bike riders dream of buying a Harley Davidson. Its amazing features especially the firing, and aesthetics entice bike owners to purchase such bikes. All this increases the value of a bike and has a direct effect on the cost of its bike insurance. On the other hand, a simple scooter does not have a heavy price tag and thus, its cost of insurance is comparatively low.


The cost of insurance of every model of a two-wheeler will always vary. This way, vehicles of a similar type may have different insurance premiums. For example, if two friends have bikes, one owns Bajaj Passion and the other owns Bajaj Pulsar. Both will have to pay different amounts for buying bike insurance policies. This is because both the bikes will be priced at different amounts.


The engine is deemed as the heart of a bike. The more you care for it, the more it will be in a healthy condition. When you buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy, one of the key factors for calculating the premium amount will be the engine’s cubic capacity (cc). The cost of insuring bikes with higher cc will also be higher.


Just as you grow older with time, your bike also ages. In the automobile industry, the value of vehicles depreciates with the passage of time (unless of course, it’s a vintage model!). This decrease in value will also slash the cost of your bike insurance policy.


IDV stands for Insured Declared Value. This is the value that you need to set while buying your policy. It is more or less the current market price of the bike. Remember that a higher IDV will increase the cost of your policy and a lower IDV will decrease the claim amount in case of a total loss. Thus, set the right IDV each time you renew the policy.

Why Should You Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

Nowadays, people have made their smartphone an important part of their lives. Almost all tasks like researching, shopping, communicating, etc. are done with the help of internet. Thus, insurance companies have also made policies available online.

Buying online 2 wheeler insurance has its set of benefits. First of all, when you buy online 2 wheeler insurance you can easily compare various policies of similar type for their features, services, and cost. Moreover, you can also get additional discounts while buying a policy online because insurers spend much less on operational costs related to online policies as compared to their offline counterparts. Thus, buying two wheeler insurance online is more fruitful than buying the same policy offline.

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