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Servicing Tips for Bike to Achieve Better Performance

Team AckoNov 12, 2021

How much ever you love your bike or call it your first love, remember that it is a machine and a machine needs tuning. Tuning your bike will help you enhance its performance and fuel efficiency. In this article, we will focus on a few tips that will help you achieve the desired result and the role of bike insurance in owning a bike.

Servicing Tips for Bike to Achieve Better Performance

Servicing Tips for Your Bike

The following tips may require the intervention of an expert. If you are not well versed with the mechanics of your bike, consider consulting an expert to use the tips on your bike.

  • Tune the bike’s carburetor

This is one of the best ways of increasing the performance of your bike without making any major technical changes. Begin by taking a short ride in order to warm your bike. You need to find the air screw, fuel screw, and idle screw. The air screw is located on the carburetor away from the engine in a 2 stroke engine and near the engine for a 4 stroke engine. You will find the Idle screw near the throttle cable. If you turn the fuel screw clockwise you will get a lean mixture and if you turn air screw clockwise you will get a rich mixture.

A lean mixture has less fuel and more air. A rich mixture has more fuel and less air. Turn the idle settings to 3000rpm. The idea is to increase fuel efficiency by creating a lean mixture. Tune the screws to achieve the leanest mixture without the engine getting stalled. This will result in a lower RPM and an unstable tachometer. Slowly start turning the fuel screw anti-clockwise until the meter is stabilized. This may be the perfect setting for the bike’s engine. Twist the idle screw until it reads 1100 rpm in the tachometer.

  • Let there be light!

One of the most ignored features of a motorbike are its lights. If any of the lights stop working, we might not immediately go to a garage and get it checked simply because it does not cause an obstruction in riding the bike. However, lights are very important in terms of riding the bike at night. The same goes for indicators. Riding a bike in darkness or without indicators will expose you to risks related to accidents. Check the bulbs and wiring at regular intervals.

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  • Keep the Fluid levels in check

Check the fluid levels periodically as they affect the fuel efficiency and consequently the performance of your bike. You will find experts debating how often should one get the oil changed. The simplest solution is to go through the manufacturer’s manual of your bike.

  • Have a custom exhaust system

This will increase the air intake and allow a better ventilation for the gases. Be sure to have a system that is specifically made for the model of your bike. You can also just replace the muffler and use a slip on in case you do not wish to spend on the entire exhaust system. It will help you get the initial boost when you kickoff.

  • Take a good look at your bike, before going to the garage

If your bike is giving hiccups, you might want to take a good look to check if something is visually wrong with your bike. For example, the brake and clutch fluid containers will give you an idea of the fluid levels. Also, make sure that your bike is clean and well maintained at all times. Consult an expert if you are not sure of the exact issue.

Role of Bike Insurance

Bike insurance provides a financial layer of security on you, this is exactly why it is mandatory to buy bike insurance in India. Depending on the policy type, you will be covered for situations like legal liabilities arising out of an accident, theft, natural calamities, man-made calamities, fire, accidents, etc.

If you are wondering about the ease of purchase, buying two wheeler insurance online will be quick and easy as compared to the offline process. Buying two wheeler insurance online may also earn you additional discounts. Remember that the renewal of two wheeler insurance online is equally important. If you do not do the two-wheeler insurance renewal online in time, your policy might lapse.

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