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Top 7 Bikes Under 3 Lakhs in India 2024

TeamAckoJun 10, 2024

Choosing the right bike within budget seems challenging at times. In India, there are varied bikes available under Rs. 3 lakhs catering to the needs and preferences of bike enthusiasts. Thus, irrespective of whether you are looking for commuter bikes, sports bikes, cruisers or adventure bikes, there are many options to choose from. Continue reading this blog to explore the best bike under 3 Lakh considering their engine and overall riding experience.  

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7 Best Bikes Under 3 Lakh

Here is a detailed overview of bikes to buy under Rs. 3 Lakhs considering their prices and notable features:

1. Keeway K300 N

Keeway K300 N is a powerful bike with a 292 cc liquid-cooled engine. If you are a sporting enthusiast, buying this bike is a must. It provides bikers with a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The modern features upgraded in this bike include LES lighting, dual disc brakes, digital display, odometer installation and more. 

Keeway K300 N.png

Price: Starting from Rs. 2.90 Lakhs


  • Displacement: 292.4 cc

  • Max Power: 27.1 bhp @8750 rpm

  • Max Torque: 25 Nm @7000 rpm

  • Riding Modes: Eco and Sport

  • Top Speed: 151 km/h

2. Honda CB300R

This bike provides a very compact and stylish appearance. It has a 286 cc single-cylinder engine. The notable feature of this bike is its assist and slipper clutch. It is important to see that the clutch lever has less load and the slipper helps to reduce unpleasant shocks due to sudden braking in the engine during downshifting. Alongside, CB300R has a digital display and LED lighting and is ideal for urban commuters.


Price: Starting from Rs. 2.73 Lakhs


  • Displacement: 286 cc

  • Max Torque: 27.5 Nm @ 7500 rpm

  • Max Power: 30.7 bhp @ 9000 rpm

  • Riding Range: 291 km

  • Top Speed: 150 km/h

3. TVS Apache RTR 310

If you are looking for an uncommon yet fun-to-ride bike, the TVS Apache RTR 310 will be an ideal one. Because it has been introduced in the market lately, it is not seen on the road in large numbers. The three different variants of this stylish bike are Standard, Racing ABS and dual-channel ABS. The two colours of the RTR 310 variant are Fury yellow and Arsenal black.  


Price: Starting from Rs. 2.42 Lakh 


  • Displacement: 312.12 cc

  • Max Power: 35.08 bhp@9700 rpm

  • Max Torque: 28.7 Nm@6650 rpm

  • Top Speed: 150 km/h

  • Riding Range: 330 km

4. Royal Enfield Bullet 350

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is one of the classic motorcycles well known for its vintage style. It has the distinguished feature of a 349-cc single cylinder and 28 Nm of torque, paired with a 5-speed gearbox. This bike is ideal for long-distance commuters. Bike enthusiasts prefer this bike for its comfortable riding and high fuel efficiency. Because of its long wheelbase and road grip, bikers consider it ideal for travelling long distances. 


Price: Starting from Rs. 1.73 Lakh


  • Displacement: 349 cc

  • Max Torque: 27 Nm@4000 rpm

  • Max Power: 20.2 bhp @ 6100rpm

  • Riding Range: 450 km (Approx.)

  • Top Speed: Around 110 km/h

5. KTM 250 Adventure

If you need a lightweight, agile bike, look for KTM 250 Adventure. This bike will let you travel through harsh road conditions. KTM being an adventure bike is suitable for both on-road as well as off-road riding. It consists of a 248.8 cc single cylinder with a liquid-cooled engine paired with a 6-speed gearbox. The front wheel is 19 inches while the rear wheel is 17 inches. This thereby helps in bringing stability and control on rugged terrains. 

KTM 250 Adventure

Price: Starting from Rs. 2.45 Lakh


  • Displacement: 248.76 cc

  • Max Torque: 24 Nm @ 7500 rpm

  • Max Power: 29.63 bhp @ 9000 rpm

  • Top Speed: 140 km/h

  • Riding Range: 442.2 km

6. Harley Davidson X440

Harley Davidson is a perfect blend of styling with modern performance. This bike has a 440-cc single-cylinder with an oil-cooled engine. It is designed specifically for riders looking for a Harley experience. Bikers consider Harley because of its modern amenities such as dual channel ABS and digital instrument cluster. This enables riders to enjoy a smooth riding experience. Some notable bike elements are wide handlebars, fuel tanks and low-slung seats. 

Upcoming Harley Davidson Bikes in India

Price: Starting from Rs. 2.39 Lakh


  • Displacement: 440 cc

  • Max Power: 27 bhp@6000 rpm

  • Mileage: 35 kmpl

  • Max Torque: 38 Nm @ 4000 rpm

  • Riding Range: 472.5 km

7. Triumph Speed 400 

The Triumph Speed 400 is a compact bike designed specifically for urban commuting. It consists of a 398-cc single cylinder with a liquid-cooled engine and 37.5 lb-ft of torque. So, whether you are going on a city ride or a weekend getaway, this bike will be ideal. The notable features of the Triumph Speed 400 are ABS, LED lighting and switchable traction control. 


Price: Starting from Rs. 2.33 Lakh


  • Displacement: 398.15 cc

  • Max Power: 39.5 bhp@ 8000 rpm

  • Max Torque: 37.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm

  • Mileage: 29.8 kmpl

  • Riding Range: 377 km

Final Words

To conclude, choosing the right bike under 3 lakhs in 2024 is important to balance style, performance and riding efficiency. Exploring the above options will help you find the best bike within your budget. Each model is described in detail above to let you save time and confusion. With enhanced features and competitive pricing, these bikes under 3 Lakh will help you enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To know some of the frequent questions asked regarding bikes under 3 Lakhs and their answers, read below.


Which bikes are best under 3 lakhs in India 2024?

Some top bikes under Rs. 3 Lakhs in India 2024 are the Royal Enfield Bullet 350, Harley Davidson X440, KTM 250 Adventure, and Triumph Speed 400 in India 2024.

What are the features common in bikes under 3 Lakhs in 2024?

Bikes under Rs. 3 Lakhs in 2024 offer distinguishing features such as ABS, digital instrument clusters, modern and classic styling, comfortable riding seats and others.

Which bike under 3 Lakh offers the best fuel efficiency?

Under Rs. 3 Lakh, bikes such as Royal Enfield Bullet 350 offer the best fuel efficiency making it ideal for city and long-distance commuters. 

What are the servicing costs for bikes under 3 lakhs?

The kind of bike, the frequency of servicing, and the authorised service centre all affect how much a service costs. In general, commuter bikes require less maintenance than bikes emphasising performance.


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