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Best Motorcycle Helmets in India for Bikers in 2022 And 2023

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

If you love riding a motorcycle, then taking care of your safety while riding a motorcycle is also important, as helmets play an important role in your safety.




Let's take a look at some of the best motorcycle helmets in India.

Helmet Name Price (in Rs)
Vega Crux DX Flip-Up 1,672
Studds Ninja Pastel Plain Full Face 1,440
Royal Enfield Unisex Adult 2,100
Yamaha YR8 Polycarbonate Full-Face 2,090
MT Falcon Warrior 7,250
LS2 MX470 12,400
SMK Twister 4,650
Vega Off Road Dull Black Red 2,116
Habsolite Ecco Star Front 645
Steelbird SA-2 7 Wings Super Aeronautics Full face 2,719

Best Motorbike Helmets in India

Here are some of the best motorcycle helmets available in India that you can use. You can choose the helmet as per your requirements. 

Vega Crux DX Flip-Up Helmet

Off-road biking is a dashing and daring experience for any biker. People involved in this kind of biking should always ensure they have quality and durable helmets. Vega Crux Dx Flip-Up Helmet offers an exciting and bold bike ride without any worries. This helmet can easily fit and comes with press buttons for easy flip-up actions.

It's made up of 3 vents each on the front, rear, and top for required airflow and comfort.

  • Size: Medium

  • Weight: 1100 gm

  • Price: Rs 1,672

  • Certification: ISI

Studds Ninja Pastel Plain Full Face Helmet

Whether you love long rides with your loved ones or solo short rides, Studds Ninja Pastel Plain Full Face Helmets can keep you safe in both situations. These helmets are made up of regulated density EPS, offering all-around protection to your head. It has additional features like UV-resistant Finish, Hypoallergenic, and a versatile quick-release chin strap. 

  • Size: Medium, large and Xtra-large 

  • Weight: 1.6 kg 

  • Price: Rs 1,440

Royal Enfield Unisex Adult Helmet

This helmet has an open-face design, a clear visor, and a fiber outer shell. It comes with an expanded polystyrene inner lining made of knit and mesh for comfort and protection.

The UV-protected polycarbonate visor, which is also scratch resistant, gives a riding experience that feels effortless.

  • Weight: 900 gm

  • Price: Rs 2,100

Yamaha YR8 Polycarbonate Full-Face Helmet

This Yamaha helmet is designed with the best and newest technology, influencing you to explore new terrains. Its outer shell consists of high-impact grade engineering thermoplastic, and it comes with liners that can be removed and replaced.

The helmet also has a quick-release chin strap mechanism that ensures comfort and safety, and it has a dynamic ventilation system that facilitates increased airflow. 

  • Weight: 1720 gm

  • Price: Rs 2,090

MT Falcon Warrior

This masterpiece of headgear from MT consists of a unique Aerodynamic shell integrated with an adjustable extended additional peak. It's available in 3 different colour variants and has a hypoallergenic internal fabric which consists of a multi-ventilation system for sufficient airflow and freshness. The liners can be removed and washed. It has safety features like highly resistant polymer, higher and multiple layered density inner EPS and a durable chin-strap with double D-ring fasteners.

  • Weight: 1400 gm

  • Price: Rs 7,250

  • Certification: ECE and DOT

LS2 MX470

The helmets of this brand are so popular that you can find a huge number of duplicate copies available in the market. Original LS2 helmets fall under the premium category, and are known for their sporty/attractive designs. The LS2 MX470 sports an exterior build with the KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy), making the headgear durable and flexible, to enable shock distribution while simultaneously being lightweight. This helmet contains a removable anti-bacterial inner fabric lining for sweat and also helps maintain moisture.

  • Weight: 1300 gm

  • Price: Rs 12,400

  • Certification: ECE and DOT

SMK Twister

A bit heavier than other headgear, the SMK twister consists of an extra-wide visor that provides an excellent field of view, and an additional internal retractable sun visor. The helmet has a hypoallergenic inner line which is removable and washable. It's also equipped with Bluetooth. The helmet has safety features like multi-density EPS lining and a neck roll,  wind protector, reinforced quick-release chin-strap, and an  anti-fog release visor, 

  • Weight: 2180 gm

  • Price: Rs 4,650

  • Certification: ECE 

Vega Off Road Dull Black Red Helmet

This Vega Helmet comes in an aerodynamic design and is made up of a high-impact ABS material shell. The helmet has a metallic quick-release silent buckle and a removable, washable lining. It's also odour resistant, which helps the biker remain fresh for long hours.

The helmet also has safety features like scratch and UV resistance, and it also comes with a second sun visor made of tinted polycarbonate.

  • Weight: 1250 gm

  • Price: Rs 2,116

Habsolite Ecco Star Front Open Helmet

The main reason a person buys a helmet is its effectiveness in protecting you in extreme conditions. In addition to protection, a biker also selects the helmet based on colour, design and style. Habsolite Ecco Star Front Open Helmet is a perfect fit for you if you want durability and style in a helmet. The helmet is manufactured using superior-grade polycarbonate for the outer material.

In addition to that, the polypropylene EPS foam liner which is present in the helmet, ensures that the impact intensity is reduced. The lightweight and advanced ventilation system in the helmet keeps you rejuvenated and can give you a pleasant driving experience.

It is available in grey and black. 

  • Weight: 960 gm

  • Price: Rs 645

  • Certification: ISI 4151

Steelbird SA-2 7 Wings Super Aeronautics Full face Helmet

This is the first helmet in the world with NACA Duct airflow technology. This system can also be found in supercars and aircrafts. The helmet consists of double NACA inlets on top of the shield, allowing the air inside; to dehumidify and refresh the interior. The NACA inlets on the backside help in the removal of stale air. 

The high-impact thermoplastic shell, which has to breathe micro-layer padding, offers good safety in addition to overall comfort. It consists of the European standard micrometre buckle, an anti-scratch coated visor with a quick-release mechanism. This further makes the helmet convenient and comfortable to use.

The helmet is available in varied colours. 

  • Weight: 1,350 gm

  • Price: Rs 2,719

Tips to Choose the Right Helmet for Your Bike

Many of us buy a helmet just by considering its design and fitting. However, in addition to that, there are various important aspects that one needs to consider while choosing the helmet we discuss here

Bike Helmets and Insurance Claims

Two-wheelers in India, whether it's bikes or scooters, are the most preferred modes of transport. There are many benefits to riding a bike or scooter, but a two-wheeler commute can also be risky without protective gear. 

While wearing a helmet protects you, you should get bike insurance to protect your vehicle. Not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler can impact the insurance claim. 

You can also visit the ACKO Website/App to buy/renew your bike insurance with a hassle-free insurance experience. 


Helmets are necessary while riding a bike, and the importance of the same has been emphasised by traffic laws. The helmets mentioned in the above list are quite famous among bikers. They are easy to wear and very comfortable, but do go through the make and other features before choosing one for yourself. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions about upcoming Best Motorcycle Helmets in India.


1. What does an ISI certification for a helmet means? 

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute. It has been set up to observe whether the standards and integrity have been followed while producing the industrial item. The ISI mark on the helmet certifies that the helmet is of good quality and is safe to use.

It's a well-known, recognised certification mark which verifies the good quality of Industrial products in India. In India, the ISI certification for helmets is mandatory for sale. A helmet manufacturing company shall meet the BIS criteria to qualify for ISI Certification. 

2. What does an ECE certification for a helmet means? 

ECE stands for Economic Commission of Europe. ECE- approved helmets have to undergo extensive testing and are compliant with the latest and advanced standards. Here, the experts are supposed to check the face shield quality, rigidity, etc.

An ECE-certified helmet has to pass through various tests like an impact test, chin-strap test, deformation test, and abrasion resistance test. 

3. What does a DOT certification for a helmet means? 

DOT stands for Department of Transportation, and its certification applies to helmets sold in the US for on-road usage.

All helmet manufacturing companies in the US have to test and self-certify the helmet models they want to sell and permanently affix the "DOT" emblem, which signifies compliance with FMVSS 218. 

4. Which are the most expensive motorcycle helmets available in India? 

Some of the most expensive motorcycle helmets in India are Nexx Full Face Helmet - Cafe Culture (Black Base with White Stripes) (Cost- Rs 20,309), LS2 MX436- Full face Helmet White L ( Cost Rs 19,704), LS2 FF320-XL- Full Face Helmet Matte Black XL ( Cost Rs 18,274) and LS2 FF320- XL Stream – Full Face Helmet White XL (Cost Rs 19,274). 

5. Do we get personal accident coverage with bike insurance? 

Yes, you can get personal accident coverage with your bike insurance policy if you have availed comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.

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