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Honda Activa 6G vs Honda Activa 125 | Which is better? Compare Price, Mileage, Specs & More [2024 Guide]

Team AckoApr 30, 2024

The main difference between Activa 6G and Activa 125 is the engine capacity. The Activa 6G gets a 110cc engine, whereas the Activa 125 gets 125cc engine. With a bigger engine capacity, the Activa 125 produces slightly more power and torque. Owing to these reasons, the Activa 125 costs more than the Activa 6G. If you're in the market for a reliable scooter that combines power and efficiency, then this comparison of the Activa 125 vs Activa 6G is tailor-made for you. Both models come from Honda, a renowned brand synonymous with quality and innovation. In this article, we'll examine the key features, performance, and specifications of the Activa 6G and Activa 125, helping you decide which suits your needs best. So let's dive in and explore the Activa 125 vs Activa 6G showdown!




Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Price Comparison 

The Honda Activa 6G and the Honda Activa 125 are priced based on their engine capacity and additional features. While the ex-showroom price of the Activa 6G starts from Rs.76,234, and the price of the Activa 125 starts from Rs.82,043 onwards. Refer to the below table for the variant-wise price comparison.

Activa 6G Variants

Activa 6G Price (Ex-showroom)

Activa 125 Variants

Activa 125 Price (Ex-showroom)

Honda Activa 6G STD


Activa 125 Drum


Honda Activa 6G DLX


Activa 125 Drum Alloy


Honda Activa 6G DLX Limited Edition


Activa 125 Disc


Honda Activa 6G H-Smart


Activa 125 H-Smart

Rs. 91,233

Honda Activa 6G Limited Edition


Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Mileage Comparison 

Here is the mileage of the Activa 6G and Activa 125.



Activa 6G

47 kmpl

Activa 125

46 kmpl

Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Design Comparison 

The Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125 may look similar but have distinct design characteristics. Here's a design comparison between the two models.

Activa 6G design

Activa 125 design

Sleek and stylish design with a modern appeal

Sporty and muscular design for a more aggressive look

Streamlined bodywork and sharp lines

Bold front fascia with a prominent headlamp and chrome detailing

Attractive front apron with integrated turn indicators

Wider bodywork with pronounced creases and curves

Chrome accents on the front grille and side panels

Large and comfortable seat for both rider and pillion

Compact dimensions for easy manoeuverability

Stylish alloy wheels adding to the overall aesthetics

Available in a range of vibrant colours


Activa 125 vs Activa 6G: Safety Comparison 

The Activa 6G and the Activa 125 are modern scooters with essential safety features. Here are the main safety features of the Activa 6G and Activa 125.

Activa 6G

Activa 125

Drum brakes

Disc brakes

Anti-theft System

Anti-theft System

Tubeless tyres

Side stand engine cut off

Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Features Comparison 

The Activa 6G and the Activa 125 are loaded with features. However, the Activa 125 has the edge over the Activa 6G with additional features. Here are the details.

Activa 6G

Activa 125

Analogue Instrument Control 

Disc brake

Analogue Odometre 

Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres

Telescopic suspension

Telescopic suspension

Pillion Grabrail 

Semi-Digital instrument cluster

External fuel lid

Idling stop/start button

Halogen Bulb Turn Signal 

3-Step Adjustable Spring Loaded Hydraulic

Full metal body

Distance to Empty indicator

Combined Braking System

Stand Alarm 

Fuel Gauge 

External fuel lid

Hazar Warining Indicator

Service Reminder Indicator

Low oil Indicator


18-litre underseat storage 

LED headlight and DRL

Automatic Headlight ON

Rear Suspension Preload Adjuster 

Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Colour Comparison 

Here is the colour comparison of the Activa 6G and Activa 125.

Activa 6G

Activa 125

Decent Blue 

Pearl Precious White with Salen Silver Metallic

Pearl Siren Blue

Mid Night Blue Metallic


Pearl Night Star Black

Pearl Precious White

Heavy Grey Metallic

Rebel Red Metallic

Rebel Red Metallic

Matte Magnificent Copper Metallic


Pearl Siren Blue (3D Graphics)

Matte Steel Black Metallic (3D Graphics)

Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Specification Comparison 

Here is the comparison of Activa 125 vs Activa 6G specifications in detail.

Activa 6G

Activa 125

Engine type

Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke

Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke

Engine capacity



Max. Power

7.73 bhp

8.19 bhp

Max. Torque

8.90 Nm

10.4 Nm




Fuel tank capacity




106 kg

110 kg




Front Tyre



Rear Tyre



Ground clearance

162 mm

162 mm

Activa 6G vs Activa 125: Insurance Price Comparison 

Here is the comparison of Activa 6G vs Activa 125 insurance cost in detail.


Activa 6G

Activa 125

ACKO insurance cost

Rs. 7,300*

Rs. 7,600*

*Prices are subject to change. 

Activa 125 vs Activa 6G: Warranty Comparison 

Here is the comparison of the Activa 6G and Activa 125 warranty in detail.


Activa 6G

Activa 125


3 years

3 years

Pros and Cons of Activa 6G and Activa 125

Merits of Activa 6G and Activa 125

Activa 6G

Activa 125

Peppy engine

Metal body and equipped with modern technology

Metal body

Gets a silent starter

Telescopic suspension with a 12-inch front wheel

Offer better power

External fuel lid

Gets idling stop system

Demerits of Activa 6G and Activa 125

Activa 6G

Activa 125

No disc brake

Slightly expensive than its competition

No USB charger

Low fuel efficiency

Lower power

Performance could be better

Which to Buy: Activa 6G or Activa 125

Choosing between the Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125 depends on several considerations like pricing, features needed, usage priorities and overall value. Here is a detailed comparison analysis to help decide which model offers a better package:

Budget-Friendly Purchase

If the priority is lower purchase cost, the Activa 6G makes more sense, starting at just Rs 76,234. The base variant is almost Rs 6,000 cheaper than the Activa 125. Thus, Activa 6G appeals more to affordability-focused buyers who get decent enough scooter basics.

Greater Power Needs

For anyone needing higher acceleration and driving capabilities like highway commuting or carrying heavier payloads over inclines, the Activa 125 is the better performer. Its bigger 124cc engine, churning out 19% more power and 17% extra torque, easily handles such needs, which would stress a 110cc motor like Activa 6G.

More Features

The top-end Activa 125 variant includes desirable features absent in Activa 6G, like front disc brake, alloy wheels, semi-digital instrument cluster, side stand engine cutoff, distance to empty readout, service reminder indicator, etc. Thus, for additional functional conveniences, the Activa 125 delivers greater value.

Better Mileage

For maximum fuel stretching capacity, the lighter Activa 6G proves slightly more efficient, delivering 47kmpl vs 46kmpl mileage for Activa 125 as per ARAI rating. This difference would be further enhanced in congested urban riding conditions.

Resale Value Retention

The Activa 125 would likely achieve higher resale value in used vehicle markets compared to the equivalent vintage Activa 6G model, purely owing to its more powerful BS6-compliant engine and additional features list attracting prospective second owners better.

Overall, the Honda Activa 6G is an optimal 110cc choice for those who are prioritising saving money initially. But if the slightly higher budget stretches comfortably, the Activa 125 offers a number of worthwhile improvements and advantages worthy of investing in for the long run. Carefully assess your needs before making the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions on Activa 6G vs Activa 125

Here are the answers to some common questions about comparing the Activa 6G and Activa 125.


What is the main difference between the Honda Activa 6G and Honda Activa 125?

The main difference lies in their engine capacities. The Activa 6G has a 110cc engine, while the Activa 125 boasts a more powerful 125cc engine.

Which scooter offers better fuel efficiency, the Activa 125 or Activa 6G?

The Activa 6G offers slightly better fuel efficiency compared to the Activa 125, thanks to its smaller engine and efficient technologies.

Are there any notable differences in terms of performance and power output?

Yes, the Activa 125 delivers higher power and torque output than the Activa 6G, resulting in slightly better performance and acceleration.

Do both scooters come with a combi-brake system or any other advanced safety features?

Yes, both the Activa 6G and Activa 125 models are equipped with a combi-brake system (CBS) for enhanced safety while braking. The Activa 125 also comes equipped with a disc brake at the front.

Are there any differences in terms of storage capacity and practicality?

Both scooters offer ample under-seat storage space and practical features, ensuring convenient storage for essentials during rides. However, the Activa 125, with an open glove box at the front, has the edge over the Activa 6G.

Which scooter offers a more comfortable riding experience, especially for long commutes?

Both the Activa 6G and Activa 125 offer comfortable rides, but the Activa 125's slightly larger dimensions and additional power might provide a more comfortable experience during longer commutes.

Which are the competitors of Activa 6G and Activa 125?

Suzuki Access 125, TVS Ntorq 125, TVS Jupiter, TVS Jupiter 125, Yamaha Fascino, Ather 450X, and OLA S1 Air are some of the rivals of the Activa 6G and the Activa 125. 

Which has a higher seat height between Activa 6G and 125? 

Both scooters have identical seat heights of 765mm, making them equally convenient for riders of varying heights.

Do these Activa models have an external fuel filler cap? 

Yes, both Activa 6G and Activa 125 have an external fuel inlet cap for ease of refuelling without having to get off the scooter.

What is the kerb weight of these two Honda scooters? 

The Activa 6G has a kerb weight of 106kg, while the Activa 125 tips the scale at 110kg.

Which of these models has wider rear tyres? 

The tyre dimensions are identical on both models - 90/100-10 rear and 90/90-12 front tyres, indicating similar stability.

What is the ground clearance offered on these scooters? 

Ground clearance of 162mm is available on both Activa 6G and Activa 125, allowing them to clear speed bumps easily.

Do these scooters have a combi braking system? 

Yes, both Activa models are equipped with a combi brake system(CBS) that links front and rear wheel brakes for balanced stopping power.

Which has a higher wheelbase between these two models?

The Activa 125 has a longer 1825mm wheelbase over the 1761 wheelbase of Activa 6G, allowing extra leg space.

What is the turning radius offered on these Hondas? 

Activa 6G has a 1.73-metre turning radius, while Activa 125 offers the ability to take a 1.6-metre radius circle, enabling easy manoeuvrability.

Do these models have an engine kill switch? 

No, neither Activa 6G nor Activa 125 offers an engine kill functionality for emergency shutdown by the rider.

Which Honda scooter has a larger fuel tank? 

Both the Activa 6G and Activa 125 have identically sized 5.3-litre fuel tanks promising similar refuelling ranges.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content, and before making any insurance-related decisions.


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