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Jawa Bikes in India: Price, Specifications and Types

TeamAckoJun 19, 2024

Jawa Bikes has been one of the most popular brands in India since the 1960s. It stepped out from the Indian automotive market in 1998 and then again in 2018 it came back with Mahindra and Mahindra. Jawa Bikes provides a classic retro look, cruise driving experience, affordable pricing, excellent after-sales service, and advanced technology. Because of these notable features, it is quite popular among young motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Each of the Jawa variants offers a unique look with distinctive features. Continue reading this blog to learn about different Jawa bikes on road price in India, their features, specifications, and more.




Types and Prices of Jawa Bike

Jawa is a popular brand, well known for its classy look and cruise comfort. The brand focuses majorly on style and innovation and introduces a wide range of bikes to please every motorcycle enthusiast. In India, there is a specific segment of bike enthusiasts who prefer Jawa bike models. Jawa bike price in India 2024 starts from Rs. 1.98 Lakh (ex-showroom price) and ranges between Rs. 1.98 Lakh to Rs. 2.30 Lakhs (ex-showroom). 

In the Indian market, Jawa offers 4 different models of its bike. They are - Jawa 42, Jawa 42 Bobber, Jawa 350 and Jawa Perak. The table below represents the ex-showroom price comparison of these models:


Ex-showroom Price

Jawa 42

Rs. 198,142

Jawa 42 Bobber

Rs. 229,500

Jawa 350

Rs. 214,950

Jawa Perak

Rs. 213,187

Jawa Bike Features and Specifications

Below we have highlighted a few key features that the Jawa bike has, making it popular among Indian customers:

  • Classic & Retro Styling: Jawa motorbikes are renowned for their classic and vintage styling, which is evocative of the famous Jawa bikes of the past.

  • Spoke Wheels and Tubed Tyres: To further enhance their vintage appearance, Jawa bikes are equipped with spoke wheels and tubed tyres. 

  • Braking System: The model determines the available brake choices. The Jawa Standard has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake in addition to a single-channel ABS. Both the front and rear wheels of the Jawa 350 are equipped with disc brakes (although some sources also mention drum brakes on the back). 

  • Additional Features: LED tail lights, halogen headlights, and a digital instrument cluster with an analogue speedometer are standard on Jawa bikes. The particular characteristics could change according to the model and version.

The table below has a detailed comparison of the specifications of each model of Jawa bike for your better understanding:


Jawa 42

Jawa Perak

Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa 350

Engine Capacity

294.72 cc

334 cc

334 cc

334 cc




Modern Bobber








Around 30 kmpl

Around 30 kmpl

Around 30 kmpl

Around 34 kmpl


1369 mm

1485 mm

1485 mm

1449 mm

Colour Options

4 dual tone and 4 single tone

1 single tone

2 dual tone and 3 single tone

3 single tone


182 kg

185 kg

185 kg

184 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.5 litres

13.2 litres

12.5 litres

13.2 litres

Maximum Power

27.32 ps


29.9 ps

22.57 ps

Bore Stroke

76 X 65 mm

81 x 65 mm

81 X 65 mm

81 x 65 mm

Maximum Torque

26.84 Nm

30 Nm

30 Nm

28.1 Nm

Compression Ratio





Seat Height

788 mm

750 mm

740 mm

790 mm

Gear Box


Constant-mesh 6 speed

Constant-mesh 6 speed

Constant-mesh 6 speed

Which is the Best Model Among Jawa Bikes?

There are four different models in Jawa whose detailed features and specifications we have discussed above. However, there comes a question: which among the 4 is the best model to buy? Well, to answer that we have provided a detailed overview of the models:

  • Jawa 42: This model is a sibling of the classic Jawa 350 and an updated version of Jawa 42. Jawa 42 consists of a 334 cc engine with styling features and colours.

  • Jawa 350: This is one of the oldest models. Recently, it has been upgraded with a 334 cc liquid-cooled engine. The design is a replica of the original Jawa 250 launched during the 1950s.

  • Jawa Perak: Jawa Perak is a single seater and this is the first bike with a 334 cc engine present in today's motorcycles.

  • Jawa 42 Bobber: Similar to Perak, this model is also a single-seater model that provides a modern look with distinctive features such as an LED headlight, alloy wheels, digital instrument cluster, and others.

Once you have considered your needs and preferences and the budget most suitable for you, you should be able to decide which Jawa bike is the best for you.

Jawa Bike On-Road Price in Different Cities

The prices of Jawa 42 vary from one city to another in India. Here is the Jawa bike price that prevails in different cities:


Ex-Showroom Price


Rs. 2.44 Lakh


Rs. 2.25 Lakh


Rs. 2.53 Lakh


Rs. 2.20 Lakh


Rs. 2.36 Lakh


Rs. 2.29 Lakh


Rs. 2.31 Lakh

Bottom Line

To conclude, Jawa bikes are unique because of their innovative design and powerful performance. Despite competing with a large number of companies in the market, choosing a Jawa bike is a compelling choice because of its engine capacity, customisable options and cruising vibes. With a strong resale value, every bike enthusiast should undergo a proper evaluation of its strengths, weaknesses, and limited features. Moreover, because of its high retention value over time, Jawa bikes not only provide an overwhelming ride but also a good investment in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and their answers related to Jawa Bike Price in India


Which Jawa bike is considered the most expensive in India?

Jawa Perak is considered the most expensive bike in India with prices starting from Rs. 2.13 Lakhs. 

What are the three most popular Jawa bike models in India?

The three most popular Jawa bike models in India are the Jawa 42, Jawa 42 Bobber, and Jawa Perak.

Which Jawa bike model provides the highest mileage in India?

Jawa 42, price starting from Rs. 1.98 Lakh, provides the highest mileage in India.

Which Jawa bike models are soon to be launched in India?

Jawa Cruiser and Jawa Adventure are the two Jawa bike models to be launched soon in India. 

Who are the top competitors of Jawa Motor Company?

The top competitors of Jawa Motor Company in India are Honda, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Bajaj Auto.


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