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Upcoming CFMoto Bikes in India: Expected Launch Date & Price

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

There is good news for bike riders who love exploring new places on their two-wheelers. A renowned name in the bike industry, CFMoto is about to launch exciting and thrilling new bikes in 2022–2023. For those unaware of the name, CFMoto was founded in 1989 and is best known for its quality bikes, and supply of additional parts to over 3000 companies globally. Their bikes are technology and innovation-driven.

The company aims to ensure customers get a thrilling experience while simultaneously caring for safety and security while riding their bikes. Let's look at the different models and also understand why bike insurance is so important, and how it can keep you safe if the worst happens.




Upcoming CFmoto Bikes In India: Look out For These Models in 2022

CFMoto will be launching several bikes in the coming year, like CFMoto MT800, CFMoto 250 NK, and CFMoto Electric Bike. Let us learn about the top upcoming CFmoto Bikes In India:

Model Price Expected Launch Date
CFMoto Electric Bike Rs. 2,00,000 December 2022
CFMoto 250 NK Rs. 1,75,000 December 2022
CFMoto 300SR Rs. 2,49,000 December 2022
CFMoto 400GT Rs. 4,00,000 December 2022

CFMoto Electric Bike (Expected Launch Date: December 2022)

CFMoto Electric Bike will be launched in India in December 2022, and it is an electric bike that provides several kilometers of riding on a single charge. The following are the specs of the CFMoto Electric Bike:

  • Engine: 292 cc

  • Gear Box: CVT

  • Fuel Type: Electric

  • ABS: Dual Channel

  • Wheels Type: Alloy

  • Tire Type: Tubeless

  • Expected Price: Rs. 2,00,000

CFMoto 250 NK (Expected Launch Date: December 2022)

The upcoming CFMoto 250NK is an agile bike, powered by a stable and robust engine. The following are the key specifications of the upcoming CFMoto 250 NK:

  • Engine: 249 CC

  • Kerb Weight: 151 Kg

  • Max Power: 26.51 bhp

  • Gears: 6 Speed

  • ABS: Dual Channel

  • Starting: Self-Start Only

  • Expected Price: Rs. 1,75,000 onwards

CFMoto 300SR (Expected Launch Date: December 2022)

The 300SR is a sports racing bike with a high-value riding experience. The key specifications of CFMoto 300SR are:

  • Engine: 292 cc

  •  Kerb Weight: 165 Kg

  • Max Power: 29.09 bhp

  • Gears: 6 Speed

  • ABS: Dual Channel

  • Starting: Self-Start Only

  • Expected Price: Rs. 2,49,000 onwards

CFMoto 400GT (Expected Launch Date: December 2022)

The upcoming CFMoto 400GT is going to conquer the road due to its great stance, styling, and remarkable capabilities. The specs of this bike are:

  • Engine: 400 cc

  • Kerb Weight: 226 kg

  • Gears: 6 Speed

  • ABS: Dual Channel

  • Starting: Self-Start Only

  • Expected Price: Rs. 4,00,000 onwards

Upcoming CFMOTO Bikes in India - Benefits of Purchasing an Insurance Policy

The following are a few of the main benefits of purchasing and renewing the comprehensive insurance plan of CFMOTO:

Avoiding the Penalties

A two-wheeler insurance policy helps you avoid the penalties imposed by traffic authorities for failing to comply with the compulsory insurance laws.

Get Covered Completely

It aids you in staying insured against any 3rd party liabilities, covering for damage incurred. Also, renewals before the expiry lead to hassle-free coverage.

Ride Peacefully

The insurer takes care of the massive expenses regarding accidents involving CFMoto bikes, however, helping you with the fundamental logistics behind the things that happen during bike accidents.

Cashless Claim

One of the primary benefits of insuring your CFMoto bike will be that in case of an accident, you can take your bike to a network garage linked with platforms like ACKO, and you can repair your bike without paying a penny out of your pocket while your insurance company will take care of the costs. The insurer will provide you with a list of network garages, or you may download it from their official website.

No Claim Bonus

If you haven't made any claims during your policy term, your insurance company will provide you with a discount on your payable premium. The discount will keep getting better with each claim-free insurance policy renewal.

Generally, the NCB ranges between 20% and 50%. However, no matter how much NCB you accumulate, the moment you file a claim, the NCB becomes zero. So, you must refrain from making claims for petty amounts.


These upcoming CFMoto bikes in India will be dominant on the streets. You can choose the best bike according to your preferences. To choose the best bike for you, you can consider your riding habits and requirements so that you select the most appropriate upcoming CFMoto bike in India. Also, make sure to insure your bike with ACKO's feature-rich bike insurance policy to get maximum coverage at a minimum price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about upcoming cfmoto bikes in India.


Is buying CFMOTO bike insurance a costly process?

The insurance invoice depends completely on the type of policy you select for your CFMOTO bike insurance. You may choose liability insurance as it never costs much. However, if you choose the comprehensive policy with add-ons, the insurance invoice might become costlier. 

What is the cheapest policy for upcoming CFMOTO bikes?

ACKO Insurance offers cost-effective third-party and comprehensive insurance policies for two-wheelers, safeguarding you from the adverse effects of any mishap. The policy offers greater funds as coverage for the damages imposed on the life, property, or vehicle due to any mishap that involves your bike.

Does the comprehensive insurance coverage for CFMOTO bikes cover incidents such as natural calamities?

You will easily get coverage with the comprehensive plan based on the terms and conditions applied in situations when there is damage to your bike.

Is it easy to renew the insurance policy for your CFMOTO bikes online if I bought them earlier from the bike dealer?

Renewing using the same route used for purchasing the policies is never compulsory. You can easily purchase or renew your bike's policy directly from an online insurer.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.

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