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Upcoming Hero Electric Bikes in India: Expected Launch Date & Price

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Do you commute from home to school or work? If you live near a city, traffic jams are a pain you'll have to contend with on a daily basis.  However, you can overcome traffic using a bike. Bikes are the most convenient means of mobility you will get in India. Riding a bike helps you easily manoeuvre through jams when compared to a car. With a bike, you pay less for fuel, and you will move faster.

With electric bikes slowly picking up steam, you won't even have to visit a petrol station when you buy an electric bike, which saves you fuel costs. Are you new to electric bike riding? Or do you have an older bike and want to upgrade to an electric bike? You can consider this list of upcoming Hero electric bikes in India in 2022 and 2023.




Top Best Upcoming Hero Electric Bikes in India

Model Price Expected Launch Date
Hero Electric AE-29 Rs. 85,000 December 2022
Hero Electric AE-3 Rs. 1.50 lakhs December 2022
Hero Electric AE-47E Rs. 1.00 lakh June 2023
Hero Electric AE-8 Rs. 70,000 January 2023
Hero Electric AE-75 Rs. 80,000 March 2023

1. Hero Electric AE-29

If you are a fan of the Hero electric bikes, the AE-29 is one of the bikes you should check once it launches in the market soon. The bike will have a conventional design, but you'll notice several modern features in the AE-29 Hero electric bike. These include the bluetooth connectivity, mobile charger, and walk and reverse assist, and it will also come with full LED lighting.

Safety systems are another factor you need to check when considering the upcoming Hero electric bikes in India. The AE-29 bike model is fitted with drum brakes at the two ends and a combined braking system to enhance safety. The bike uses a twin gas-charged suspension at the rear and a telescopic fork for the underpinnings.

Specifications of Hero Electric Ae-29

Transmission Automatic
Power 150hp@10,000 rpm
Max torque 108Nm@9,500rpm
Body type Electric bikes
Fuel type Electric
Range 80 km/charge
Motor power 1000
Charging time 4 hours

2. Hero Electric AE-3

The Hero electric bike AE-3 model will be a perfect choice for daily commuters. You can also use the bike for your regular commuting. The bike is faster and with efficient performance. Among the features, you will find in AE-3 is a twin telescopic fork up front. The pair of disc brakes from the bike helps to stop the power.

You won't struggle to balance Hero bike AE-3, since the bike uses a gyroscope-enabled automatic balance park switch for self-balancing.  When you charge the battery once, it delivers a range of 100 km. Hero electric bike also comes with a mobile charger you can use, which increases your riding comfort and convenience.

Specifications of Hero Electric Bike Ae-3

Fuel type Electric
Top speed 80 kmph
Transmission Automatic
Range 100 km/charge
Charge time 5 hours

3. Hero Electric AE-47 E-bike

AE-47 is the company's first electric bike. The bike is compact but with a neo-retro design. You will enjoy a host of features if you purchase AE-47. The main features include GPS, geofencing, walk and reverse assist and 2-ride modes. You will get other perks from the AE-47 Hero electric bike, like cruise control, a USB charger, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Specifications of Hero Electric Bike Ae-47

Motor power 4000
Body type Electric bike
Acceleration 0-60 in 9 seconds
Fuel type Electric
Transmission Automatic
Max power 18,800 w
Range 160 km/charge

4. Hero Electric AE-8

AE-8 is also among the upcoming Hero electric bikes in India. The bike uses a full-LED headlight. The AE-8 Hero electric bike has a full digital instrument console. You can also charge your smartphone using a mobile charger. Bluetooth's connectivity is another package from the new AE-8.

Specifications of Hero Electric Bike Ae-8

Fuel type Electric
Transmission Automatic
Battery type Battery pack
Expected colour Blue

5. Hero Electric AE-75

If you plan to buy an electric two-wheeler, the AE-75 Hero bike is among the new models to consider. You can go up to 80 kilometres when you fully charge the bike. In addition, the bike comes with other digital features, which gives you comfort when riding.

Specifications of Hero Electric Ae-75

Fuel type Electric
Body type Electric bikes
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 80 km
Motor power 4000


Hero electric bikes are good for commuting even for beginners. You can save cash and manoeuvre your way out of traffic jams without struggling when riding. We have explored five upcoming Hero electric bikes in India and their specifications. Pick any of the above models, and you will have the most enjoyable riding experiences! Visit the ACKO website and choose an insurance policy for your Hero electric bike. You will get a two-wheeler insurance policy at the most affordable cost.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions about upcoming hero electric bikes in India


Do we have any upcoming Hero electric two-wheelers in India?

Yes. Hero electric two-wheeler company is going to launch various bikes soon. These include the Hero electric bikes AE-29, AE- 3, AE-47, AE-75, and AE-8.

What insurance policy is good for my Hero electric bike in India?

Consider buying a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan to get maximum protection. A third-party policy or standalone-own damage covers offer limited protection, which costs you out-of-pocket cash if any unexpected incident happens.

What is the average charging time of the upcoming Hero electric bikes in India?

Depending on the bike you buy, you can charge the bike or battery between 4 and 5 hours. When your bike is fully charged, you will ride it for 80 or 100 km. But that depends on the model of your bike.

How much will a person pay to own any of India's upcoming Hero electric bikes?

The cost of brand-new bikes varies based on model. It might cost you between Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 150 to buy the upcoming Hero bikes.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.

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