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How to Convert a Petrol-driven Car to Run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an alternative fuel source for a car running on petrol. It can offer several benefits, including reduced emissions and potentially lower fuel costs. This article will outline how to convert your petrol-driven car to run on CNG, along with a list of the tools and equipment you'll need. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or simply save money on fuel, converting your car to run on Compressed Natural Gas can provide long-term benefits for you and the environment.




How to convert a petrol car to CNG?

With the sharp rise in fuel prices, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles have become more popular in India. In fact, a number of automakers now include factory-installed CNG kits with their vehicles. In addition to being more affordable, CNG is also a more environmentally friendly fuel than conventional fuel because it emits fewer greenhouse gases. Therefore, the practical option in the current situation, where electric cars have a high price tag, are CNG vehicles.

If you already have a car and want to switch to CNG, you may be wondering if it is possible to convert a petrol-powered car to run on CNG. While the process of converting a petrol vehicle to CNG can be complex, it is possible. To do this, you will need to purchase an aftermarket CNG kit and install it correctly. It's important to be careful when choosing and installing the kit to ensure that the conversion is done correctly.

Preconditions for installing a CNG Kit

The prerequisites for converting petrol vehicles to CNG vehicles are listed below.

  • Verify that your vehicle can operate with the CNG kit.

  • Purchase the CNG kit from a licensed dealer.

  • Check to see that your car has only brand-new parts installed.

  • Prior to installation inside the car, the CNG tank should be hydro-tested for leaks.

CNG installation

After sorting out the initial requirements, the next step is to install the CNG kit in your car. It is a difficult process that needs to be carried out by a professional. It is not advised to perform the installation by yourself; if you do, do it with the help of an expert. The parts needed to convert a petrol vehicle to a CNG vehicle are listed below.

  • Air/Gas mixer

  • Pressure regulator

  • High-pressure line

  • CNG filling valve

  • CNG tank

  • Manometer

  • Selector switch (To switch between petrol and CNG)

  • Emulator

  • Heating system

The conversion from petrol to compressed natural gas is finished after the installation of the aforementioned parts. But the work is only halfway done. After installation, make sure all the parts are correctly fitted and tightened. Check the fuel lines for leaks. Also, check the pressure regulator for leaks. You can start the engine once you've finished the inspection. Just be sure to start the engine in petrol mode first before switching to CNG.

Types of CNG kits

In India, there are two types of CNG kits available for cars: those that are factory-installed by the manufacturer and those that can be purchased and installed by an authorised dealer. Both types of CNG kits are designed to run cars on compressed natural gas.

1. Factory-fitted CNG kit

The factory of the automobile manufacturer instals this kind of CNG kit.

  • The CNG kit is exclusive to a specific model and is incompatible with any other vehicle.

  • Although more expensive than aftermarket kits, these CNG kits are safer.

  • Since the CNG kit was installed at the factory, your car's warranty is unaffected.

2. Aftermarket CNG fuel kit

Any petrol-powered vehicle can use the aftermarket kit.

  • Due to the fact that these are universal kits, they can be installed in line with any vehicle design. 

  • As opposed to factory-fitted kits, aftermarket CNG kits are less expensive.

  • The car's warranty may be voided if a CNG kit is retrofitted.

  • Compared to factory-fitted kits, these kits offer less safety.

Pre-conversion checks for CNG

Before converting a petrol car to a CNG car, it is important to consider the following points.

  • Check compatibility: Make sure that your car is compatible with CNG fuel. Older cars may not be suitable for CNG kits.

  • Government approval: Obtain approval from the government to use a CNG kit in your car. You may also need to change the fuel type in your car's registration certificate. This process is typically easier for brand-new cars.

  • Avoid locally produced kits: Purchase a branded CNG kit from an authorised dealer to ensure that the equipment is of good quality. Avoid buying from local dealers.

  • Running costs: Converting a petrol car to CNG can be expensive, but the long-term running costs of a CNG car are usually lower. That being said, CNG fuel may have negative effects on the engine over time, leading to higher maintenance costs.

  • Maintenance: Using CNG fuel could reduce power and increase the frequency of maintenance checks to extend the engine's life.

  • Availability of fuel stations: CNG filling stations may not be as widespread as petrol or diesel stations, so it is important to consider this when planning long trips. 

  • Car insurance premium: The insurance premium for a CNG car may be higher due to the higher maintenance costs. However, this applies specifically to Comprehensive Car Insurance plans.

Benefits of using CNG

Here are some benefits of using CNG as a fuel source.

  • Environment friendly: CNG produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fuels, making it a more eco-friendly option.

  • Affordable: CNG is generally cheaper than petrol or diesel, which means it can help you save money on fuel costs. It's known to enable good fuel economy.

  • Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of CNG is that it can be used as a dual fuel. This means that if you can't find a CNG filling station, you can simply switch to using petrol to keep your vehicle running.

Disadvantages of using CNG

There are some drawbacks to converting a petrol vehicle to run on CNG.

  • Limited availability: One of the main disadvantages of CNG is that it can be difficult to find CNG refuelling stations, as they are less widely available than petrol or diesel stations.

  • Space consumption: In order to fit a CNG tank in a car, it is often placed in the trunk, which can take up space that could be used for storage. The CNG tank is also relatively large and can add weight to the vehicle, which can impact performance.

  • High installation cost: Aftermarket CNG conversion kits can be expensive, so the initial investment to convert a petrol vehicle to CNG can be significant. CNG vehicles that come with factory-installed kits are also typically more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

  • Safety-related issues: Because CNG is a gaseous fuel that can leak and possibly cause explosions, it is less safe than petrol.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequent queries and their answers about converting CNG vehicles to petrol are listed below.


Is it possible to convert a petrol car to run on CNG?

Yes, converting a petrol car to run on CNG is possible. This is typically done by installing an aftermarket CNG kit.

How much does it cost to convert a petrol vehicle to a CNG vehicle?

The cost of converting from petrol to compressed natural gas is determined based on the make of the car. The cost is also dependant on the CNG kit and the installation components used.

Is it a good idea to convert my petrol car to run on CNG?

Yes, converting your petrol car to run on CNG can be a good choice because it produces fewer harmful emissions and is less expensive to operate. However, it can be expensive to make the initial conversion.

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