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SUV Car Insurance

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Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have become a popular alternative to hatchbacks, sedans and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) for many drivers. SUVs are a preferred option due to the additional comfort, convenience and cabin space. With these additional benefits, is insurance for SUVs expensive? In this article, we explore SUV car insurance and how you can buy or renew car insurance for SUVs online.

Why is SUV insurance important?
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Car insurance for SUVs insures you against financial liability, medical expenses and legal consequences. Also, SUV insurance (Third-party Liability Plan) is mandated as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Suppose you don’t have Third-party Insurance for your SUV. In that case, you are risking financial and legal liability in case of an accident, which could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of rupees. You would end up spending from your pocket for repairs and legal costs.

Apart from the mandatory Third-party Insurance for your vehicle, it is only when you insure your SUV with Comprehensive Insurance is your vehicle covered against damages, or different perils, like natural or man-made calamities, theft, or fire.

If you don’t have car insurance for your SUV, you could potentially be breaking the law. Driving without insurance could result in penalties and/or imprisonment. The purpose of having car insurance for your SUV is so you can reimburse others for damage you cause, or you are financially protected against expenses from a car accident.

Insuring your SUV is crucial even beyond accidents and third-party liabilities. If your SUV is stolen, you can raise a claim with your insurer, in this case, ACKO, and we would pay the insured value based on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Types of insurance for SUVs
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Here are the primary types of car insurance for SUVs.

Third-party cover
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Owning third-party insurance for your SUV is compulsory while driving a vehicle in India. The cover provides financial and legal protection if you damage someone’s property or vehicle or injure them in an accident.

Comprehensive cover
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Apart from coverage against third-party liabilities, the Comprehensive cover also protects you against damages or losses to your vehicle caused due to accidents, theft, floods, earthquake, riots, vandalism and more. For optimum insurance coverage for your SUV, it is advisable to opt for the Comprehensive cover for broader coverage and reduce your financial liabilities.

Inclusions: SUV insurance
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Here are the risks covered under ACKO’s Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Exclusions: SUV insurance
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Here are the risks not covered under ACKO’s Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Note: Please check respective policy wordings for more details.

ACKO claim process for car insurance for SUVs
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You can submit your claim by visiting, or by calling us on 1800-266-2256. You can also raise your car insurance claim online through our mobile app. While raising a claim, you are required to provide the following details.

While raising a claim through our website or mobile app, follow these simple steps.

Our support team might settle your claim within a few hours in case of minor damages, while your claim settlement for significant damages may be processed in a few days.

How to get the best car insurance for SUVs?
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Driving around in a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) has its own charm. The mighty car can be equated with a King’s chariot; strong, appealing, and powerful. However, one must take adequate measures to safeguard this asset. Following road rules and driving cautiously is a necessity. Apart from this, purchasing an extensive car insurance policy is a good way of mitigating financial losses in case of mishaps involving the insured SUV. Also, insuring your car with at least a Third-party Liability policy is a mandatory requirement.

SUVs are impressive four-wheelers. It has a strong stance and road presence. It is prudent to take necessary precautions to safeguard your vehicle. Apart from driving safe, purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage for your SUV is an important step. It helps mitigate financial losses in case of accidental damages to your vehicle.

Apart from insuring your vehicle with the mandatory Third-party Liability Policy, you need to cover it with the Own Damage cover (OD). Along with the basic insurance coverage, you should consider including valuable add-ons to insure your SUV for broader coverage.


Types of Car Insurance Online
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Digitization of the Indian insurance industry has made it possible to insure your car in an extremely convenient manner. Therefore, insuring your SUV online is a beneficial option, purely in terms of convenience. There are two types of policies: Third-party car insurance online and Comprehensive policy online.

A Comprehensive plan is better than the basic Third-party car insurance online option as it includes the mandatory aspect of the Third-party policy as well as insures the SUV against accidents, calamities, and theft, etc. Moreover, you also have the option of purchasing riders/Add-ons along with a Comprehensive plan. These Add-ons cannot be purchased individually or along with a Third-party Liability policy.


Pick the right Add-ons
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Add-ons are additional covers designed to provide an extra layer of insurance for your vehicle. They do increase your car insurance premium but offer enhanced coverage. It is crucial to choose only those Add-ons that meet your requirements. Therefore, one must analyze own requirements and purchase only those add-ons that add value to your policy.

SUVs are designed for long, rough, road trips; and you might be taking your SUV for a spin regularly on such road trips. In such cases, a Roadside Assistance Add-on is of great importance. If your car breaks down in the middle of a trip, all you need to do is call up your insurer and they will take care of your car by either sending a mechanic or towing your car to a nearby garage. Apart from this, other popular Add-ons are: Zero Depreciation, Return to Invoice, Passenger Cover, etc.


Compare Various Car Insurance Options
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Car insurance comparison is an integral part of the research process when it comes to finding the right car insurance company and the policy. Car insurance comparison helps you to find a low-priced car insurance policy, without compromising on the coverage.

Compare car insurance based on the following points

Coverage provided by the policy; Premium charged by the insurer; Claim settlement aspect of the insurer; Overall service of the insurer

If you were associated with an insurance provider earlier, you can compare car insurance based on your previous experience by looking at new-age insurers and their offerings. Digital-first insurance companies might provide exclusive offers from time-to-time on their website.


Renew on Time
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Purchasing a car insurance for SUV is not a one-time process. It needs to be renewed to keep it active. Remember, an expired car insurance policy is an invalid policy. Driving your SUV with an invalid car insurance policy is not at all fruitful. You can be penalized for doing so as it is as bad as driving without car insurance. Thus, it is better to renew your car insurance policy in advance. Renewing it a week before the expiry date is a good idea. This way, last-minutes hassles associated with renewing car insurance can be avoided.

Key benefits of buying car insurance for your SUV
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Here are some of the advantages of buying car insurance for your SUV.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind while buying SUV insurance
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It is important to buy the right type of insurance plan for broad insurance coverage for your SUV. Here are some tips for buying the right insurance plan for your vehicle.

Purchase Zero Depreciation cover
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The basic insurance plan considers the depreciation of vehicle parts before settling a claim. However, the depreciation factor is not considered while settling the claim with the Zero Dep add-on cover. Hence, you get a higher claim settlement amount and avoid paying from your pocket.

Buy Compulsory Personal Accident Cover - Owner cum Driver (CPA)
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The PA cover is mandatory when you purchase insurance for your vehicle. The cover provides financial assistance in case of death or injury caused due to an accident.

Include No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection cover
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For not raising any claims during the policy period, you receive a discount known as No Claim Bonus. However, if you do submit a claim, you lose the discount. With the NCB Protection cover, your discount is protected even if you raise a claim.

Include Roadside Assistance cover (RSA)
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Being stranded on the road with an SUV that won’t start can be a daunting experience. With the RSA cover, you get 24x7 emergency roadside assistance during such situations.

SUV features that impact insurance cost
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SUVs are larger and bigger compared to small hatchbacks and sometimes even premium sedans. What may cost less to repair a sedan may be expensive for an SUV. Here are some of the features of SUVs that impact insurance rates.

Sedan vs SUV insurance: Which is cheaper?
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SUVs have become a preferred choice for drivers in India. It offers that extra elbow room you always wanted in your car apart from features such as higher ground clearance, bigger wheels, etc., that are crucial for Indian roads. However, the insurance cost for a vehicle, be it an SUV or sedan, is based on some primary and common factors between the two types of four-wheelers.

It is vital that you should weigh in the SUV vs sedan insurance debate. The price of the vehicle is the main factor, while the engine capacity, location, year of manufacture, and variant are other factors that influence the insurance cost.

ACKO SUV car insurance list
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Here is the car insurance for SUVs you can purchase at ACKO.

Frequently asked questions
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Are SUVs more expensive to insure than sedans, hatchbacks, and MPVs?


Generally, big vehicles, such as SUVs, are more expensive to insure. However, small, crossover SUVs have insurance prices among the lowest of any vehicle type, including hatchbacks and sedans. Larger SUVs have higher insurance costs for insurance coverage. 

One of the primary factors in deciding SUV car insurance rates is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the approximate market value of the vehicle. Hence, the insurance rates for SUVs differ between smaller, compact and larger vehicles.

Can I buy car insurance for my brand new SUV from ACKO?


Yes, you can buy car insurance for your brand new SUV from us. Visit our website or mobile app, provide a few details of your vehicle, and our team will customise an insurance quote for your vehicle. You can also process car insurance renewal through the online platform.

What documents are required to buy an SUV car insurance policy online through ACKO?


There is no paperwork involved when buying insurance for SUV cars with us. You don’t have to submit physical documents, and you can insure your SUV through ACKO with a few clicks on our website or mobile app.

Does SUV car insurance cover damages to the vehicle’s engine?


No, engine damages are not covered under the insurance plan, except if damaged due to an accident. However, you can include an Engine Protection add-on cover to increase the base plan’s coverage to include engine damage.

Are add-on covers useful in SUV car insurance?


Yes, car insurance add-on covers provide an extra layer of financial protection and coverage that the base plan does not provide. You can choose from an array of useful add-ons such as Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, Key Replacement, Return to Invoice, Outstation Emergency, No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection, Consumables and Personal Accident Cover for Passengers.

Need More Help?
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