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Nissan Car Insurance

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Nissan Car Insurance

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Buying a car insurance policy is crucial for a car owner. It covers you against unforeseen financial losses due to a car accident. Having motor insurance also ensures that you comply with the legal requirements. If you own or plan to own a new Nissan car, do not forget to insure it with a broad-ranging insurance cover. Read ahead to know all the aspects of buying/renewing Nissan car insurance.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance for Nissan Cars
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Listed below are a few reasons why you must pick a Comprehensive Cover for your Nissan cars.

1. Avoid Penalties
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A Comprehensive Cover for your Nissan car will be a shield against non-compliance penalties concerning car insurance as it fulfils the legal requirements of having third-party coverage.

2. Avoid Unexpected Repair Bills
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Another advantage of a car insurance plan is the Own Damage cover (OD). A Comprehensive Insurance Policy comes with an OD cover that covers damage to your car. The insurance plan covers vehicle damages caused due to fire, accident or natural/man-made calamities.

3. Avoid Liabilities
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If you meet an unfortunate situation where you have caused an injury to a third party or damaged third-party property, then having a comprehensive policy can be your savior as it covers third-part life or properties.

Insurance plans for Nissan
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There are majorly two types of car insurance plans available for Nissan cars: Comprehensive and Third-Party Car Insurance Policy. Below are the coverage details of both the insurance policies.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan provides substantial coverage of your Nissan cars as it comes bundled with Own Damage cover and Third-Party liability coverage. The insurance plan covers damages to your car caused due to accidents, fire, or natural/man-made calamities. The Comprehensive Plan also covers the losses due to theft of the insured vehicle. You have the liberty to customize your standard insurance plan by opting for various add-ons.

Third-Party Car Insurance Plan
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A Third-Party Car Insurance Policy is a basic insurance plan for your Nissan cars. Purchasing a Third-Party Policy is mandatory to meet the legal requirements. The insurance plan covers loss/damages to third-party vehicles/property or life. However, Third-Party Policy does not offer an Own Damage cover for the insured vehicle.

What’s Covered in Nissan Car Insurance? (Inclusions):
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Nissan Comprehensive Insurance Policy offers coverage against the following.

Exclusions of Nissan Car Insurance:
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Nissan car insurance does not offer coverage against the following circumstances.

Add-ons for Nissan Car Insurance
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An add-on is an additional cover, which enhances the coverage benefits of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. You have to pay extra to buy them, but each add-on comes with specific coverage/service, which enhances your overall motor insurance coverage. Below are the available car insurance add-ons for Nissan car insurance.

Having add-ons provides extra protection for your Nissan cars. Buying an engine protection cover proffers coverage against engine damages caused due to coolant/lubrication leakage, accident or natural calamities. Apart from that, you can buy Roadside assistance and Outstation Emergency Cover, if you are planning for a car trip. Buying these add-ons offer value for money. To know more about add-ons, click here.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Nissan Cars
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Below are the advantages of purchasing Nissan car insurance from ACKO.

1 Hour Vehicle Pick Up and Free delivery at doorstep
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Just give us a call, and we will pick up your vehicle within 1 hour (for select cities) for repair works. After the vehicle gets repaired, we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Quick Claim Settlements
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The claim settlement process at ACKO is quick, simple and hassle-free. For filing a claim, visit ACKO’s website/app. After verification of your claim, you will receive an instant claim settlement for minor damages.

Get Expert Assistance
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ACKO’s website provides all the vital information regarding the Nissan motor insurance plans. If you need any clarification or help while purchasing car insurance, the customer support team will assist you in choosing the correct Nissan insurance policy for your car.

Claim Procedure
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The process of filing a car insurance claim is simple and hassle-free at ACKO as it is completely online. Follow the steps below to raise a car insurance claim at ACKO.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Nissan car insurance.



How to renew my Nissan car insurance online?

ACKO offers simple online steps to renew your Nissan car insurance. You can instantly renew the policy by logging in to your account on the ACKO website/app. Choose the renewal option, select your plan and pay online. There is no paperwork, and the renewed policy is sent to your registered email address.

My Nissan car insurance has already expired. Is vehicle inspection compulsory to buy a new insurance plan?

Yes, a car inspection is needed to purchase a new car insurance policy if the previous policy has already expired. Because the vehicle might have suffered damages after the expiration of the policy. So, the insurer will inspect your car before issuing a new car insurance plan for your Nissan car.

How do I get a no-claim bonus at the time of my Nissan car insurance renewal?

If no claim has been raised during your policy period, you can avail of your No Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of your Nissan car insurance renewal. Keep in mind that your NCB stays active for 90 days after the policy expires. 

How much time does it require to insure my Nissan car?

You can insure your Nissan car online within a few minutes. You just need to visit the ACKO website/mobile app to submit a few vehicle details and register for your car insurance. After the completion of payment, you can get confirmation about your insurance policy directly into your inbox.

What are all documents required to renew my Nissan Car Insurance?

If you are renewing an ACKO car insurance policy, you need not submit any documents. The insurance renewal process at ACKO is paperless. However, if you are renewing the insurance offline, then you need to submit the following documents:

  • The previous insurance policy certificate

  • Driving Licence

  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • Identity proof

How can I buy a standalone own-damage car insurance policy online for my Nissan car?

You can buy a standalone Own Damage cover online by visiting the ACKO website or via the ACKO mobile app. Enter your vehicle details and opt for a standalone Own-damage Insurance policy. After completing the payment, you will be insuring your Nissan car with an OD cover.

Can I cancel my Nissan’s insurance plan during the policy period?

Yes, you can cancel your Nissan car insurance plan during the policy period. You can know more about it by visiting ACKO Cancellation and Refund Policy.

What is a Personal Accident cover in Nissan car insurance?

A Personal Accident cover provides coverage against disability or accidental death of the owner/driver. This cover is mandatory as per Indian government law. You can purchase the Personal Accident cover separately when you buy/renew the car insurance policy. If you own multiple vehicles, only one Personal Accident cover is enough.

Car insurance for other Nissan car models/variants
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