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Nissan Magnite Car Insurance

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Nissan Magnite Car Insurance

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Magnite is a compact SUV from Nissan with a spacious and practical design suitable for comfortable long drives. But you can drive your vehicle on Indian roads only when you have mandatory third-party insurance. You might also need insurance for Magnite to financially protect yourself against any damage or loss of your bike, as well as personal accidents. Hence, read on to understand how Nissan Magnite insurance works.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Nissan Magnite
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You will attain the following benefits with Nissan Magnite online insurance.

Easy to buy
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Buying car insurance online for your Magnite makes the process pretty easy to follow. It saves a lot of paperwork as you don’t have to fill or submit documents. All you have to do is check the Nissan Magnite insurance price, give your vehicle details and enter information regarding your previous policy.

24X7 access
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You can go online at any time to purchase insurance for your compact SUV. There is no need to book appointments or wait for someone to call from the insurance company. Simply use a digital insurance platform to access information regarding Nissan Magnite insurance price, process, renewal, add-ons, etc.

Compare add-ons
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When buying vehicle insurance online, you can see and compare various add-on choices conveniently. You can take your time to understand every add-on offered by an insurer before making your decision. It will help you pick the best-suited car insurance quote and features.

Types of car insurance plans for Nissan Magnite
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There are two major types of Nissan Magnite car insurance plans you can opt for.

Third-party Insurance Policy
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Third-party Car insurance is mandatory by law for your Nissan Magnite. With this policy, you get financial coverage against any third-party liability such as death or injury caused to a third party while driving the vehicle. At the same time, you get coverage against third-party property damages as well. This mandatory insurance plan does not provide coverage against the loss or damage to your own car.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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To widen your coverage and make it more balanced, you can opt for the Comprehensive Insurance policy. This plan will combine all the benefits of a Third-party Car Insurance policy with coverage against damages to your insured Magnite. Therefore, you will be able to apply for claims against any loss or accidental damage to your vehicle due to man-made or natural calamities, theft, fire, explosion, etc. Plus, you can utilise add-ons with Comprehensive Insurance for extended coverage and features.

What’s covered in Magnite car insurance? (Inclusions)
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A Comprehensive Insurance Policy can cover the following scenarios for an insured Magnite.

While buying or renewing car insurance for your Magnite, purchasing a Personal Accident (PA) cover is mandatory by law. However, you will have to purchase it separately as an add-on.

What’s not covered in Magnite car insurance? (Exclusions)
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These are the excluded scenarios when it comes to Magnite insurance cover.

Add-ons for Magnite car insurance
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Car Insurance Add-ons are small inclusions you can purchase to extend the features of the Comprehensive Insurance policy for your Magnite. Here are the add-ons you can choose from, along with the Nissan Magnite insurance.

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Here are the key benefits of buying ACKO’s car insurance policy for your Magnite car.

Incredibly Low Premium

Low-cost policy
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There are no middlemen or agents involved in the digital process of buying insurance policies online at ACKO. Hence, there are no commissions involved either. Therefore, you get low premium insurance plans for your Nissan Magnite from ACKO.

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Free and quick pick-up
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In selected cities, we arrange for a quick pick-up at no cost within an hour of your repair request related to vehicle breakdown or accident. After completing all the repairs at one of our network garages, ACKO also arranges the vehicle drop at your house.


Effortless claim process
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Applying for a claim takes not more than a couple of clicks at ACKO’s website or app. You can simply log in to your online account at ACKO, provide information related to the vehicle’s damage and complete claim registration. No need for lengthy paperwork.

ACKO’s claim process
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ACKO digital infrastructure creates a convenient and easy process of raising a car insurance claim. All you need is the soft copies of a few documents and the following steps.

ACKO will contact you to understand your claim request better. The process for minor claims is so swift that you can receive the amount in just a few hours.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some of the questions Magnite insurance buyers ask commonly. For any other queries, feel free to connect with us at [email protected].


How can I renew my Magnite’s car insurance policy at ACKO?

Renewing your car insurance policy is similar to purchasing a new one. For instance, you can select a preferred policy at ACKO, provide your vehicle information and previous policy details, select add-ons, and renew your Magnite’s insurance policy by making the payment online. 

Do I need car insurance for a second-hand Magnite as well?

Yes. Even if you purchase a second-hand Magnite, it is mandatory by law in India to insure your vehicle. Moreover, you would also want to financially protect yourself against calamities, theft, and other kinds of damages. Thus, it makes sense to purchase a Comprehensive Insurance policy even when you own a used Magnite. 

What are the documents required to renew my Magnite’s insurance policy?

With ACKO, you don’t have to worry about lengthy paperwork. Renewing your Magnite’s insurance policy online requires a few simple details such as your full name and address, vehicle’s make/model and registration number, and previous policy information as well. 

Can I get NCB even if I purchase a second-hand Magnite?

A policyholder can receive a No Claim Bonus or NCB if he/she does not raise any claim during the policy period. The discount can go up to 50% if you don’t claim for 5 consecutive years. This discount is available for second-hand Nissan Magnite cars as well. However, the discounted amount will depend on the available NCB balance from the previously purchased policy. 

Car insurance for other Nissan car models/variants
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