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Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh: How to Apply Online/Offline?

Team AckoNov 24, 2022

Madhya Pradesh is a thriving tourist destination in India, where people visit to witness the culture, heritage, and authentic landmarks from eras throughout Indian history. Its attractions, such as the Khajuraho temple, Kanha National Park etc., make tourists flock from all over the country to visit these spots. 

Tourists or state residents who use their personal vehicles to explore Madhya Pradesh or any other part of the country, must have a valid driving licence. This is because the Motor Vehicles Act 1988mandates the necessary possession of a driving licence when driving. People who do not obey the mandates are liable to be fined for their lack of obedience to the law.

The sections below will thus cover everything that you need to know about procuring or renewing a driving licence in Madhya Pradesh.

Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh



Types of Driving Licence In Madhya Pradesh

You can either get a learner’s driving licence or a permanent driving licence in MP. A learning driving licence is valid for 6 months.

Permanent licences are issued for the following vehicle categories:

  • Light vehicles such as auto rickshaws, taxis, vans, and jeeps.

  • Midsize passenger vehicles such as commercial vehicles, tempos, and minivans.

  • Large passenger vehicles such as buses.

  • Commercial vehicles such as tempos and trucks used for freight transport.

  • Non-transport vehicles include automobiles, non-geared motorcycles, private cars, and geared motorcycles.

  • Road roller licences are also issued under non-transport vehicles.

Driving Licence Application Process in Madhya Pradesh

To obtain a driving licence online in Madhya Pradesh, the applicant must complete Form 4, and submit it along with other documents to the Madhya Pradesh RTO officer who issues the driving licence.

After confirming the documents, a practical test will be conducted. Applicants must bring their vehicle, or coordinate with the driving school where they learned to drive for the test.

After completing the proficiency test, the applicant's photograph will be taken, and they will have to provide their biometrics, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan.

The procedure will be completed after verification, and the licence will be mailed to the address provided on the form. Some zones in Madhya Pradesh allow applicants to go to the RTO and pick it up in person. 

How to Apply for A Driving Licence Online in Madhya Pradesh?

You can follow the step below to apply for a driving licence online in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Step 1 – You must visit the official website and select Madhya Pradesh as your state

  • Step 2 – Select the ‘Apply for Driving Licence’ option and just enter your Learner Licence Number and Date of Birth

  • Step 3 – Fill out the self-declaration form after which you will get the DL application number

  • Step 4 – Upload all the documents

  • Step 5 – You need to schedule a date and time for the driving test and visit the RTO accordingly

  • Step 6 – After you clear the test, your photographs and other data will be punched into the system. After thorough verification, you will get the licence number on the mobile through a message.

How to Apply for A Driving Licence Offline in Madhya Pradesh?

Follow the below steps for an offline application of DL in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest RTO and fill out the application form

  • Step 2: You must submit the necessary documents such as address proof, and get a time slot for the driving test

  • Step 3 – You can apply for the permanent DL only after 30 days but not more than 180 days of getting your learner’s driving licence

  • Step 4 – Your documents will be verified, and after approval, you will have to appear for the driving test

  • Step 5 – On clearing the test, you will get your DL on your registered address.

How to Check Driving Licence Application Status in Madhya Pradesh?

You can check your driver's licence status online or at Madhya Pradesh RTO. You can visit the official website to check your online driving licence application status. After logging in, you need to fill in details such as the receipt number, name, and date of application. Once these details have been submitted, your online driving licence application status will be displayed.

Steps to check your driving licence status online:

  • Step 1 - Visit the State Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh's official website or

  • Step 2: Select DL and LL registration options and choose Madhya Pradesh as your state

  • Step 3: Click "Know Application Status" on the newly loaded page.

  • Step 4: Enter your application number and date of birth

  • Step 5: Click Submit, and a page will display your driver's licence status.

Driving Test Procedure in Madhya Pradesh

You can get your permanent driving licence within 6 months of getting the learner's licence after clearing the driving licence test in Madhya Pradesh. Here are some important conditions applicable:

  • For the learner's driving licence, you need to clear an online LL test in Madhya Pradesh. The online learner’s licence test for the driving licence in Madhya Pradesh is a simple exam. It tests the examinees' knowledge of basic rules and regulations, traffic signals, and other driving-related information.

  • Both the learners and the permanent driving test in Madhya Pradesh will be conducted by a designated inspector appointed by the RTO after all your documents have been verified.

  • You must give the test in your vehicle, the one you applied for the licence for, or you can coordinate with the motor driving school.

  • Test for Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler: You need to make an 'Eight' figure without touching the poles embedded at the corners. Your skills in changing gears, speed shifts, reversing around corners, and parking skills will be tested.

  • Test for Four-Wheeler: You will be asked to drive along the 'H', and your driving skills and traffic regulation compliance will be checked.

Also, read: Traffic Rules in India

According to Rule 15 of the Central Vehicle Motor Act (1989), these tests must be complied with, after which you will be issued your permanent driving licence. If you fail the test, you can take a retest within 7 days, for which a nominal fee is charged. You won’t be issued your driving licence without a test in Madhya Pradesh.

Tips for Clearing Your Driving Test

  • Practise well before taking the test and drive confidently

  • Arrive at the test a little early to avoid last-minute delays

  • Smooth gear changes, speed testing, and parking of vehicles should be done appropriately

  • Allow the vehicle to come to a complete stop before turning off the engine

  • Use indicators, rear-view mirror, both side mirrors, turn signals, and hand signals when turning

Driving Licence Fees in Madhya Pradesh

The driving licence Madhya Pradesh fees are as follows:



Madhya Pradesh driving licence fee (Rs.)

Smart Card Fee (Rs.)

Test Fee (Rs.)


Madhya Pradesh driving licence fees for a class vehicle, including two-wheeler licence fees in Madhya Pradesh





For two class vehicles including 4-wheeler driving licence fees in Madhya Pradesh





For three class vehicles including heavy licence fees in Madhya Pradesh




 Addition of other vehicle category in Driver Licence:-



Fee (Rs.)

Smart Card Fee (Rs.)

Test Fee (Rs.)

Web Portal Charges (Rs.)

Total Fee (Rs.)


For a class vehicle







For two class vehicles







For three class vehicles






For Licence Renewal



Renewal Fees (Rs.)

Smart Card Fee (Rs.)

Penalty (Rs.)

Re-test Fee (Rs.)

Web Portal Charge (Rs.)

Total Fee (Rs.)


During the grace period








In the first year








In second year    








In the third year








In the fourth year








In the fifth year








In the sixth year







For Licence Duplicate:-



Second Copy Fee (Rs.)

Smart Card Fee (Rs.)

Web Portal Charges (Rs)

Total Fee (Rs.)


For all classes of vehicles





The learning licence fee in Madhya Pradesh is Rs. 150

Eligibility for Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

To obtain a driver's licence in Madhya Pradesh (MP), you must meet the following criteria:

  • You should be 18 years of age or older with a learner licence

  • Apply for a permanent driver's licence within 30 days or 180 days after obtaining your learner's licence

  • Know all traffic rules and regulations

  • You must be at least 20 years old for commercial licences

  • To obtain a driver's licence, you must appear at the RTO

Documents Required for Driving Licence In Madhya Pradesh

You must have the following documents handy:

  • Valid learner's licence

  • Proof of age

  • Proof of address

  • Passport-size photographs

How to Apply for A Learner’s Licence In Madhya Pradesh?

When applying for learner licence Madhya Pradesh, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - You can log in to the official website or to start the process of applying for a learning licence in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Step 2 - Application Form 1, Form 1A, and Form 2 should be downloaded from the official RTO portal, and submitted along with 3 recent passport photos.

  • Step 3 - You must fill out the online application for the issuance of a learning licence in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Step 4 - A list of documents that are required are proof of enrollment, address, and proof of age like an Aadhar card, insurance policy, birth certificate, driving school-issued transport vehicle class certificate.

  • Step 5 - To apply for an online learning licence in Madhya Pradesh, you need to pay the Rs. 150/- charge for the applied vehicle category.

How to Apply for A Driving Licence Renewal in Madhya Pradesh?

A DL renewal Madhya Pradesh depends on the driver's age and the date of issue. The normal validity period of the licence is 20 years from the date of issue.

Here is a list of documents required for the same:

  • Form No. 9 worth Rs. 250 for online driving licence renewal in Madhya Pradesh for a private car

  • Physical fitness self-report #1

  • Original driver's licence

  • Proof of age and residency along with photographs

  • Commercial vehicle registration - Medical certificate on Form #1A

  • Driver renewal training certificate for large vehicles

Ambiguous or unclear information may delay or block the review process until proper documentation is received. The issuing agency must verify all commercial vehicle licence renewal documents.

Extensions of driver's licences for private motor vehicles are usually made the day after the application is received, whereas driver's licences for commercial vehicles are only sent to the applicant's address after detailed justification has been verified.

Duplicate Driving Licence In Madhya Pradesh

Your DL can be lost, misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. If you lose your driver's licence, first report the loss to the relevant authorities or police station and receive a copy of the FIR.

You can submit it to the RTO to obtain a copy of the driver's licence. You also need to provide details of your lost driver's licence, such as the DL issue number and date of issue, which will simplify the recovery process.

Getting a Duplicate driving licence in Madhya Pradesh online requires approval from the Transport Bureau Headquarters. Here is the list of documents required to obtain a duplicate licence:

International Driving Permit Madhya Pradesh

An international driving permit  can be obtained from any RTO in Madhya Pradesh, valid for 12 months. You must hold a permanent driving licence to apply for the international licence.

The documents you need to submit for the same are:

Valid proof of citizenship

  • A certified copy of a valid driver's licence

  • 5 passport photos

  • Certified copy of valid passport and visa

  • Medical Form 1-A

  • A certified copy of a valid residency certificate

  • A nominal fee of Rs. 500 

  • Application with LLD, FIR, or NCR copy of lost/stolen driver's licence

  • Transport police challan pass report

  • Form 1 (physical fitness self-report)

  • Proof of age, identity, and residence

  • The RTO will charge an application fee of Rs. 200

  • All the above documents must be photocopied and certified by an official or notary public

Concluding Remarks

Besides the licence, it is also mandatory to always carry the RC of your vehicle, and a valid insurance document when driving on the road, according to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. You can get the best vehicle insurance plans and deals atACKO.

So, ensure you comply with the prescribed guidelines and adhere to the norms of driving safely and legally in Madhya Pradesh. 

Frequently Asked Questions



What Are the Latest Reforms Regarding the Issuance of Driving Licences In Madhya Pradesh?

The Madhya Pradesh Department of Transport recently said that applicants must submit a character certificate to obtain a driver's licence in the state. RTO can revoke driver's licence applications and existing licences for individuals accused of crimes against women.

How Often Do I Have to Renew My DL in Madhya Pradesh?

Once the DL expires, the owner must renew it every 5 years. Commercial vehicle licences must be renewed every three years.

Can I Change or Cancel My Driving Test Date In Madhya Pradesh?

You can change or cancel your test date, but you will have to pay a small fee.

What Is the Fee for Renewing a Driver’s Licence In Madhya Pradesh?

Licence renewal fee within 30 days from the expiration date is Rs. 250. For renewal after 30 days from the expiration date, a late application fee of Rs. 50 will be added.

Can I Add New Vehicle Classes to My Car?

Yes, you can add new vehicle classes to your DL. Complete copies of Form 8 and other documents must be submitted to the RTO.

What  Are the Topics That Can Be Asked in the “Driver’s Licence Test”?

The topics that can be asked are:

  • Rules and Regulations on Traffic Signs and Signals under Motor Vehicle Law.

  • Duties and responsibilities of drivers on the road.

  • Traffic safety

  • Information about documents to carry when driving.

Explore More:

Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any DL-related decisions.


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