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Car Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & RC: Loss of License or RC Add-on

Team AckoOct 7, 2021

There are certain fundamental documents associated with a car’s comprehensive insurance policy. You need these basic documents/details to buy the insurance policy and to raise a claim. For instance, you need the vehicle’s engine number while purchasing a policy and the policy number to raise a claim. However, insurance is all about uncertainties.

Car Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & RC

There can be incidents where some of the basic documentation requirements might not be met due to extraordinary circumstances. Claims can be raised and settled even in such cases. Also, you can enhance your Comprehensive policy’s cover with the help of Loss of License and RC Add-on. Read ahead to know more.

Car Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & RC:

Can you raise a car insurance claim without a driving license? The answer is, yes. Can the same be done without an RC? The answer is based on the terms and conditions and the complexities of the situation, but – it can be done. Purchasing a Loss of License or RC Add-on can also prove to be helpful.

A driving license is not needed to purchase a car. The simple reason being you can purchase a car but choose not to drive it – you can hire a driver. But the driver needs to hold a valid driving license and that is needed at the time of a claim. Similarly, there can be a substantial time frame between the purchase of a car and getting it registered. What if something happens to the car?

If you have a comprehensive policy, then things should work out fine. Alternatively, if you have lost crucial documents, an Add-on like Loss of License or RC can be of assistance.

How to Buy Loss of License/RC Add-on for Car Insurance:

Add-ons are cover enhancers. They extend the scope of the insurance policy’s coverage by charging an amount. You will have to pay extra to purchase these Add-ons in exchange for a better cover, enhanced service, or more convenience. For example, consider you buy the Loss of License or RC Add-on and you misplace your smart card driving license. You can raise a claim for it and the insurance company will compensate you monetarily for the loss.

You can buy the Add-on via the online or offline purchase modes if your insurer offers such a cover. In the case the Add-on is unavailable on the website, you can contact the insurance company through email/call/social media and express your desire to purchase the Add-on.

Benefits of Loss of License/RC Add-on:

Here are the prominent features and benefits associated with the Add-on.

  • Comes at a nominal cost.

  • You can receive monetary compensation in the case of loss of crucial documents.

  • Can be purchased easily along with Comprehensive car insurance online.

  • Can prove helpful in overall claims settlement as this Add-on demands the submission of a First Information Report (FIR).

  • It is available for private as well as commercial vehicles.

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Private Car Package Insurance Policy Add-on: Loss of License/RC:

This Add-on can be purchased by you for your private car by paying an additional premium. As a part of the cover, the insurance company will compensate you for the loss or theft of the government-issued driving license or registration certificate within the policy period. The payable amount will be as per the agreed terms and conditions.

Special Conditions:

To raise a claim against this Add-on, you will have to submit a First Information Report (FIR) filed at a police station under whose jurisdiction the loss has occurred.

Required Documents:

This Add-on can be purchased with your car’s Comprehensive plan, which needs the vehicle’s engine and chassis number. To raise a claim, you need an active insurance policy and the above-mentioned FIR.

Commercial Car Insurance Policy Add-on – Loss of License/RC/Permit:

This Add-on is also known as Passenger carrying vehicle Add-on. For example, cabs fall under the commercial car category. Note that a private car’s insurance cover will not work for a commercial car. You need to purchase a dedicated commercial car insurance policy. You can buy this Add-on with such a policy provided it is a Comprehensive plan and not merely a Third-party Liability plan.

Special Conditions:

A First Information Report (FIR) is needed for claim settlement against this Add-on.

Required Documents:

Your Comprehensive commercial car insurance policy needs to be active to raise a claim. Also, the above-mentioned FIR is a must for claims settlement.

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How Do Motor Insurance Policy Add-ons Work?

Add-on covers in motor insurance can be purchased for a car and a bike insurance policy. They can be purchased to enhance the vehicle’s insurance cover. Add-ons can be bought with a Comprehensive policy, and you need to pay extra premium, which usually is a fraction of the amount paid for the Comprehensive plan.

Add-ons cater to specific requirements. That is why they are not a part of the Comprehensive policy that offers a generic cover. You can buy Add-ons as per your needs and raise a claim against incidents covered by it. You can choose to have such Add-ons for a year, then not have them for another year, and so on – they can be tailored to your needs.

Things to Do If You Lost Your Driving Licence/RC/Smart Card:

A driving license and a registration certificate (RC) are important documents if you want to drive your car or ride a bike on Indian roads legally. These are the documents that the traffic police ask for along with the insurance papers while conducting their routine checks.

Therefore, if you have lost these documents, you need to apply for duplicate documents immediately. Here’s how you can do so.

Step 1 – Approach the nearest police station and lodge a First Information Report (FIR).

Step 2 – Approach the nearest RTO and request for duplicate license/RC forms.

Step 3 – Submit the filled application form and add the FIR and the supporting forms to it. The applicable forms can be downloaded from the Parivahan website.

Step 4 – Pay the applicable fees.

Step 5 – Receive the duplicate document via post.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a list of questions and answers that are commonly associated with driving license, registration details, and vehicle insurance.

What information does the RC card hold?

The RC card holds the registration details of the vehicle.

Can I purchase the Loss of License/RC Add-on for my private car if I have a Third-party Liability plan?

Whether you want to purchase the Add-on for a private car or a commercial one, it cannot be purchased with a Third-party Liability only policy. You need a Comprehensive policy for that.

How can I check if my preferred insurer offers the Loss of License/RC Add-on?

You can browse the insurer’s website or contact the insurance company via email, call, or social media channels to know if they offer the Add-on or not.

Can I raise a claim against a Comprehensive car insurance policy if I have a temporary RC?

Yes, it can be done subject to the terms and conditions and submission of the necessary documents.

Is it possible to check the RC status online?

Yes, you can do so on the Parivahan website.

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