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How to Apply for Health Insurance for Newborn

TeamAckoJan 18, 2024

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a special occasion, but it also comes with added responsibilities, including ensuring their health and well-being. One crucial step in this journey is applying for health insurance for your newborn. This is where we come in. You can add a newborn baby to your ACKO health Insurance plan. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of applying for health insurance for newborns.




Why does health insurance matter for newborns?

Newborns are particularly vulnerable to health risks during their initial months of life. Health insurance for newborns provides a safety net, offering financial support to families in times of medical emergencies. Without adequate coverage, families may find themselves facing exorbitant medical bills that can place significant strain on their finances. Moreover, securing health insurance early ensures that newborns have access to timely medical care, preventive measures, and vaccinations, setting the foundation for a healthy life.

General steps to apply for health insurance for newborns

Here are the steps to buy health insurance for your newborn baby. These are general steps, usually applicable to all insurance companies.

  • Step 1: Research and Compare Plans: Begin by researching different health insurance plans available for newborns in India. Compare their coverage, benefits, premiums, and network of hospitals. Look for plans that align with your family's healthcare needs.

  • Step 2: Contact Your Current Insurance Provider: If you already have a health insurance policy, contact your insurance provider to understand their process for adding a newborn to the policy. This might involve submitting certain documents and paying an additional premium.

  • Step 3: Check Waiting Periods: Some health insurance plans have waiting periods before certain benefits can be availed. Make sure you are aware of these waiting periods and choose a plan that aligns with your requirements.

  • Step 4: Gather Necessary Documents: Typically, you'll need to provide documents such as the baby's birth certificate, hospital records, and identity proofs for both parents. Ensure that you have these documents in order before proceeding.

  • Step 5: Fill Out the Application: Complete the application form for adding your newborn to the health insurance policy. Double-check all the information provided to avoid any discrepancies.

  • Step 6: Review and Submit: Carefully review the application form to ensure accuracy. Once reviewed, submit the form along with the required documents to the insurance provider. Keep copies of all documents for your records.

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Documents required for adding newborn baby to Health Insurance coverage

If you're considering including your newborn in your health insurance policy, you need to submit a certain set of documents. Here are some you may need.

  1. Birth certificate of the baby

  2. Maternity discharge card

  3. A photograph for the cashless health card

  4. Health reports detailing the newborn's medical condition, if applicable

  5. Any additional documents requested by your health insurance provider

How to add your newborn baby to ACKO Platinum Health Insurance Plan?

You can add your newborn baby to the ACKO health plan by getting in touch with us. Simply raise a request for adding your newest member to the plan.

Note that you need to fulfil certain criteria before adding your baby to the health insurance plan. Here are the details.

  • Your baby must be born ten months after your policy’s start date.

  • You have disclosed all pre-existing conditions while buying the policy. 

You might have to pay an additional premium for adding your newborn to the policy. 

Risks associated with not buying health insurance for a newborn

Health insurance serves as a safety net that shields families from the uncertainties of medical expenses. Without this crucial coverage, several risks come into play:

  • Financial Instability: The absence of health insurance exposes your family to substantial financial risks. Newborns might require medical attention due to unexpected illnesses or congenital conditions. The resulting hospitalisation, doctor visits, and treatments can lead to hefty bills that strain your finances.

  • Limited Access to Quality Healthcare: Quality healthcare is paramount for a newborn's well-being. However, without health insurance, you might find yourself restricted to subpar medical facilities or delayed treatments due to financial constraints. This jeopardises your child's chances of receiving timely and optimal care.

  • Unforeseen Medical Emergencies: Emergencies can arise at any moment, and being unprepared puts your newborn at risk. Health insurance ensures that you can swiftly respond to medical crises without the burden of exorbitant expenses. If it's a sudden illness or an accident, having coverage provides peace of mind.

  • Neglecting Preventive Care: Regular check-ups and preventive care are necessary for a newborn's healthy development. Insufficient financial resources could lead to neglecting these essential appointments, leaving potential health issues undetected and untreated.

  • Inadequate Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions: Some conditions are present at birth or develop shortly after. Without health insurance, obtaining coverage for these pre-existing conditions becomes challenging, if not impossible. This could lead to a lifetime of difficulties in managing your child's health.

  • Mounting Healthcare Costs: Medical costs are on the rise, and newborns require a series of vaccinations, screenings, and follow-ups in their first year. Not having health insurance means bearing the full brunt of these escalating healthcare expenses, which can quickly accumulate.

Wrapping up

Welcoming a newborn is a life-changing experience, and ensuring their health and happiness is of utmost importance. By applying for health insurance for your newborn in India, you're taking a proactive step towards providing a secure and healthy future. Research, compare, and choose a suitable plan that aligns with your family's needs. With the right health insurance coverage, you can embrace parenthood with confidence and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to Health Insurance for New Born Babies.


Is health insurance for newborns necessary in India?

Yes, health insurance for newborns is highly necessary in India. Newborns are vulnerable to health risks, and having insurance ensures timely access to medical care and financial security for unexpected medical expenses.

What does newborn health insurance typically cover?

Newborn health insurance covers a range of medical expenses, including hospitalisation, doctor's consultations, medications, diagnostic tests, and in some cases, critical illnesses. It also often includes coverage for vaccinations and preventive care.

How can I choose the right coverage option for my newborn?

To choose the right coverage, consider your family's needs, budget, and existing insurance coverage. Compare different policies, their features, and the network of hospitals they offer to find the best fit for your family.

Are vaccinations covered under newborn health insurance?

Yes, many health insurance policies include coverage for vaccinations and preventive care services. This helps ensure that your newborn receives essential vaccinations on time.

What should I consider when making a claim for my newborn's medical expenses?

When making a claim, ensure you submit accurate and complete documents, including hospital bills, medical reports, and any claim forms required by your insurance provider. Keep records of all communication with the insurer.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.


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