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Health Insurance for New Born Baby

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Health insurance for new born babies is a crucial aspect of parenting that often goes overlooked. As a responsible parent, it's important to ensure the well-being of your child from the very beginning. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of health insurance for new born babies in India, the benefits it offers, and how you can choose the right insurance plan for your little one's future.

What is meant by health insurance for a newborn baby?
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Health insurance for a newborn baby is a type of insurance that provides coverage for medical expenses for a newborn baby. This coverage typically starts from the moment of the baby's birth and continues throughout their infancy and childhood, as long as the policy is active. Here are some key points to understand about health insurance for a newborn baby in India:

In India, health insurance for newborns is an important consideration to safeguard the health and well-being of the child and to alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses. Parents should carefully review policy terms, compare different insurance providers, and select a plan that best suits their needs and budget to ensure their baby's health is well protected.

How Does Newborn Baby Health Insurance Work?
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When it comes to securing health insurance for your newborn in India, understanding the process is essential. Here's a breakdown of how newborn baby health insurance works:

1. Eligibility and Enrollment

To enrol your newborn in a health insurance policy, you typically have a window of 30 days from the date of birth. Some insurers offer a grace period, but it's advisable to enrol your child as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

2. Policy Types

There are two main types of policies you can consider for your newborn:

3. Coverage and Benefits

Newborn baby health insurance plans in India typically cover a range of medical expenses, including hospitalisation, doctor's fees, medical tests, and surgeries. Additionally, some policies might include vaccination costs and pre-existing conditions after a waiting period.

4. Premiums and Payments

Premiums for newborn health insurance policies vary based on factors such as the insurer, type of policy, coverage amount, and your location. Premiums are generally lower for infants, but it's crucial to compare policies and choose one that provides adequate coverage.

5. Claim Process

In case of a medical emergency involving your newborn, follow these steps to file a claim:

Need for Health Insurance for Newborn
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Newborns are particularly vulnerable to health risks during their initial months of life. Health insurance for newborns provides a safety net, offering financial support to families in times of medical emergencies. Without adequate coverage, families may find themselves facing exorbitant medical bills that can place significant strain on their finances. Moreover, securing health insurance early ensures that newborns have access to timely medical care, preventive measures, and vaccinations, setting the foundation for a healthy life.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Plan with a Newborn baby cover
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Here are the benefits of buying a health insurance plan with health insurance coverage for a newborn baby.


Comprehensive Newborn Care
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A dedicated health insurance plan with newborn coverage ensures that your child receives comprehensive medical care from the very beginning. This covers essential healthcare needs such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, and preventive measures.


Maternity Benefits
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Beyond newborn care, this plan often includes maternity benefits that encompass prenatal and postnatal expenses. From regular doctor visits to delivery-related costs, the plan supports expectant mothers throughout their journey.


Hospitalisation Coverage
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In the unfortunate event of your newborn requiring hospitalisation, the insurance plan steps in to cover hospital expenses. This includes room charges, medical procedures, and other related costs, significantly easing the financial burden on parents.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Charges
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Certain health conditions might necessitate NICU care for newborns. A specialised insurance plan offers coverage for NICU expenses, ensuring that your baby receives the best care without worrying about high medical bills.


Cashless Hospitalisation
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One of the standout features of such insurance plans is the option for cashless hospitalisation. Parents can avail necessary medical services without upfront payments, as the insurance provider settles the bills directly with the hospital.


Critical Illness Coverage
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In unfortunate cases of critical illnesses affecting the newborn, this type of insurance plan offers coverage for specialised treatments and procedures. This ensures that your child has access to the best available medical care.


Additional Family Coverage
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These plans often extend their coverage to include family members, offering a comprehensive health safety net for everyone. This is particularly beneficial for parents who want a unified health insurance solution.


Financial Security and Peace of Mind
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The emotional stress of having a sick newborn can be overwhelming. With a health insurance plan, parents can focus on their child's recovery without the added worry of managing medical expenses.


Lifetime Renewability
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Many health insurance plans offer lifetime renewability, which means that your child can continue to be covered even as they grow into adulthood. This ensures consistent protection throughout their life.


Expert Medical Opinion
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Insurance plans often provide access to a network of medical professionals, allowing parents to seek expert opinions and second diagnoses. This can be incredibly valuable when making important medical decisions for your child.

Types of Health Insurance Policies for Newborn Babies
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Here are the types of health insurance plans with coverage for newborn babies.

Family Floater Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage
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Family health insurance plans often include maternity coverage, ensuring comprehensive care for both the mother and the newborn. These policies cover pre and post-natal expenses, including hospitalisation, doctor consultations, and medications. Such policies provide financial relief during childbirth and ensure that your newborn receives quality medical attention from the very beginning.

Standalone Newborn Baby Health Insurance
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Standalone policies are specifically designed for newborns, addressing their unique medical needs. They cover expenses related to vaccinations, congenital disorders, and critical illnesses. These policies offer a dedicated coverage amount for the baby, ensuring that they receive the necessary medical interventions without any financial burden on the family.

Child Health Plans with Newborn Coverage
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Child health plans offer a wide scope of coverage that extends from infancy to adolescence. These policies are ideal for parents who want a long-term health insurance solution. They cover routine check-ups, vaccinations, and potential medical emergencies. By starting early, parents can secure their child's health for the years to come.

Employer-sponsored Health Insurance
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Many companies offer health insurance benefits that cover employees and their families, including newborns. These policies can provide extensive coverage for childbirth and neonatal care. It's essential to understand the extent of coverage offered by your employer and whether it meets your family's needs.

Government-Initiated Health Schemes
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In India, various government initiatives aim to provide healthcare support to newborns and their mothers. Schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) offer free health check-ups and care during pregnancy. Additionally, the Ayushman Bharat scheme provides coverage for families from economically vulnerable backgrounds, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

Options to add Newborn coverage to your health insurance plan
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You can add newborn baby coverage to your health insurance plan. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Add-on Riders for Newborns
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Some insurance companies offer add-on riders that can be attached to existing policies to cover newborns. These riders enhance the coverage of the policy, encompassing the medical needs of the newborn. It's advisable to carefully read and understand the terms of these riders before opting for them.

Maternity Insurance Upgradation
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Certain health insurance policies allow for the inclusion of maternity coverage as an upgrade. While not exclusively for newborns, this upgrade can prove beneficial for expectant mothers. It covers the expenses associated with childbirth and related medical care.

Family Discount Policies
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Some insurers provide family discount policies where the premium rates are reduced when covering multiple family members, including newborns. This can be a cost-effective option for ensuring the health of your entire family, including your precious newborn.

Benefits of adding your newborn to your ACKO Health Insurance Plan
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Here are the benefits of including your newborn baby to your ACKO health insurance policy.

  1. Financial Security: Medical expenses can be exorbitant, especially in cases of unforeseen illnesses or emergencies. Health insurance ensures that you are financially prepared to handle such situations.

  2. Timely Medical Care: With health insurance, you can provide your child with prompt medical attention without worrying about the cost. This can significantly impact the outcome of their treatment.

  3. Preventive Care: Many insurance plans cover vaccinations and regular check-ups, promoting a healthy start for your baby's life.

  4. Access to Quality Healthcare: Health insurance grants access to a network of reputable hospitals and healthcare providers, ensuring that your child receives the best possible care.

  5. Lifetime Renewability: Opting for a health insurance plan early in your child's life can lead to lifelong coverage without the hassle of renewing or changing policies frequently.

Documents required to get health insurance policy for newborn baby
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To add your newborn to your health insurance coverage, you will need to provide the following documents:

You can usually submit these documents to your health insurance provider online, by mail, or in person. The exact process will vary depending on the provider.

How to Buy a Newborn Health Insurance Policy?
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Here are the general steps to buy health insurance for your newborn baby.


Research and Compare Plans
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Learn about the different health insurance plans available for newborns in India. Compare their coverage, benefits, premiums, and network of hospitals. Choose a plan that best suits your family's needs.


Contact your current insurance provider
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If you already have a health insurance policy, contact your insurance provider to learn about their process for adding a newborn to the policy. This may involve submitting certain documents and paying an additional premium.


Check waiting periods
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Some health insurance plans have waiting periods before certain benefits can be availed. Make sure you are aware of these waiting periods and choose a plan that aligns with your requirements


Gather necessary documents
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You will typically need to provide documents such as the baby's birth certificate, hospital records, and identity proofs for both parents. Gather these documents before proceeding.


Fill out the application form
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Complete the application form for adding your newborn to the health insurance policy. Double-check all the information provided to avoid any discrepancies.


Review and Submit
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Carefully review the application form to ensure accuracy. Once reviewed, submit the form along with the required documents to the insurance provider. Keep copies of all documents for your records

The risks of not buying health insurance for a newborn
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Here are the risks that you might face for avoiding health insurance for your newborn baby

Not having health insurance for a newborn is a risky proposition. It can lead to financial instability, limited access to quality healthcare, and neglected preventive care. It can also make it difficult to get coverage for pre-existing conditions and pay for mounting healthcare costs. If you are considering having a baby, it is important to get health insurance as soon as possible to protect your child's health and your financial future.

Things to consider before choosing Health Insurance for your Newborn baby
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Here is a list of things you must consider while buying health insurance coverage for your newborn baby.

Coverage and Benefits
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When exploring health insurance options for your newborn, it's vital to understand the coverage and benefits offered by different plans. Look for policies that cover hospitalisation, vaccinations, doctor consultations, and potential pre-existing conditions. Having comprehensive coverage ensures that your baby receives the best medical care without financial constraints.

Network Hospitals
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Check whether the insurance provider has a network of reputable hospitals in your vicinity. Opting for a plan with a wide network ensures easy access to medical facilities, reducing travel time during emergencies.

Waiting Periods
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Some insurance plans have waiting periods before specific benefits are applicable. Be aware of these waiting periods, especially for maternity-related expenses and pre-existing conditions, to avoid unexpected surprises.

Sum Insured
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The sum insured represents the maximum amount the insurance provider will pay for medical expenses. Consider inflation rates and potential healthcare costs when selecting the sum insured. It's wise to choose a higher sum insured to adequately cover any unforeseen medical expenses.

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Compare premium rates of different insurance policies while keeping the coverage in mind. While it's essential to find an affordable plan, prioritise coverage over the lowest premium. A slightly higher premium might provide better coverage, ultimately saving you more in the long run.

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Thoroughly read and understand the policy's exclusions. Certain treatments, conditions, or situations may not be covered. Knowing these exclusions helps you avoid misunderstandings during a medical crisis.

Claim Process
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A smooth and hassle-free claim process is crucial during emergencies. Research the insurer's reputation for claim settlement. Online reviews and customer feedback can provide insights into the claim process's efficiency.

Newborn Specific Coverage
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Ensure that the policy includes coverage for newborn babies from birth. Some policies might have a waiting period before newborns are covered, leaving them vulnerable during their initial days.

Additional Benefits
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Look for policies that offer additional benefits such as wellness programs, preventive care, and tie-ups with paediatric specialists. These perks can enhance your baby's healthcare journey.

How to add your newborn baby to your ACKO Platinum Health Insurance Plan?
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You can contact ACKO and request to add your newest member to the plan. However, there are certain criteria that you need to meet before you can add your baby to the plan:

Here are the steps on how to add your newborn baby to the ACKO Platinum Health Insurance Plan:

  1. Contact ACKO customer support.

  2. Provide your policy number and the details of your newborn baby.

  3. We will verify the eligibility of your baby to be added to the plan.

  4. If your baby is eligible, ACKO will issue a new policy document with your baby's name on it.

  5. You may have to pay an additional premium for adding your newborn to the plan.

Tips For First-Time Parents On Estimating Medical Expenses And Choosing Adequate Coverage
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The birth of a child brings immense joy along with significant financial responsibilities. As first-time parents, estimating potential healthcare costs and buying adequate health insurance is essential to secure your child’s future. Here are some tips to make the right coverage decisions:

Consider All Pregnancy and Delivery Costs
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The first step is accounting for the costs around pregnancy and welcoming your little one to the world:

Understand Your Newborn’s Healthcare Needs
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Once the baby arrives, plan for regular healthcare costs in the first year:

Be Prepared for Complications
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While you hope for a normal delivery and a healthy baby, it is crucial to be financially prepared for any complications:

Compare Health Insurance Plans Wisely
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Choose an Adequate Sum Insured
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Watch Out for Waiting Periods
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Add Crucial Rider Benefits
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Being adequately insured ensures you can focus on your baby’s health and your journey into parenthood without financial stress. Do your homework and invest in the right health policy for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Here are common queries about health insurance for newborn babies.


What is the ideal age to purchase health insurance for a newborn in India?

It's advisable to buy health insurance for your newborn as early as possible. Most insurance companies allow coverage from the age of 90 days. Purchasing early ensures your child is protected from unforeseen medical expenses.

Can I add my newborn to my existing family health insurance plan in India?

Yes, most family health insurance plans in India allow you to add your newborn within a specified time frame after birth. This ensures comprehensive coverage for your entire family.

Are pre-existing conditions covered under newborn health insurance in India?

Typically, pre-existing conditions are not covered under newborn health insurance plans. However, congenital disorders that manifest after the waiting period may be covered.

How can I find the best health insurance plan for my newborn in India?

To find the best plan, compare policies from different insurers. Consider factors like coverage, network hospitals, claim settlement ratio, and customer reviews. Consult with an insurance advisor for personalised guidance.

Is maternity coverage included in newborn health insurance plans?

Maternity coverage is usually not a part of newborn health insurance plans. It's a separate feature in maternity insurance policies, which you can consider when planning for childbirth.

How can I ensure a smooth claim process for my newborn's health insurance in India?

To ensure a smooth claim process, maintain all medical records, bills, and necessary documents meticulously. Notify your insurer promptly and follow their guidelines for filing a claim.

Do newborn health insurance plans cover vaccinations in India?

Yes, most newborn health insurance plans cover vaccinations. It is a crucial aspect of child healthcare, and insurance helps ease the financial burden associated with it.

What is the maximum age at which my child can continue the newborn health insurance policy in India?

The maximum age for continuing a newborn health insurance policy in India varies among insurers. Typically, it ranges from 18 to 25 years. Check the policy terms and conditions for specific details.

What is the process for filing a claim for my newborn's health insurance policy in India?

To file a claim, inform your insurer promptly, fill out the claim form, and submit all necessary documents, including medical bills and reports. Follow the insurer's guidelines for a smooth claim process.

Are international healthcare facilities covered by newborn health insurance in India?

Some policies offer international coverage, but it's essential to check the policy details and network hospitals for international care.

Can I change the nominee for my newborn's health insurance policy?

Yes, you can change the nominee for the policy by contacting your insurance provider and following their procedures.

Which health insurance is best for a newborn baby?

A health insurance plan that provides coverage as soon as the baby is born and offers wide-ranging benefits at a lower premium is an ideal health insurance cover for newborn babies. Also, it should cover medical expenses that are usually witnessed during the early days of a newborn baby, such as child vaccination, outpatient visit, etc.

Are newborns covered under the parent’s health insurance?

Not all health insurance plans cover a newborn from day 1. Also, Individual Health Insurance Plan does not cover dependents. You have to choose the Family Floater Plan or Maternity Health Insurance Plan for the coverage for newborn babies.

How long does it take for the insurer to include a newborn baby in health insurance?

It depends on the insurer and the insurance plan. While some may have to wait for 90 days from the newborn's date of birth to include the baby in the health insurance coverage, there are also plans that cover the child at the earliest. Read the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan to understand the inclusions and exclusions better.

How to add a newborn baby's name to health insurance?

To include a newborn baby's name in your existing health insurance, call the insurer’s (for example ACKO) customer care team and inform them. You may have to submit proof such as the birth certificate to include the newborn child's name in the health insurance.

How to apply for the newborn baby health insurance cover provided by ACKO?

Visit our webpage or download our mobile application. Provide a few details of your family members to get a health insurance quote from ACKO. There is no waiting period or deductions during claims with the ACKO’s 1 crore health insurance plan.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.