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Health Insurance for Newborn Baby

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The arrival of a newborn baby into your family can be an extremely precious moment and a meaningful time in your life. When you are expecting or adopting a baby, several concerns might be on your mind. One of the concerns could be health insurance for a newborn baby. Fortunately, newborn babies are covered under health plans. Let’s deep dive into newborn baby health insurance benefits and importance.

Best Health insurance Plans for newborn babies
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For the well-being of a newborn, health insurance is a must for all parents. Rising medical costs can dent a person's financial status, leaving them with debt. Health insurance can take care of the newborn baby’s healthcare requirements. Health insurance provides wide-ranging benefits, including hospitalisation due to illness or injury, child vaccination, and clinical checkups. At ACKO, we take care of in-patient hospitalisation and daycare expenses incurred towards the hospitalisation of the newborn baby born during the coverage period. The coverage is up to the sum insured stated in the policy and the applicable terms and conditions.

Types of health insurance policies for newborn babies in India
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In India, there isn’t a specific or newborn health insurance plan. Also, the regular Individual Health Insurance Plan does not cover dependents; hence, newborn babies are not covered.

It is better to opt for the Family Floater Health Insurance Plan to cover newborn babies, or you could opt for the Maternity Health Insurance Plan. These are the primary types of health insurance plans for newborns.

Why is newborn baby health insurance important?
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Health insurance plans for newborn babies have become vital to mitigate the rising medical inflation and healthcare costs. Here is why newborn baby health insurance is important.

Benefits of buying ACKO health insurance for a newborn child
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Here are the primary benefits of health insurance for newborn babies. Note that this is an overview, details might vary depending upon the chosen plan.

How does newborn baby health insurance work?
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The newborn baby can be included in the existing Family Floater Health Insurance Plan. If you have opted for the Maternity Health Insurance Plan, the newborn shall be covered. At ACKO, our 1 crore health insurance plan has no waiting period for medical care. You can get coverage for your newborn from day 1 of the policy commencement.

Things to consider before choosing the health insurance for your newborn baby
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Here are some vital points you should consider when choosing a health insurance cover for a newborn baby.

In a nutshell
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The arrival of a newborn baby in your family brings joy and happiness. It also brings about an increase in the responsibility of parents of the newborn. As a new parent, it is prudent to choose a health insurance plan that provides coverage for newborn babies from day 1 along with a higher sum insured at an affordable price. Thus, choose ACKO’s 1 crore health insurance plan with zero waiting period at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Here are common queries about health insurance for newborn babies.


Which health insurance is best for a newborn baby?

A health insurance plan that provides coverage as soon as the baby is born and offers wide-ranging benefits at a lower premium is an ideal health insurance cover for newborn babies. Also, it should cover medical expenses that are usually witnessed during the early days of a newborn baby, such as child vaccination, outpatient visit, etc.

Are newborns covered under the parent’s health insurance?

Not all health insurance plans cover a newborn from day 1. Also, Individual Health Insurance Plan does not cover dependents. You have to choose the Family Floater Plan or Maternity Health Insurance Plan for the coverage for newborn babies.

How long does it take for the insurer to include a newborn baby in health insurance?

It depends on the insurer and the insurance plan. While some may have to wait for 90 days from the newborn's date of birth to include the baby in the health insurance coverage, there are also plans that cover the child at the earliest. Read the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan to understand the inclusions and exclusions better.

How to add a newborn baby's name to health insurance?

To include a newborn baby's name in your existing health insurance, call the insurer’s (for example ACKO) customer care team and inform them. You may have to submit proof such as the birth certificate to include the newborn child's name in the health insurance.

How to apply for the newborn baby health insurance cover provided by ACKO?

Visit our webpage or download our mobile application. Provide a few details of your family members to get a health insurance quote from ACKO. There is no waiting period or deductions during claims with the ACKO’s 1 crore health insurance plan.