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Signs Of A Happy Infant: Is Your Baby A Happy Baby?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Raising a happy baby can be a challenge and hence, you should always look out for signs of a happy infant in your little one one. When a newborn baby comes into your life he brings in lot of changes in many ways. Every day you deal with new changes, challenges and situations which might comfort you or leave you surprised at the same time. A happy and healthy baby is what you want at the end of the day. There are many signs that your baby gives to ensure this curiosity and tells you that he is just doing well.



Signs of a happy infant

No other baby is similar to yours nor their habits as each and every baby is way apart from each other in habits and in many ways. Here are some common signs to show that your baby is healthy and happy in your presence:

Baby is happy in your arms

When you hold your baby in your arms and he stays content in your arms then this means that your baby is happy and comfortable being near you. If he wriggles a lot or struggles to make himself loose while being in your arms then this is a sign that he is uncomfortable. When he soothes down in your arms then this is a sign that he feels secure in your arms and in your presence as well.

Baby is able to hold himself well

Your baby also has development goals where he grows on his own during each passing month and year. By the end of 3rd month if your baby is able to hold his neck properly, then this means that your baby is growing perfectly well. This also indicates that your baby’s muscles are growing well and when he rolls on the floor on his tummy it indicates that he has enough control on his body and his muscles are also developing at a faster rate.

Baby gazes into your eyes

Your baby tries to fix up his gaze on you but this will not happen for a longer time. Do not expect much from a newborn as it is too early to expect for his expression in return. May be when you smile at your baby then he might not show the same expression to you. Do not get disheartened as your baby is still trying to recognize you and gets closer to you day by day. If he is not at peace then he might cry or look away from you. Do not feel rejected and try to soothe your baby in the best possible way.

Baby poops and passes urine 8-10 times in a day

When your baby’s digestive system is working fine, he will automatically remain happy. If the baby poops regularly and wet his diapers frequently then this proves that he is getting enough nutrients for his body to grow well and his development is fine. If your baby is not urinating enough and is not pooping regularly then this might lead him to crankiness and he will be a cry baby.

Baby is responding to the sounds

When your baby is born his hearing ability is not that sharp as his ability to hear the sounds around him is still developing. As your baby grows up to a month and above, his hearing ability improves with time. He will react to various sounds around him and notice all the movements that are around him. If you pass through him he might fix his gaze on you and keep looking at you till you disappear from his sight. He might start responding to the soothing music around him and tries to locate the source or direction from where the sound is coming from.

Your baby talks to you

Your baby starts responding to your reactions and talks when he is 4 months old or above. He will communicate with you through his cooing or gurgle sound. Your job is to reply him in the same way which will make him happy and he will feel connected to you. This shows that your baby is growing happily.

Your baby sleeps well

It is very important to develop a routine for sleep in babies and one should start this pretty early to avoid sleeplessness or disturbed sleep in your baby. When your baby grows his sleep pattern changes and you will notice that now he is sleeping in a better way than before. This is indeed a good sign for his physical development and this keeps him healthy as well. At around 4 months of age your baby will develop a regular sleep schedule and you can also enjoy this nap time with your baby.

Baby smiles and giggles often

When you are around your baby and talk to him, he feels happy and responds by giving you a wide smile in return. Newborns usually smile when they are either sleeping or they have passed gas. When your baby grows a month older then he will start reacting to funny faces and tickles by responding with his smile. 

These are the signs that keep you happy and content with your baby by giving you the satisfaction that your baby is growing happily and in a healthy way.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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