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Newborn Baby Tips and Tricks That New Moms Should Know

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

As a new mom, there are many newborn baby tricks and tips you must know! Your pregnancy is over and after the hard labour, you have finally brought your little angel home. 



Now begins the challenge of caring for your newborn. You might be having various concerns about why your baby is crying or why he is not sleeping, is he gaining proper weight?

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Newborn baby tips and tricks that you should know


Here are some tips to help you sail through the initial days of your parenting journey.

Don’t practice a quiet environment

Though babies sleep faster in a quiet place, if we make it a practice, they might wake up at even the slightest noise and it will be quite a task putting them back to sleep again. You don't have to be quiet while the baby is sleeping. The womb is loud and hence, newborns are used to the noise. So, if your baby is sleeping in the hall, complete all your work simultaneously. This way your baby also gets up fresh and your work is done.

Comforting the cries 

Babies cry for various reasons. The key is to find out the reason and solve it immediately.

Babies could cry because they are hungry or colicky or they just need to be comforted. Nurse your baby and see if that calms him. If he is colicky, massage his tummy gently or pat him on his back and make him burp. If your baby is still crying, see if his diaper needs to be changed. Swaddle your baby before he sleeps. This way, your baby will feel more comfortable. Using a swing or rocker also calms the baby well. 


Does your baby have problems latching on? Use the nipple shield! 

This helps a lot. Before feeding the baby, place the nipple shield on your breasts and make the baby latch. This is the best way to start breastfeeding. You can keep trying to feed your baby without the shield when is he is not hungry, and once he learns to latch on directly, you can do away with the shield. Use a feeding pillow and find out the best position where your baby is comfortable.

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Newborn baby sleep tips:

Making your baby sleep can be quite tricky. Some of the methods to make your baby sleep are: 

1. Swaddle your baby before he sleeps so that he gets a feeling like womb.

2. Make sure your baby is fed well before he sleeps.

3. Use white noise. This calms your baby instantly. 

4. Hang dark colour curtains to avoid the light.

5. Use a swing or rocker.

6. Keep trying other methods, like massaging or stroking your baby's face or nose and see if baby sleeps sooner with any of these. 

Bonding with dad

Though most of the caring for the baby is done by you, your husband can have some tasks as well. Allow your husband to care for the baby so that he doesn’t entirely get dependent on you. You can pump, put your milk and ask your husband to feed, make him change diapers for baby or just play with the baby for some time so that you get your rest. He could also bathe your baby, give him a massage and make him sleep. 

Using the crib

If you are using the crib to make your baby sleep, it might not be easy at times because the baby wakes up immediately on being placed in the crib. The trick is to create the same environment in the crib to which the baby is used to. If the baby is used to your warmth, you could probably place a blanket in the crib before placing him there. If your baby is used to lullabies, you can play them on the crib. 

Feed baby on demand 

You are the best judge for your baby. Do not listen to the advises pouring in. Your baby will let you know when he is hungry or tired. You will definitely get the cues. Do not force feed. This way, both of you will be happy. 

Bathing the baby 

Babies do cry during a bath. The key is to make the bath as enjoyable as possible. You could probably use a couple of your baby’s toys while bathing. A nice massage before bath also helps. If you are staying in a cold place, make sure to keep your baby's room warm after the bath.

How to stifle your baby's cries 

Babies could cry just because they are tired. They just need to sleep. So it’s better if babies sleep more in the initial few months. 

Extra sheets on the cot 

Keep extra sheets under baby while he sleeps so that if diaper leaks or he has an upset tummy, you can pull that one sheet out without disturbing the baby. 

Prepare for late night feeding 

Babies have to be fed frequently in the initial days. Keep everything ready for night feedings, like a water bottle and feeding pillow. Most importantly, keep yourself and your baby comfortable.

Each baby and family is different. Hope the above-mentioned tips and tricks work for you . Do not panic and do not be afraid to handle your newborn baby. Seek expert help if needed. 

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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