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Your Child's Memory is Getting Stronger Now But Did You Know The Formation Started Before Birth?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this stage your child's memory is becoming more sharp with time and he's able to grasp ample things. But, there's a catch! Did you relax to a favorite television program in your final weeks of pregnancy? Does your child seem reassured if they hear its signature tune? If so, they are proving that they could learn and remember even before they were born.  Fascinating, right?

What you need to know

When your child is a few weeks old, they realize that they can make things happen. But their ability to remember that they can make things happen will only develop over time. Try attaching a ribbon to your child’s foot so that when they kick they move their mobile.
Be sure not to leave your child alone while you try this! At two months they will kick more, but will forget what to do to achieve the same effect after a couple of days. At six months, they are likely to remember what to do for two weeks. Your child’s ability to make the connection between their actions and what follows as a result is called recognition. A more complex memory skill is recalling. This is the ability to think about something out of context. An example would be if your child thought about their cot while sitting in their car seat. A gesture showing they want to be picked up is often one of the earliest.



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