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Your Cutiepie Is Likely To Use Her Hands And Feet While Playing

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Woo hoo! Your little one is on a roll to attain many milestones in no time! Your bundle of joy begins to develop hand eye coordination around 1 month and congratulations, your little one has already achieved that milestone. She will play with her own hands many times, directly in front of her face. She will clutch her hands down and pull blankets, clothes. She will grasp objects with both hands. At around 2 months, she will try to put the toys in her mouth. Please ensure she has safe toys to play with. When lying on her back, she will put her feet to mouth.



    What you need to know

    For a heads up, around 6 months old, she will use her hands and feet to push herself and try to reach objects/toys. Around 7 months, she will transfer objects from one hand to other. By 9th month, she will develop preference for use of one hand. Around 11 months, she will wave bye-bye, clap hands. In the above ways, at various stages of development during the first year, she engages in play using her hands and feet.

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