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How To Prevent Injuries In Childhood?

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

Injuries are the serious cause of death of children below 4 years in many countries. These injuries often occur as parents are not aware of what all their little ones can do. In this phase, your kid can explore more places as he can now walk, jump, run, and climb. It is a dangerous time in your child’s life as he is capable of doing new things. For kids, everything is a play and they don’t understand the difference between danger and safety zones.



However, these injuries can be prevented. Of course, it is impossible to make your home 100 percent safe but you can definitely reduce the risk of injuries by making few changes and keeping your child under strict supervision.

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Injuries and prevention in childhood


Below are a few dangerous situations and the few preventive measures you need to take.


Drowning is the major cause of unintentional injuries in children. The majority of drowning injuries or deaths occurs in pools, bathtubs, filled buckets, riverside, and seashores.

• Toddlers can easily drown in just a few centimeters of water so never leave your child alone in the bathroom.

• Secure a mesh across aquariums and fish ponds.

• Make sure your kid is in visual contact and just an arm reach ahead.

• After four years of age, enroll your child in a swimming class.

• Empty the buckets and wading pools immediately after use.


Install a fire alarm at home. Every month check the alarm once and make sure it is in working condition.

• Install a safety switch to prevent electric shocks.

• Than double adapters, power boards are much safer.

• Don’t keep matchboxes, lighters and other flammable liquids to your child’s reach.

• Choose low fitting nightwear for children to reduce fire danger.

• Install a 70cm high guard around stoves, heaters, and open fires.


Toddlers are at a higher risk of getting poisoned as they tend put every object they see in their mouth. Medicines, plants, and household items are the leading cause of poisoning in children. The most serious cases of poisoning include swallowing medicine.

• Put all the medicines and products away from the sight of your kid.

• Teach your kid not to touch or pick any insect in the garden or on indoor plants.

• Don’t refer to medicines as candies, call them medicines and ask your kid to stay away from it.

• Put away all the medicines, chemicals, and cleaning products after use.

• Don’t leave medicines on tables or benches. Remove a medicine only when you are administering it.

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Injuries caused by falling are very common in children. The intensity of the injury depends on the height the kid has fallen from and what he has hit after falling. Toddling baby or baby who is learning to walk keeps falling.

• Don’t leave anything on the floor for the baby to trip.

• Put non-skid mats in the shower.

• Don’t allow your baby to run while carrying sharp objects.

• Avoid baby walkers. They put kids in more danger if they fall from that.

• Make sure your child cannot reach the window, open it, and fall out of it.

• Don’t keep any furniture near the windows.

• If possible use a sensor light for stairs and steps.

Microwave safety 

Microwave remains hot for some time, even after removing the food. While heating fluids, at times it causes uneven heating.

• Make sure your kid can’t open oven doors.

• Test the temperature of water boiled in the microwave before giving it to your child.

Hot water/steam 

Majority of burns in children is caused due to hot water. Hot water/ steam can cause burns that lead to permanent scars, disability, and disfigurement. A severe burn can be life threatening too.

• Don’t allow your kid near hot foods and liquids.

• Don’t allow him to play in the kitchen area.

• Never call a child near you while you are having hot drinks.

• Make sure the water you use to bathe your child is at right temperature

• Never carry hot drinks/soups where your child is playing.


Be aware of the foods that can cause choking. As said earlier, toddlers try to swallow everything around them. Make sure to keep away swallow-able household items away from your kid.

• Meat, nuts, and candies are common food items that can cause choking. Be careful while feeding him these.

• Coins, batteries, miniature toys, keys, watches, and flammable candles shouldn’t be near kids.

• Check if there are any small parts in toys that might cause choking.

Blinds and curtains cords

Keep checking if blinds and curtains in every room, make sure they aren’t loose and ready to fall. Even check the chords of the furniture.

• Don’t put your toddler’s bed or chair near the window where he can reach for the curtain.

• Keep checking on your child if he is in a room with reachable curtain cords.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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