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Mother's Day Special: What Makes New Indian Moms Different

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Every day is a Mother's Day as mothers radiate strength, courage, as well as love, and when it comes to the New Indian Moms, all of it intensifies as they bask in the glory of multitasking, working and parenting simultaneously, and also letting go of adages to give the best to their kids.



New Indian Mom.

She is rooted but she flows.

She loves enjoying the best of both worlds.

The essence of traditional parenting and the nooks of smart parenting- She is the perfect blend of both to ensure the best development for her child in the 21st century!

She is thoughtful, she is daring. She loves taking one day at a time and enjoys a little adventure. A mixture of leniency and headstrong, she’s a millennial mom, she’s a working mom, she’s a loving mom, she’s today’s mom!

And the best part?

She does it all with impeccable grace!

Mother's Day Special: The New Indian Mom

Let's us what these amazing new moms have to say about being a New Indian Mom

1. Pinky

She’s a blend of technology and traditions

‘’Being a new Indian mom gives you an edge. You have the best of both worlds- The age-old wisdom with modern technology at your fingertips. Every day is an adventure because you’ve to fight the guilt of not staying around your baby as much as you would like to, but at the end of the day it all comes down to ensuring the best for your child, come what may!’’

2. Samina

She blends with this generation and slays with her swag

‘’Motherhood is a status to celebrate. It never means that you need to lose your individuality, the things you like. It is about celebrating yourself and also your kids, and so it is much more than just worrying about your kids’ grades. Just give them the best development & make them better human beings first! And in the process, you don’t need to miss out on your own likes. As the fastest growing community of today’s moms, our core focus should not lie on what marks our children achieve, but how good their understanding is when it comes to decency, compassion, kindness, and intelligence. We must raise a generation of good kids, because our kids are India’s future.’’

3. Manisha

She loves to play with her princess, as that makes her relive her childhood

“The best thing about having a little one is you get to relive your own childhood once again! I love the way my princess smiles, it brightens my day. It melts my heart and forces me to connect deeper than I ever thought. Indeed motherhood is magical. Because I let my child be my healer. You should never let motherhood be your stress, but let it be your antidote to stress. After all, childhood days are the best in anyone’s life, and your child gifts you the opportunity to live those days again!”

4. Anusmita

She redefines pursuing passion and parenting together

‘’As a mom to a 15 months old daughter, today I would call parenthood a discipline. Like many other parents today, I constantly look for ways to learn how to do better as a parent. My day starts with little nudges from my little one to wake up and get going for the day. Yes, she actually does that. This is my most favorite part of the day because she won’t get down from her bed until I do so. Her cries, her tantrums, the endless chores, all are welcome. I feel tired but still immensely blessed to be a creator. But that doesn’t mean I am letting go of who I am as an individual first. I enjoy my hobbies AND spend time with my child. The key is striking the right balance. It is never about letting go of something for something else. It is about embracing both with equal vigor.’’

5. Priyanka

She loves learning the nooks of parenting one day at a time

‘’The joy is in seeing my baby grow every day into a smarter and happier child, learning something new constantly. And it is not just her who learns; so do I. Nobody has an expertise in parenting, you learn something new every day just like your child. Just like success is a journey and not a destination, parenting is no different. Compete with yourself. Be better than what you were yesterday as a parent; don’t compare yourself with how your neighbor is raising her child. Be the best version of you!’’

6. Monali

She represents the many dynamics of being a woman

‘’Being a mom is special to me because every day it makes me realize how miraculously powerful women are. We can blend into the shape of any role, be it a professional, a mother, or a homemaker, and if that’s not empowerment, I don’t know what is!’’

7. Divya

She validates it is possible to balance quality family time with work

‘’I was a working woman but then I switched on to be a homemaker too by opting for work from home. Every day, we both bask in the happiest moment when my son Aayush returns from school and rushes into my arms telling me all the tales of his day. This brings a smile on my face and on his face as well. I enjoy my profession and motherhood equally and that makes me lead a happy life. If you ever feel at loggerheads choosing between profession and parenting, don’t be hassled so soon. If you seek for it, options are really available. You just need some patience, persistence, and of course the infectious smile of your little one to boost your spirits!’’

8. Shilpa

She depicts today’s women are not scared of making their own choices

‘’When my child cares for me and brings me a glass of water after I finish household chores, it brings a feeling of content in me. I am today’s mom and I love devoting all my time to my little one. Some people do ask me, don’t I miss out on other things? My answer is simple: It is my choice! Being a today’s mom is not just about being a working mom, but it is more about being a mom who can make her own choices, without being influenced by the stereotypes!’’

If you are a new mom, it is not just Mother’s Day that you need to celebrate and be celebrated, because the joy and adventure of motherhood last a lifetime! Join the Parentlane Community today to connect with other new moms like you and get all answers related to parenting & your little one’s daily development!

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