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Parenting Goals: 5 Reasons Delhi Moms Own Parenting Like No Other

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

As parents, we are always on the lookout for parenting goals that make our parenting journey peaceful and perfect! A few weeks ago, we explained what makes Bengali moms most inspiring among all! In this segment, we are back, to focus on what makes Delhi moms the coolest out there, as they handle parenting their way and make a mark in the Indian society.



5 Reasons Delhi Moms give us amazing Parenting Goals

So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons Delhi moms own parenting like no other —

1. They are trendy not just for themselves but also their tiny tots

A Delhi mom believes in the philosophy of looking good and feeling good, and she does this effortlessly. Ten days out of the delivery room, and you can see her carry herself with an exuberant style and sass, with the post-pregnancy glow totally adding to her charm! And well, a child born to a Delhi born is quite naturally stylish by default, since these moms also make sure that when she steps out of the house with her baby, the duo totally owns it with their irresistible style!

2. They are a mix of traditions and modern life

Though they love to dress fashionably, Delhi moms know where to draw the lines and this is one habit they inculcate in their kids as well. When it comes to parenting, they ensure their kids can come and tell them anything and everything but at the same time, they know where to keep them rooted in the culture.

3. They raise the most confident kids

A Delhi mom by default is quite straightforward and courageous and these are traits she either genetically passes on to her kids or imbibes in them through practice. As a result of which, their kids grow up to be confident and are not afraid to be vocal about their opinions. Since these moms are quite fearless in their endeavors, in most cases, their kids too inherit the same from them. Fearless mommy is equaled to fearless baby!

4. They make the best delicacies out there

The reason why north-Indians are big time foodies is the simple fact that it all starts with their homes! Thanks to their super amazing moms who make a plethora of yummy delicacies, be it Paav Bhaaji or Butter Chicken, these kids grow up to be the biggest foodies ever, and well, no one’s complaining! We won’t be able to resist ourselves either!

5. They do networking like no other

The world is going digital and Delhi moms know how to adapt to change like no other! They love networking on social media platforms and through parenting apps and hence, set an amazing benchmark in the field of parenting as well as they love connecting with a network of other new parents, making the most of this new shift called ‘Smart Parenting’ and ensure that their job of parenting is easier and better with every passing day! In short, they love having a much productive virtual kitty-party to ensure the best development of their little ones, and this makes them an amazing blend of tradition and technology!

Which region of Indian moms would you like us to cover next? Do let us know in the comments below.

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