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Raising Boys And Girls: Understanding the Differences in Their Development

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Raising boys and girls has a lot of differences on so many levels. Ask the parents who have raised both a son and a daughter to list out the differences in their children’s development and it’s likely that they will tick off a whole list. “My son was a ball of energy all the time, while my daughter could spend all afternoon with a book.” “My daughter was an early talker, but my son was too busy playing with his puzzles or to chat up with other kids,” are few statements that you will hear from them.



The differences between raising boys and girls

The likes and dislikes of girls and boys as kids are also very different from each other. Boys and girls develop differently in many ways. The genes, hormones and brain chemistry might explain some of these differences.

Physical Growth: Boys vs. Girls

Boys and girls grow in height and weight at about the same slow and steady rate. There are not many notable differences between the sexes until late elementary school, that is, when girls start to grow tall faster, however, boys catch up and exceed them within a few years. I remember when I was small, I used to fight a lot with my brother about the height difference but now I understand.

Motor Skills: Boys vs. Girls

Since childhood I often got to hear that my brother is very good at jumping, balancing and also in running, but somehow I never took part in these sports competitions. I always feel more connected to art. Painting, craft-work, and writing were my main interests. But now I understand that it is more to do with the skills that we have acquired genetically as boys and girls. While taking risks about anything was fun for my brother, for me staying on the safer side was far more important.

Verbal Skills: Boys vs. Girls

It is possible that different genes or hormones account for the different ways by which boys and girls react to the human speech. Girls are more expressive and love to talk, while boys like to keep it to themselves. The way my brother and I used to communicate with our family or friends was also very different. He always explained any situation or incident as it was, whereas I explained it with more feelings and used complex terminologies to make it sound dramatic. The vocabulary also varied.

The bottom line is that we can continue to study the developmental differences between boys and girls, and what causes them, but it’s important to remember that biology alone doesn’t determine the kind of son or daughter you are or you will have. Exposing your child to wide range of activities and experiences is the best way to support a well-rounded and active child.

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