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10 tips to plan for a perfect baby shower (Godh Bharai)

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

The later stages of the second trimester mean it’s time for a baby shower!



Commonly known as ''Godh bharai'' in India, a baby shower in our country is mostly a loud affair and thus, you need to plan it the right way to keep it subtle and comfortable for you.

So, to organise a baby shower – where do you start? At first, organising a baby shower can seem like a daunting task because it͛’s such a pivotal moment for the mum-to-be, especially for first-time mums. The last thing anyone would want is to disappoint the expectant mother, which can be you or a friend or sister you’re planning this event for.

Keep in mind that like any special party, a baby shower is ultimately all about creating memories. It should be fun! A celebration of life. 

It can be overwhelming to have the responsibility for organizing such a significant event, so we͛’ve broken it down for you. 

Top tips for a perfect baby shower

Set a date for six to eight weeks before the birth. Draw up a contact list of your friends. You can ask your close friend too, to follow these guidelines if she’s the one planning your baby shower. Try to determine what you as a mom-to-be need. 

If you’re a first-time mom, you would probably need a lot of essentials. Prepare a list of things you would like the guests to bring. Take into consideration your cravings and food allergies and the people you would like to show up at the Godh Bharai ceremony. 

If you͛’ve put together a list of gifts, you should ask your friend/sister who’s organizing the shower to allocate something from the list to each guest to avoid duplication. There are a few items a new mom will use hundreds of, such as baby wipes. She simply can͛’t have enough, so add a pack of wipes to any gift you buy. 

Plan special and meaningful activities as part of the celebration. Get each guest to write a short note of inspiration to the new parents and place them randomly among a pile of nappies. Just follow these top 10 steps in organizing a great baby shower and you͛ will be able to enjoy not only the party but also the planning process. 

1. Pick a baby shower color theme 

Since in India, the gender of the baby is not known until birth, you can always experiment with good color themes for the baby shower, instead of opting for a blue or pink theme that in foreign countries reveal the gender of the baby to the guests. Opt for funky colors like orange, golden, or even red for that matter. Bright colors equal bright smiles, and that’s all you need in abundance now!

2. Make sure you invite all the right people 

It is the baby shower organizer’s job to invite all the people the mum-to-be holds dearest. This is not just a party but a celebration of the little life she͛’s about to bring into the world – so one should be sensitive about that. People on the list will most likely be family (both sides!), friends and work colleagues. Nowadays, it͛’s becoming common to have men attend too. The dad-to-be and his closest male friends may choose to arrive halfway through to say hello to the ladies – and that decision should be left to the couple. As a mum-to-be, you should also let your organizer know if you want kids to attend the ceremony. Generally, children don͛’t come to baby showers, however, it does happen sometimes. 

3. Choose the perfect venue function venue: 

There are many benefits if you have a proper baby shower venue, the first and foremost being you need not worry about the catering at all. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants that host private and small ceremonies like a baby shower or a naming ceremony. You can allocate the decorations’ responsibility too and just decide on what games you want to be played at the event!

Home: If you͛’re more of a traditional-style baby shower person then having it at home may be your best option. An upside to having the baby shower at home is that you have full control over everything! The catering, decorations, drinks, and games – you decide it all. If you have a backyard, it can be used for the activities saving you the mess inside. 

Local park: If you want a quiet, low-key and relaxing baby shower, then plan it at the nearest park you have to your house. It can be more of a daytime event, with a picnic kinda thing, and voila! It can be a joyous, perfect Sunday morning for you and your close ones. There can be some cool decorations too, which you can have put on the barks of the trees and have some interesting paper plates and cups, and a yummy baby-shower themed cake of course. The best part? The natural daylight outdoors would give you some of the best photographs ever! Totally worth posting on your Facebook and Instagram, isn’t it?

Grandma’s Tip: In most Indian households, a Godh Bharai Rasam is a very traditional ceremony, where the mum-to-be often has to dress up in a saree. Don’t hesitate to opt for a different attire in case you are not too comfortable in a heavy saree and jewelry. Even if for formality you are to wear a saree with jewelry, make sure to go change into something more comfortable once the formalities are over. Your comfort, health, and your baby’s wellbeing are the only things that matter. Don’t worry about Log kya kahenge.

4. Pick the best date for the baby shower 

You should not choose a day that’s too close to your due date. Make sure if your friend/sister is planning your baby shower, she too is well aware of your due date because if she ends up choosing a date closer to the D-Day, you would be the most uncomfortable person, uncomfortable and feeling bloated with your big baby bump. Ideally, 8-10 weeks prior to your due date is the appropriate time to have your baby shower. In case, it is not an intimate affair and you want a lot of people in the event, make sure the invites are sent out at least 3 weeks prior to the shower so that the guests early are notified and can plan accordingly.

5. Pick some games or fun activities 

Be it dumb charades or a fun game of Housie-- don’t forget to make the small gathering special and memorable. There can also be a segment where the guests share something about the parents-to-be. And oh, don’t forget to click a lot of pictures!

6. Organise some food for the guests 

There’s no need to make the food too lavish. It’s a baby shower, not a wedding! Stick to more of snack items and starters instead of focusing too much on the main course. And since in India, every good news is sealed with eating something sweet, don’t forget to keep some really amazing desserts on the menu. Your good news is the reason the guests are here, so ‘mooh meetha toh banta hai!’

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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